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Segway accidents on the rise, study finds

A study conducted by a Washington D.C., hospital and published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine says that the number of injuries caused by Segways, the upright two-wheeled “personal transporter” vehicles that hit the consumer market nearly a decade ago, are increasing. Segways have been in the headlines recently after billionaire James Heselden, who bought the Segway corporattion just last year, accidentally rode his Segway off a cliff in September. Heselden’s body was recovered from the River Wharfe near his home in northern England after the accident. Researchers at George Washington University’s emergency medicine department say that they have observed ... Read More

Group advocates to make birth control pills available OTC

Members of the Oral Contraceptive Over-the-Counter Working Group are advocating to – you guessed it – make birth control pills available for women without a prescription. But it is in the best interest for women when they can carry serious and even life-threatening risks? “Our goal is to evaluate objectively the risks and benefits of demedicalizing contraceptive care, with an eye toward improving access to OCs (oral contraceptives) and potentially other hormonal contraceptive methods by making them available without a prescription,” a statement from the nonprofit advocacy group reads. The group says there is substantial literature available on oral contraceptives ... Read More

FDA warns: sexual enhancement coffee may cause serious harm

Magic Power Coffee, an instant coffee product marketed as a dietary supplement for sexual enhancement, contains an active drug ingredient that can dangerously lower blood pressure, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns. When blood pressure drops suddenly, the brain is deprived of an adequate blood supply, which can lead to dizziness or lightheadedness. Consumers should stop using Magic Power Coffee immediately. The agency warns consumers that sexual enhancement products that claim to work as well as prescription drugs are likely to expose consumers to unpredictable risks and the potential for injury or even death. The FDA has found several ... Read More

Judge orders birth control pill makers to turn over files for litigation

District Judge David Herndon is ordering sales representatives who pushed the oral contraceptives Yasmin, Yaz, Ocella and Gianvi to produce all their files and communications for national litigation. The order covers “all written materials, video and/or audio tapes” and includes training materials, e-mails, voice mail transcripts, summaries of meetings, incentive and goal plans, and all communications between representatives and managers. Herndon also ordered Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Schering Pharma, Barr Laboratories, and Teva Pharmaceuticals to produce records from their facilities. Herndon was appointed to preside over numerous lawsuits from across the country from women who claim they were seriously ... Read More

FDA issues warning about ‘Generic Tamiflu’

Tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a product known as “Generic Tamiflu” and sold on the Internet has found that the product contains an ingredient that could cause serious injury in some consumers. The fraudulent product does not contain Tamiflu’s active ingredient, oseltamivir, but cloxacillin, an ingredient in the same class of antibiotics as penicillin. Patients who are allergic to penicillin are at risk of experiencing similar reactions from cloxacillin. Such reactions include sudden, potentially life-threatening reactions called anaphylaxis, with symptoms that include difficulty breathing, chest tightness, swelling of the throat or tongue, hives, dizziness, loss ... Read More

Woman worries about long-term effects of Yaz

Dawn Varrechio, a mother of four, was shocked to discover that her breathing problems were due to blood clots in both of her lungs. But she became angry when she found out her birth control pills were the culprit. “It’s scary to think that at 35, you could be gone, like that quickly,” she told CBS3 News. Like many women, Dawn was taking Yaz birth control pills, the most popular oral contraceptive in America. What she didn’t realize is that by taking Yaz she was putting herself at greater risk for life-threatening blood clots. Last year, two studies published in ... Read More

Yaz, Yasmin makers get approval for new birth control pill

As Bayer HealthCare begins defending itself against a flurry of lawsuits citing health problems over its blockbuster birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin, the drug company announced it has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a new oral contraceptive. Bayer’s Natazia combines the hormones estrogen and progestin in doses that adjust four times throughout a women’s menstruation cycle. Natazia is the first birth control pill to use the four-phase dosing protocol with the added benefit of controlling irregular bleeding better than other pills. Like Natazia, Yaz and Yasmin were considered a new type of birth control ... Read More

father and son hit the road to raise brain injury awareness

When Joshua Brantner was 20 years old, he attended a party that changed his life forever. He arrived as a healthy, ordinary guy but left in an ambulance with a traumatic brain injury that severely impaired his mental and physical functions. After he had a few drinks at the party, Joshua climbed a tree and ended up falling 30 feet to the concrete driveway below. Joshua spent the next three months at the hospital in a coma. Doctors told Joshua’s parents that their son would be in a vegetative state if he were able to live at all. Now, almost ... Read More

Surgical sterilizing, disinfecting system may pose risk to patients

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning hospital risk managers, surgical service managers and infection control professionals that a device used in surgical and endoscopy suites for sterilizing or disinfecting medical devices has been modified, has not been approved by the FDA, and may not properly disinfect or sterilize instruments, which may pose a serious risk to patients and health care staff. STERIS Corporation has modified its System 1 Processor, or SS1. The modified version has not been approved or cleared by the FDA, thus the agency has not determined whether it is safe or effective for its labeled ... Read More

CPSC rules, safety guidelines for buyers and sellers of used products

Toys, children’s furniture, clothing, home appliances, power tools, sports equipment – these are just some of the many products that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls every year to protect consumers from using potentially dangerous and life-threatening items. But while the CPSC’s safety alerts notify the public of recalls involving new and recently made products, millions of older, defective, once-recalled or banned products find their way into thrift stores every year. In fact, the CPSC says that 7 out of every 10 thrift stores sell products that pose the risk of injury and death. If hazards abound in second-hand ... Read More