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College takes action against deceased professor accused of sexual misconduct

Claims of sexual misconduct and harassment against college and university professors seem to be surfacing more since the #MeToo movement took hold. Last month, a lawsuit was filed against Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, by a group of women who claimed three psychology professors made inappropriate advances toward them, publicly groped them, and even coerced them into engaging in sexual relations. All three professors were put on paid leave and had their access to campus restricted by the college as the school conducts an investigation into the claims. But what if the professor being accused is dead? Such is ... Read More

Sexual harassment allegations may cost former CBS CEO severance

Former CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, who left the company under a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations, may not get the $120 million severance package he was expecting. Attorneys hired by the network to investigate the claims say they have enough evidence to show that CBS has grounds to deny payment to the former executive. According to a draft report acquired by The New York Times, Moonves destroyed evidence and lied to investigators, essentially violating the terms of his employment contract. “Based on the facts developed to date, we believe that the board would have multiple bases upon which to ... Read More

Whistleblower Sues Oregon DMV, Alleging Retaliation Over Sexual Harassment Complaints

A Salem, Oregon woman has filed a whistleblower complaint against the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles, accusing the agency of retaliating against her for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. The whistleblower complaint was filed in Marion County Circuit Court Nov. 8 by a woman who worked for the Oregon DMV as a document specialist. The plaintiff’s position was a temporary one, but she was interviewing last year for a permanent position as office specialist within the DMV. It was on Dec. 8, after her second interview, that she says her troubles at the DMV began. According to the Salem ... Read More

Dartmouth psychology professors face students’ sexual misconduct claims

Three psychology professors at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, are facing charges of sexual misconduct by a group of female students who allege the men made inappropriate advances toward them, publicly groped them, and even coerced them into engaging in sexual relations, according to a lawsuit filed against the college. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office is also conducting a criminal investigation into the alleged sexual misconduct by professors Todd Heatherton, Paul Whalen and Bill Kelley. The men were put on paid leave and had their access to campus restricted by the college during the investigation. The complaint describes ... Read More

‘League of Legends’ developer hit with sexual harassment lawsuit

Two women have filed a lawsuit against Riot Games accusing the League of Legends developer of violating California equal pay laws, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women. The proposed class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Melanie McCracken, who has worked with the company for five years, and Jessica Negron, who worked at the gaming studio from April 2015 to April 2017. The lawsuit accuses Riot Games of “creating, encouraging, and maintaining a work environment that exposes its female employees to discrimination and retaliation.” It also claims the company pays its female employees less than ... Read More

TSA official promoted a month after sexual misconduct claims settled

A 2014 federal lawsuit and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Complaint involving scathing reports of sexual misconduct and physical assault by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official were settled with taxpayer money just one month before he was promoted to a top position within the agency, according to The Daily Beast. Former police officer and air-marshal supervisor Sonya Labosco aired her complaints last month to Fox46 about her claims in the federal complaint alleging branch manager Charles “Chas” Cook put his hand over his penis and told her he had “eight inches of c—k” for her whenever she wanted it. ... Read More

Google employees stage walkout to protest handling of sexual misconduct of top execs

Google employees from around the world are staging walkouts to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct claims against senior executives. The protest occurred Nov. 1 at locations around the globe including Singapore, Tokyo, London and Dublin. The walkouts were organized following a New York Times report about sexual assault claims involving the company’s creator of Android mobile software, Andy Rubin. According to the report, Google chief Larry Page sang Rubin’s praise when Rubin left the company in 2014 with a $90 million package paid in installments of about $2 million a month over four years. What Google didn’t disclose ... Read More

Workplace Sexual Harassment Triggers Google Employees’ Protest

On Thursday, Google employees from around the world walked off the job briefly to protest the company’s alleged mishandling of sexual misconduct claims against some of its executives. The walkout was the latest protest by employees expressing frustration over the treatment of women in the workplace, specifically sexual harassment, and efforts to cover up rather than address bad behavior. Approximately 1,000 Google workers protested in San Francisco and thousands more showed up at Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters, according to the Associated Press. Protests were also held in Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York and Seattle as engineers and other workers ... Read More

Former Google executive Rubin had been accused of sexual misconduct

Andy Rubin, creator of Android mobile software, left Google in 2014 with praise from Google’s chief, Larry Page, and a $90 million package paid in installments of around $2 million a month over four years, according to the New York Times. What Google didn’t disclose is that Rubin was booted out of the company for sexual misconduct, and that the company was not legally obligated to give him a dime. A woman who had been having an extramarital affair with Rubin claimed that Rubin lured her into his hotel room in 2013 and made her perform oral sex. The company ... Read More

#MeToo movement prompts tamer holiday office parties

The #MeToo movement has put employers on notice that inappropriate behavior will no longer be tolerated or ignored in the workplace. At this time of year, especially when it comes to holiday parties. In response, office parties are getting revamped to prevent or reduce the risk of sexual harassment. “The company party is a way to celebrate the accomplishments of their workers. It should boost morale and let workers know they are valued,” Andrew Challenger, vice president of career consultancy Challenger Gray & Christmas, told Crain’s New York Business. “It should not put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.” There are ... Read More