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Salmonella outbreak linked to Jimmy John’s sprouts deemed over

An outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to sprouts served at Jimmy John’s restaurants in Illinois and Wisconsin, as well as a grocery store in Minnesota, appears to be over according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state and local agencies. Furthermore, any contaminated sprouts that made people sick in this outbreak would be beyond their shelf life and no longer be on the market. Ten people were infected during the outbreak with strains of Salmonella Montevideo – two in Illinois, two in Minnesota, and six in Wisconsin. The CDC notified ... Read More

Salmonella outbreak linked to papayas

Caribeña brand Maradol papayas have been linked to an outbreak of salmonella that’s sickened at least 47 people in 12 states, 12 of whom have been hospitalized. One person has died. San Juan, Texas-based distributor Grande Produce has informed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it is recalling Caribeña brand Maradol papayas after testing by the Maryland Department of Health found the fruit at a retail location tested positive for the strains of Salmonella Kiambu and Thompason found in infected consumers. However, the company has not issued a press release alerting consumers to this recall, so the FDA is ... Read More

Salmonella outbreak linked to Wonderful pistachios

Things are not so wonderful at The Wonderful Co. LLC. An inspection by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) turned up evidence that pistachios produced at the plant were linked to a salmonella outbreak in nine states that affected 11 people, according to an agency warning letter issued to the company. Ten of those individuals were interviewed and eight of those said they ate pistachios the week before they got sick. Five of them said they ate Wonderful brand pistachios. “By comparison, a review of data from the 2006-2007 FoodNet Population Survey, which provides information about food consumption among the general ... Read More

Chipotle closes restaurant after employee diagnosed with norovirus

A single Chipotle Mexican Grill location in Massachusetts closed its doors recently when one employee was diagnosed with the gastrointestinal ailment norovirus, and two others were suspected of having the illness, adding yet another chapter to the Chipotle foodborne illness saga. Chipotle management temporarily closed the store, and no customers reported becoming sick after eating at the restaurant. But the situation brought back painful memories that both the restaurant chain and its customers had hoped were in the past. Chipotle restaurants have been linked to outbreaks of salmonella, E.coli, and norovirus, which have sickened about 500 customers across the country. ... Read More

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Chipotle Restaurants Sickens 45 in Minnesota

Minnesota Health authorities have linked a statewide Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 45 people to the Chipotle restaurant chain. The Minnesota Department of Health said that all but two of the food-poisoning victims it interviewed reported eating at one of the 17 Chipotle restaurant locations in the state. Chipotle Mexican Grill is a Denver, Colorado-based chain with nearly 2,000 restaurants in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, and Germany. The customers sickened ranged in age from 15 to 67 years old. At least five of the victims had to be hospitalized, state health officials said. The strain of ... Read More

Peanut factory knowingly sold salmonella-contaminated peanuts to food suppliers

The Peanut Corporation of America knowingly distributed salmonella contaminated peanuts to manufacturers and presented faked documents to back up those false claims, in what has become one of the largest salmonella outbreaks in U.S. history, according to court testimony. The trial has begun for three executives of the peanut producer over the 2009 outbreak that killed nine people and sickened at least 700 others. Peanut Corporation of America went bankrupt in 2009 after it was identified as the source of the outbreak. Then-plant manager Sammy Lightsey testified against plant owner Stewart Parnell, saying he discovered that the company was shipping peanuts on ... Read More

Jury selection begins for trial of employees of peanut processing plant at center of deadly Salmonella outbreak

Jury selection is underway for the trial of three people, employees and associates with a peanut processing plant blamed for the deadliest Salmonella outbreak in U.S. history, which killed nine people and sickened more than 700 in 2009. Former Peanut Company of America owner Stewart Parnell, his brother and food broker Michael Parnell, and the peanut plant’s quality control manager Mary Wilkerson were indicted last year on 76 criminal counts that allege the three shipped peanuts contaminated with Salmonella to industrial food customers – including nursing homes, schools and food suppliers – and covered up lab tests that showed some batches ... Read More

Chia seeds recalled after the health food was linked to salmonella poisonings

At least 21 people have been infected with salmonella bacteria after eating chia seed powder, prompting a product recall and a multistate health investigation. Chia seeds are a health food product commonly blended into smoothies or into snacks to enhance diets with added nutrients and curb appetite for weight loss. The seeds come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, grown in Mexico, and are the same seeds used to sprout grass-like “fur” on clay figurines called Chia Pets. These illnesses are the first to link the food borne illness salmonella to chia seed powder. The salmonella bacteria is most often found ... Read More

Egg company executives facing charges for food-safety violations, crimes

An Iowa-based multi-million-dollar egg producing company and the father and son who owned it pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating federal food safety laws after a 2010 Salmonella outbreak traced to their egg products sickened about 2,000 people nationwide and triggered a recall of more than half a billion eggs. Austin “Jack” DeCoster, 79, and Peter DeCoster, 50, face up to one year in jail, fines of $100,000 each, and restitution for victims after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of introducing adulterated food into interstate commerce. Their company, Quality Egg LLC, which the elder DeCoster started from modest beginnings in Maine, ... Read More

CDC announces new reports of salmonella infections from Foster Farms chicken

The number of people infected with antibiotic-resistant salmonella after consuming chicken processed by Foster Farms continues to climb, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At least 524 people have been sickened across 25 states and Puerto Rico with one of seven strains of salmonella. The outbreak was declared “over” on Jan. 16 with 430 illnesses, but more cases of salmonella poisonings continued to pour in. The CDC reports that three quarters of those infected are from California and that more than a third have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported during the year-long outbreak. The ... Read More