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Firefighter won’t be charged in runway death of Asiana crash survivor

SAN FRANCISCO — A firefighter facing potential criminal charges for accidentally running over and killing a plane crash survivor will not be charged for the girl’s death, San Mateo County’s District Attorney announced. Investigators believe 16-year-old Ye Mengyuan was tossed from Asiana flight 214 as it crash-landed and tumbled down the runway at San Francisco International Airport July 6. The Boeing 777 broke apart on impact and burst into flames. The crash injured 181 of the 307 people aboard, 12 of them critically. Three students, including Ms. Ye and her close friend Wang Linjia, lost their lives. Ms. Ye was one ... Read More

NBC finds escape slide failures hindered evacuation of Asiana 214 and several other flights

Some of the emergency slides on Asiana flight 214 failed to deploy properly after the airplane crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport July 6, potentially botching evacuation efforts as the airplane burned. An NBC investigation of the matter also found that federal aviation officials have known about problems with the evacuation slides for years but have failed to take any meaningful measures to improve their reliability. Survivors of the Asiana crash told an NBC Bay Area investigative unit that the evacuation efforts took longer than they should have because two of the emergency slides inflated inside the cabin, ... Read More

More Asiana crash survivors file complaints against Boeing alleging mechanical deficiencies

Six personal-injury lawsuits have been filed against Boeing by Asiana passengers who allege the aircraft manufacturer failed to install a low-airspeed warning system in some of its airplane models, including the 777 that crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport July 6. The lawsuits, which were filed in Boeing’s home state of Illinois, claim that the company knew of several previous incidents on Boeing airplanes in which a low-speed warning failed to alert pilots, but neglected to address the problem in its 777 models. The Asiana 214 crash killed two teenage girls. A third teenage girl was thrown from the plane ... Read More