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Professional Cooks at Risk for Diacetyl Exposure

Last year FoxNews.com published an article warning against the chemicals found in cooking sprays, advising the consumer to check the ingredients before using the product. Deborah Enos, a certified nutritionist author, corporate health speaker and board member of the American Heart Association, writes that she was “shocked” to see the ingredients listed on a can of cooking spray, and decided to stop using them based on what she saw. “I prefer to keep the chemical consumption in my home at a minimum,” she writes. Diacetyl was among the ingredients listed, which is a chemical that has been a health concern ... Read More

The NY Times examines talc studies and the validity of ovarian cancer risk

The New York Times asks, “So did the juries get it right or wrong? Is it plausible that Johnson’s Baby Powder — that clean-smelling soft stuff that’s a medicine cabinet staple, packaged in milky-white containers and supposedly mild enough for babies’ bottom — can cause cancer?” The article then traces talc research through the decades starting in 1971, when scientists in Wales found particles of talc embedded in ovarian and cervical tumors. In 1982, a Harvard professor, Dr. Daniel W. Cramer, and his colleagues found that women who used talcum powder for feminine hygiene had more than three times the ... Read More

Deadly Duck Bus Accident In Boston Sparks Call For Nationwide Ban

A deadly collision between a Boston Duck Tours amphibious bus and a moped Saturday morning has prompted a Philadelphia attorney familiar with the special buses and the dangers they pose to call for a nationwide ban on the vehicles. The latest duck bus crash, which remains under investigation, occurred near Boston Common around 11:30 a.m. April 30, when the sightseeing bus collided with a motor scooter, killing the 29-year-old female scooter driver and injuring her passenger. The bus is owned by Boston Duck Tours, which has been in business since 1994. The company has its counterparts in other U.S. cities ... Read More

Mounting Evidence Points To Health Threats Posed By Synthetic Turf

A former top soccer player who helped persuade federal regulators to take a closer look at the potential health hazards posed by synthetic turf says more than 200 athletes who have spent hours a day on the rubber turf have reached out to her after being diagnosed with cancer. Amy Griffin, a goalkeeper for the U.S. women’s national soccer team that won the first FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991, has been keeping track of athletes with cancer since 2009. She told Huffington Post that of the 220 athletes diagnosed with cancer that she has heard from, 166 (more than 75 percent) ... Read More

Jury finds port liable for woman’s workplace injuries

The Port of Bellingham, a government agency in Bellingham, Wash., has been held liable for a woman’s workplace injuries. The Port of Bellingham is responsible for operating two large marinas, port facilities, and the Bellingham International Airport. The federal jury found the Port negligent for failing to repair a control panel on a loading ramp, which collapsed on an employee of Alaska ferries in 2012. According to a report in the Seattle Times, the victim, Mrs. Shannon Adamson, suffered several life-threatening injuries from this incident including two punctured lungs, a lacerated liver, several bone fractures and a severe head injury. ... Read More

Wrongful-Death Suit Filed by Family of Youngest Seattle Duck Bus Crash Victim

A wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed against Ride the Ducks tour company, the City of Seattle, and the State of Washington on behalf of Runjie Song, the youngest victim of a Sept. 24 crash that killed five people and injured 62 others. Ms. Song, 17, a native of Beijing, China, was an international exchange student set to begin studying at North Seattle College. She and other students of the college, many of whom were from other countries, were on an orientation tour of Seattle when their tour bus was struck by an amphibious Ride the Ducks tour bus on a narrow ... Read More

Ride The Ducks Bus Crash Victims Move To Sue Seattle, State

Three North Seattle College students who were severely injured when a Ride the Ducks amphibious tour bus crashed into their charter bus in September want to add the city of Seattle and the state of Washington as co-defendants to a lawsuit they filed earlier in King County Superior Court. According to The Seattle Times, Phuong Dinh, Mazda Hutapea, and Yuta Masumota are already suing the Ride the Ducks of Seattle and its parent company in addition to the driver of the Duck bus. Five passengers were killed when the vintage Ride the Ducks amphibious tour bus veered out of control on a ... Read More

Alaska Air Charter Pays Massive Price For Retaliating Against Whistleblower Pilot

An Alaskan aviation company has been ordered to reinstate a pilot and pay him years of back wages and $100,000 in compensatory damages for suspending and firing him, then ostracizing him among the close-knit Alaskan aviation industry, simply because he voiced legitimate concerns about the problems with the company’s operations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said that Bald Mountain Air Services of Homer violated federal whistleblower laws when it retaliated against the whistleblower pilot in 2012. The agency said the veteran pilot, with 35 years of aviation experience, repeatedly raised concern over a multitude of safety violations within ... Read More

Exploding E-Cigarettes Leave Horrific Burn Injuries

Hospitals in Seattle, as in other hospitals nationwide, have seen an alarming rise in the number of people arriving at the ER with serious burn injuries caused by exploding e-cigarettes, The Seattle Times reported. According to the report, Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center has treated four patients who sustained serious burn injuries from exploding e-cigarettes just since October. Three out of four of those involved gruesome injuries to the head and face. The other involved a hand injury so severe that the patient, a 24-year old Central Washington resident, may not regain control of his right hand. A lawyer for the ... Read More

Chipotle restaurant E.coli scare over, says CDC

E.coli outbreaks linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants that have sickened customers in several states appears to over, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC said it was closing its investigation, though it never determined which food or ingredient was making people sick. Identifying the culprit in a restaurant that serves foods with several ingredients that are mixed or cooked with other ingredients and then used in multiple menu items can be a challenge even when conducting the most stringent epidemiologic studies, the CDC said. E. coli is a bacteria that can cause severe stomach cramps ... Read More