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California Bars Use Of Trinity Guardrails Statewide Amid Safety Concerns

California transportation officials said they will stop using ET-Plus guardrails made by Trinity Industries on all highways and roads throughout the state and will replace the existing rails “as needed” amid concerns the guardrails can malfunction and cause serious injury or death. “If there is a section of roadway under construction or an incident, they will be replaced with another type of guardrail,” Matt Rocco, Media Relations Manager the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) told NBC 7 Investigates. Trinity’s ET-Plus guardrails fell under scrutiny after whistleblower Josh Harman took Trinity to Court under the False Claims Act, alleging the company ... Read More

Pokemon Go Terms Include Arbitration Agreement

What does it take to play Pokemon Go, the new game released by Niantic last week that already has an estimated 10 million active users? The answer: A smartphone and a willingness to surrender one of your Seventh Amendment rights. Before customers are allowed to access the reality-based game, they must agree to waive their Constitutional right to a jury trial should something go wrong. These agreements, called arbitration agreements, or, less formally, “rip-off clauses,” are already widely used by banks, internet providers, and other industries to strip customers of their right to sue. Instead of seeking a remedy through ... Read More

Fumes from Hookah Water Pipes Found to Contain Benzene

Hookahs, a type of water pipe, are considered to be a safe a popular way to smoke, and a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. But a new study finds that the fumes from hookahs’ water pipes contain the toxic chemical benzene. Nada Kassem, the study author and associate director of the Center for Behavioral Epidemiology and Community Health at San Diego State University, said, “In contrast to what is believed, hookah tobacco smoking is not a safe alternative to smoking other forms of tobacco.” She further explained, “Hookah tobacco smoking involves the use of burning charcoal that is needed to heat the hookah tobacco to ... Read More

Family of Tony Gwynn files wrongful death lawsuit against tobacco industry

The family of baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn is suing Altria Group Inc, formerly known as Philip Morris, claiming the tobacco giant and others in the industry manipulated Gwynn to become addicted to smokeless tobacco that ultimately led to his death from salivary gland cancer. Gwynn was the kind of athlete parents were proud of their kids to look up to. He got along well with his teammates, and didn’t drink or smoke. Like many baseball players at the time, he used smokeless tobacco, or dip, and his choice product was Skoal. Gwynn was under the impression dip was not as ... Read More

Long Beach, Calif., Sues Monsanto For Environmental Contamination

The city of Long Beach, Calif., filed a lawsuit against Monsanto and subsidiary companies of Pfizer and Eastman Chemical in federal court Thursday in an effort to recoup escalating costs involved in the cleanup of the Port of Long Beach, which is heavily contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that allegedly entered the water from the defendants. The complaint is nearly identical to other public nuisance and equitable indemnity lawsuits filed by the cities of Oakland, San Diego, and San Jose, which claim a previous version of Monsanto (referred to as “Old Monsanto”) that splintered into the other defendants knew about ... Read More

Plane Crash On San Diego County Freeway Kills One, Injures Five

A popular 38-year-old member of the Starlettes roller derby team was killed Saturday, April 2, when a small airplane crash landed on a Southern California freeway and struck a vehicle. Five others, including two in the airplane and three in the vehicle, sustained injuries. Friends and family mourned the loss of Antoinette Frances Isbelle, 38, a resident of San Diego County who skated for the Starlettes roller derby team under the name “Rockalicious.” Ms. Isbelle was a passenger in the back seat of a 2015 Nissan Sentra that had been idling on the shoulder of I-15 northbound when the airplane ... Read More

Senate Approves Call For Federal Investigation of SoCalGas Leak

An out-of-control methane gas leak that has been blasting greenhouse gases into the skies over Southern California since October has prompted California’s U.S. Senators to call for a federal investigation of the crisis. Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein said they were frustrated by Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) Co.’s “slow response” to the Aliso Canyon gas leak near Porter Ranch, Calif., and introduced legislation that would form a task force to study how the disaster occurred, the company’s response, and whether the facility and others like it should be allowed to continue operating. The leak erupted on Oct. 23 ... Read More

Man sues manufacturer, seller of exploding e-cigarette

A Florida man is suing the maker of his electronic cigarette and the company who sold it to him after he suffered serious burns on his face, neck and lungs when his e-cigarette exploded. Evan Spahlinger says he purchased the “Rig Mod V.2” e-cigarette from the Vaping Station in Naples, Fla., in July. Three months later, the e-cigarette burst into flames while he was using it, causing him to inhale fire, smoke and scorching hot air, which inflamed his esophagus and lungs. He was put into a medically induced coma to recover from his injuries. Spahlinger’s lawsuit is targeting the ... Read More

Alaska Airlines Pilot Arrested For Piloting Flights While Intoxicated

An Alaska Airlines pilot has been arrested and charged for flying a plane full of passengers while under the influence of alcohol. David Hans Arntson, 60, was arrested Wednesday morning, several months after he was randomly tested at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif., immediately following a flight from Portland. Two tests conducted at the airport 15 minutes apart on June 20, 2014, showed that Mr. Arntson had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.134 percent and 0.142 percent.  The legal limit for commercial airline pilots under federal law is 0.10 percent, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets the ... Read More

Medical Testing Company Pays $4.1 Million To Settle Whistleblower Complaint

A genetic testing company has agreed to pay the federal government, several states, and the District of Columbia $4.1 million to settle a whistleblower‘s False Claims Act lawsuit alleging it coordinated an unlawful kickback scheme to boost sales of its medical testing services. According to Law 360, the settlement resolves allegations in a False Claims Act lawsuit filed in April 2014 by Monique Gipson, a former sales representative for San Diego-based Pathway Genomics Corp. The U.S. government said on Dec. 24 that it would intervene in the case, meaning it would actively join in the litigation. In her whistleblower complaint, ... Read More