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Hookah Bar Workers At Risk of Secondhand Smoke Exposure, Study Finds

Secondhand smoke from hookah pipes is an under-recognized health hazard to workers, medical researchers say, citing evidence collected from studies conducted in hookah bars, which are growing in popularity and number throughout the U.S. “Hookah use is often exempt from clean indoor air laws that protect people from secondhand smoke. Ours is the first study that links poor hookah bar air quality to damaging effects in workers, and the results recommend closer monitoring of this industry to protect the public,” wrote lead researcher Dr. Terry Gordon of the New York University School of Medicine. Testing markers of active smoking and ... Read More

Exposure to thirdhand smoke an ‘under-appreciated health risk’

The ill effects of cigarettes have been shown to affect not only smokers but also those exposed to the smoke second hand. New research shows that thirdhand smoke – the invisible remnants of tobacco smoke that clings to surfaces and dust particles – could also be putting several billion people at an “under-appreciated health risk.” Even the most courteous of smokers can be leaving behind tobacco residue that can be dangerous, say researchers from the University of California-Riverside. They reference previous studies that show children living with adults who smoke are absent from school 40 percent more days than children ... Read More

CDC launches second round of graphic ads warning against smoking

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched its second round of graphic advertisements aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco use and encouraging those who don’t smoke not to pick up the habit. The new graphic ads are just as disturbing as the first round, showing images of a child in respiratory distress with the message, “Secondhand smoke triggers severe asthma attacks,” and a man with an amputated leg with the message, “If you smoke with diabetes, plan for amputation, kidney failure, heart surgery… or all three.” The new campaign comes on the heels of ... Read More