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Transvaginal mesh victim recalls serious complications after surgery

Barbara Carter says she knew something was amiss the morning after surgery to have surgical mesh implanted to treat stress urinary incontinence. “I had pain where I had never had pain before,” she told First Coast News. “I told my doctor … I couldn’t move my body. My legs hurt so bad, and they told me I would get better.” But she didn’t get better. Three years later, she went to another doctor who had devastating news. “They found out I had the mesh and it was all in my bladder and basically in my intestines everywhere,” she said. “I ... Read More

Thousands of defective blood glucose meters recalled

Abbott Laboratories is recalling its FreeStyle InsuLinx glucose meters because the devices have been registering and storing much lower readings when blood sugar levels are dangerously high. The defect could delay the identification and treatment of severe hyperglycemia, or incorrect treatment may be given, which could result in deadly consequences. The recall affects about 50,000 people in the United States. Blood glucose meters are small computerized machines that measure the amount of sugar in the blood. The devices are often used by diabetics. The risk of an incorrect reading with the FreeStyle InsuLinx only occurs if blood glucose levels hit ... Read More

Child killed, family injured when flight status board falls at Birmingham airport

A 10-year-old boy was killed Friday and three members of his family seriously injured when a heavy flight-status board fell on them at the Birmingham, Ala., airport. The family was trapped under the sign, which airport officials estimated weighs between 300-400 pounds, when it came loose from its moorings on the wall and dropped on them. Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport officials are not sure at this time what caused the arrivals-departure status board to fall. The family was trapped for several minutes before airport employees could lift the board off them, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Donald Jones told FOX6 ... Read More

Brain monitoring device for epileptics recalled due to dangerous defect

A serious injury to a patient using a medical device that temporarily (less than 30 days) records, monitors and stimulates electrical signals on the surface of the brain of epileptics has prompted a Class 1 recall. These recalls are the most serious type of recall and involve situations in which there is a reasonable probability that use of the products will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation is recalling Macro Micro Subdural Electrodes because of a defect that may cause injury to the brain, including scraping (abrasion) of brain tissue and broken pieces remaining in ... Read More

Hospital waste management device recalled after reports of serious injury, death

One patient was seriously injured and another one died after a hospital suction device malfunctioned and caused tissue damage. The medical device company Stryker Instruments has issued a recall and is warning health care providers not to use the affected devices unless there is no alternative suction device or waste management system. The recall includes the Neptune 1 Silver Waste Management System (Neptune 1 Silver) and the Neptune 2 Ultra Waste Management System (Neptune 2 Ultra). Both devices are intended to collect and dispose of surgical fluid waste in operating rooms and surgical facilities. The Neptune 2 Ultra can also ... Read More

Sales of blood thinner Pradaxa flourish despite safety issues


Drug maker Boehringer Ingelheim enjoyed some gains during the first six months of 2012, but the next six months may be a bit rocky. “The economic headwind from the sovereign debt crisis in southern Europe and the continued weak economic growth in the USA make the business environment increasingly difficult for the pharmaceutical industry,” Andreas Barner, chairman of the board, said in a statement. Barner added that the economic and financial strains have hampered the launches of two of its newer medications – the blood thinner Pradaxa and the diabetes drug Tradjenta. Pradaxa alone brought in $678 million in sales ... Read More

Paula Deen’s diabetes drug of choice brings in hearty profits

Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is rolling in profits, thanks to strong sales of its new diabetes drugs. Novo Nordisk is the world’s largest insulin manufacturer. It also makes non-insulin medications to treat type 2 diabetes including Victoza, a new treatment that is being promoted by Southern celebrity cookbook author Paula Deen. Deen caught a lot of flack when she announced earlier this year that she had been diagnosed three years ago with type 2 diabetes. Deen’s Southern-fried and sugar-filled recipes are prime examples of the kinds of foods that contribute to the country’s growing obesity and diabetes epidemic. But ... Read More

Couple awarded millions in first transvaginal mesh lawsuit

Medical device maker C.R. Bard was ordered to pay $3.6 million in damages to a woman and her husband who claimed the company’s vaginal mesh implant caused her to suffer pain and injury. The lawsuit is the first of hundreds filed against manufacturers of transvaginal mesh to go to trial. The plaintiff received Bard’s Avaulta Plus vaginal implant, a surgical mesh product used to repair pelvic floor disorders such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. The conditions can cause urinary incontinence, painful sexual intercourse, and general discomfort. To treat the condition, surgical mesh is implanted vaginally and positioned ... Read More

Medical experts petitioned FDA to ban transvaginal mesh

“All too frequently, industry knowingly targets less experienced surgeons, knowing that these mesh have not, and will never be, accepted by more experienced surgeons who are fully aware of their inherent risk without benefit.” Daniel Elliott, a urologic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., wrote the statement in a public letter last August, speaking out against transvaginal mesh, a surgical mesh device used in the repair of common pelvic organ disorders such as pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). One common repair method is the surgical insertion of surgical mesh through the vagina. It acts ... Read More

Former Chrysler employee warns of engine fire risk with Grand Cherokees

Jeep Grand Cherokees are more dangerous than other vehicles because “their fuel tank is hanging out behind the axle below the bumper,” says safety advocate Paul Sheridan. When people drive the vehicles, “they don’t know they’re at risk when they drive down the road with their family members in this vehicle.” He says what drivers of Jeep Grand Cherokee model years 1993 to 2004 are at risk for is serious injury or death from engine fires that can easily erupt when the vehicles are rear-ended. Sheridan, a former Chrysler Product Planning Manager-turned-paid consultant for the auto industry is lobbying the ... Read More