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Women should spend more time weighing risks of birth control options

A British survey suggests one in three women spend no more than five minutes selecting a suitable contraceptive method to use, according to Medical News Today. The report, conducted by Family Planning Association, is part of the organization’s Finding the Perfect Partner (Choose What You Use) campaign to help reduce unplanned pregnancy and abortion, and to promote greater control over contraceptive choice among women and health professionals. It found that despite the seemingly little care women put into the decision of what type of birth control to use, nearly half have had an unwanted pregnancy scare. “Another issue is that ... Read More

TCU students urged to heed contraception patch warnings

Students at Texas Christian University (TCU) now have access to more affordable contraceptives through the university’s Health Center, according to the TCU news Web site Daily Skiff. The Health Center negotiated a contract with drug companies to offer the discounted rates to students requesting contraceptives such as Ortho Tri-Cyclen and the Ortho Evra Contraceptive Transdermal Patch. However, students may want to weigh their contraception options more closely. Johnson & Johnson, the makers of the Ortho Evra contraceptive patch has been riddled with lawsuits claiming the patches cause serious side effects in young women, such as blood clots and even death. ... Read More

Avandia a big risk to your heart

Montgomery, AL: Joyce A. says she did not know that Avandia could cause so many health problems, at least she did not know until her doctor took her off Avandia and put her on another drug. Unfortunately, this happened after she was hospitalized two times with severe chest pains. Although she has started to recover since being taken off Avandia, she says she still experiences some pain. “I was having severe chest pains and I was hospitalized and told at a later time that taking Avandia could cause the severe pain I was having,” Joyce says. “I thought that I ... Read More

Avandia starting to sound a lot like Vioxx

Mark D. is fighting for justice on behalf of his brother, Grant, whose health has gone downhill since he was prescribed Avandia. Grant started taking Avandia two years ago after he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Prior to taking Avandia, he had no history of heart problems. “Grant had never had any problems in the past,” Mark says. “He had a clean bill of health in terms of his heart prior to that. There was no history of heart disease in our family.” Within a year of being on Avandia, Grant was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Within two ... Read More

Medtronic should be honest about Sprint Fidelis leads

Jane Adams has been dealing with Medtronic since 1999. Prior to having her defibrillator implanted, she trusted the medical device company. However, since a defibrillator with Sprint Fidelis leads was implanted, Adams says she has lost faith in them. “My pacemaker was implanted in 1999. It worked very nicely and it turned my life around,” Adams says. “But my heart was wearing out and I needed to have a defibrillator put in. After a discussion with my electrophysiologist I decided to have the defibrillator put in on the left side. I made that decision based on how long these devices ... Read More

Speak out!

As for people with family in nursing homes, Kathleen Sadlier says to be careful. “If you have someone there, really keep an eye on everything to see what is going on. Don’t just think they are being taken care of, because they might not be. I feel sorry for those in nursing homes who don’t have family members to watch over them. More people need to speak out about this.” Sadlier transferred her mother, Rita, from a hospital to a nursing home, thinking she would get rehabilitation. Instead, her mother received poor care and even an injury. Although Rita was ... Read More