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One in Five Pediatric Scald Burns Caused by Instant Soup

More than 20 percent of pediatric scald burns in the U.S. are caused by instant soup, ramen noodle soup, and similar soup products, according to a new study presented Nov. 2 at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference. Dr. Courtney Allen, a pediatric emergency fellow at Emory University who led the research, told CNN that it’s important for parents to remember that while instant soup is quick, easy and convenient, “these are just thin containers with boiling water in them.” For the study, Dr. Allen and her fellow researchers looked at 4,500 pediatric scald burns recorded over an 11-year ... Read More

Toddler Suffers Burn Injuries From Pressure Cooker Accident

An Idaho toddler is recovering from severe burn injuries he suffered when the contents of a pressure cooker erupted, showering him with scalding hot liquid and food. Two-year-old Chayse Bodily was in the kitchen with his mother Angela Bodily the evening of Sept. 9 as she was about to put the finishing touches on Sunday dinner. She told the Twin Falls Times-News that she released the pressure from the pressure cooker and removed the lid to add some potatoes to a roast that was nearly done. Without warning, a bubble that was trapped under the roast shot the contents to ... Read More

Burn Injuries Can Be Prevented With Awareness of Risks

Burn injuries are at once some of the most common household and workplace injuries in the U.S. and also some of the most preventable. National Burn Awareness Week, observed annually to call attention to burn injury risks and prevention, takes place this year from Feb. 5-11. Estimates on the number of annual burn injuries in the U.S. requiring medical treatment vary, but most sources put the figure at about half a million. The American Burn Association, one of the leading sources for burn injury data in the U.S., estimates that about 486,000 people are treated for burn injuries each year in ... Read More

National Burn Awareness Week Starts Feb. 5

Every year, more than half a million people, including many children, are treated in North American hospitals for burn injuries ranging from mild to severe. Because the great majority of these burn injuries are preventable, National Burn Awareness week was organized to draw more attention to the everyday dangers that pose the risk of serious burns. Observed during the first full week of February (02/05/17 – 02/11/17) in the U.S. and Canada, National Burn Awareness Week provides an opportunity for burn, fire, and safety specialists and educators to share information and tips that could spare many from painful burns, debilitating ... Read More

Understanding Burn Injuries and Sources Makes For Safer Holidays

Holiday decorations, a busy kitchen, fireplaces and space heaters — these are just some of the common sources of burn injuries that often turn a festive time of year into a time of excruciating pain and sometimes even a fight for life. Hospitals across the U.S. typically report a significant spike in the number of patients seeking emergency treatment for burn injuries between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cooking injuries are the most common holiday-related injuries hospitals see each year, with scalding being the most frequent type of burn ... Read More

Evidence of Serious Burn Injuries may be more than skin deep

Recovering from painful burn injuries is often a physically and emotionally demanding process that may seem to have no end. As the wounds begin to heal, scars may begin to form, and often those scars require special treatment of their own. The most common complication of a moderate to severe burn injury is the development of hypertrophic burn scars. Normally, the collagen fibers of the skin are arranged in a very organized manner, but as new skin starts to develop in the area of the burn injury, the collagen protein develops in a highly disorganized manner, giving the skin a ... Read More

How To Keep Children Safe From Scald Burns

According to the American Burn Association, the majority of all scald burns in the U.S. happen to young children, and scald burns by far are the most common type of burn that children receive. Scald burns occur when contact with hot liquids or steam damages one or more layers of skin. Hot tap water, hot beverages, hot food, and steam are the most common causes of scald burns. Underdeveloped cognitive and motor abilities and thinner layers of skin are some of the main reasons why children are more at risk of being scalded than others. According to the Burn Foundation, ... Read More

2016 National Burn Awareness Week Emphasizes Scald Burns

February 1-7 marks the 30th anniversary of National Burn Awareness Week.  This a special week devoted to promoting awareness of burn injuries, their different types and causes, and, most importantly, what can be done to prevent them. This year, special focus is given to raising awareness of burn injuries caused by scalding liquids or steam. According to the American Burn Association, liquid and steam scalding injuries have become an epidemic in the U.S.  Last year, approximately 486,000 people received burns serious enough to require medical treatment and, in many cases, hospitalization. In recent years, the proportion of scald burns to other types ... Read More