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Ride The Ducks To Pay $123 Million to Seattle Duck Boat Crash Victims

A Seattle jury ordered Ride the Ducks International and its Seattle operator to pay the victims of a deadly 2015 duck boat bus crash and their families $123 million in damages. The awards to the 42 plaintiffs in the case range from $40,000 to $25 million, with the highest award of about $26 million going to Phuong Dinh, a severely injured crash survivor. The crash occurred in September 2015 when the left-front axle broke on a World War II-era amphibious duck boat, sending the vehicle into oncoming traffic on Seattle’s Aurora Bridge. The duck boat crashed into a charter bus ... Read More

Helmet-less e-scooter riders at risk for TBI

More than 100 cities have electric scooter services that provide convenient transportation especially in high-traffic areas. But many riders of the two-wheeled vehicles are landing in the emergency room, often for head injuries that could have been prevented had they been wearing a helmet. According to an observational study conducted by researchers with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), about 40 percent of e-scooter riders treated at two southern California emergency departments suffered head injuries, but only 4.4 of them wore a helmet. Equally as troubling is that researchers also found that 182 of 193 e-scooter riders they observed ... Read More

Olympus settles with two widows over faulty endoscopes

Olympus Corp. is feeling the burn for manufacturing and selling specialized endoscopes without warning that they could transmit bacteria from patient-to-patient, leading to life-threatening superbug infections. Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) ordered the Tokyo-based medical-scope maker to pay $80 million in fines and $5 million in criminal forfeiture over its defectively designed duodenoscopes. The company’s former executive, Hisao Yabe, also pleaded guilty for distributing the instruments and not filing reports with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about infections related to Olympus’ duodenoscopes. On the heels of that announcement, Olympus also agreed to pay an undisclosed ... Read More

Seattle Pays Widow $7.7 Million For Fatal Transit Bus Collision

Washington state’s King County Metro Transit will pay $7.7 million to the wife of a Seattle man who was struck and killed by a transit bus while crossing a downtown Seattle street last year. John Ahn, a 43-year-old Amazon employee and father of a young son, was crossing Westlake Ave. after having dinner with coworkers when a King County Metro Transit making a right turn struck and killed him. According to The Seattle Times, the transit bus struck Mr. Ahn in the crosswalk, knocking him down. He struggled to get out of the bus’s path but the rear wheels of the ... Read More

Workplace Sexual Harassment Triggers Google Employees’ Protest

On Thursday, Google employees from around the world walked off the job briefly to protest the company’s alleged mishandling of sexual misconduct claims against some of its executives. The walkout was the latest protest by employees expressing frustration over the treatment of women in the workplace, specifically sexual harassment, and efforts to cover up rather than address bad behavior. Approximately 1,000 Google workers protested in San Francisco and thousands more showed up at Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters, according to the Associated Press. Protests were also held in Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York and Seattle as engineers and other workers ... Read More

Seattle-based manufacturer cited, fined for worker safety violations

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) cited National Products Inc., and slapped the company with $253,320 in fines for more than two dozen serious and willful worker safety and health violations. The violations at the Seattle-based manufacturer of electronics mounting systems and other products were discovered during three separate inspections earlier this year. One of the inspections was conducted by L&I after a worker was burned by molten aluminum. Workers were carrying molten aluminum from one machine to another in ladles slung over their backs. They were also not wearing proper personal protection equipment, which put them at ... Read More

CSX, Biloxi both at fault in fatal tour bus crash

CSX Transportation and the City of Biloxi, Mississippi were both found responsible by federal safety regulators for a train crash involving a tour bus that killed four people and injured 38 others. The March 2017 crash occurred when the bus got stuck on a steep rail crossing. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the accident and found the probable cause of the crash was “the failure of CSX Transportation and the City of Biloxi to coordinate and take action to improve the safety of the Main Street grade crossing, a high profile vertical crossing on which motor vehicles were ... Read More

Duck Boat Sinks in Branson, Missouri, Killing 17 People

Seventeen people died when an amphibious duck boat capsized in a Branson, Missouri, lake Thursday evening as a severe storm swept through the area. The duck boat was one of two amphibious tour boats in Branson’s Table Rock Lake. Both duck boats battled waves crashing from all directions and strong winds. One boat made it safely back to shore but the other was inundated with water and sank quickly. There were 31 people aboard the duck boat at the time, including two crew members. Various reports say that a number of children were among the 17 people killed. Fourteen of ... Read More

CPSC: Sparklers Are the Top Cause of Fireworks-Related Burn Injuries

Most burn injuries caused by holiday fireworks are caused by sparklers, federal safety officials warn as consumers flock to fireworks stores in anticipation of Fourth of July celebrations. In 2017, hospital emergency rooms treated 12,900 fireworks-related burn injuries. Nearly 70 percent of those burn injuries occurred in the one-month period from June 16 to July 16, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said. During this time, sparklers were the leading cause of burn injuries, accounting for about 14 percent of all burn injuries stemming from fireworks. According to the CPSC, sparklers appear deceptively harmless to many people. “Parents don’t ... Read More

Governments Clash in Ride the Ducks Bus Crash Dispute

A Ride the Ducks amphibious bus crash that killed five people and injured 69 others in Seattle three years ago has triggered another legal dispute between the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. Since the Sept. 24, 2015 crash, city and state attorneys have been clashing in court over who is legally responsible for the safe operation of the Aurora Avenue Bridge, a six-lane bridge with three lanes each for northbound and southbound traffic. The city previously filed a motion asking a King County judge to release it from responsibility for the lack of a barrier to separate ... Read More