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Elderly patients fare well after arthroscopic shoulder surgery

A study conducted by researchers from Rush University Medical Center have debunked the notion that elderly patients shouldn’t have their torn shoulder muscles repaired because of the risk of complications. The new study, to be published in the October issue of Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and related Surgery, says elderly patients can significantly improve their pain and function by having minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to repair their shoulders. “In people over the age of 70, pain is the main issue, and pain relief is a fairly reliable outcome after surgery,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nikhil Verma, who led the ... Read More

Tampa Bay Rays’ Howell undergoes season-ending shoulder surgery

Just as the baseball season was getting underway, Tampa Bay Rays J.P. Howell had surgery on his left shoulder, ending his season prematurely. The left-handed reliever had to stop a simulated game last week just after starting because of discomfort in his shoulder. Two days later he was in surgery. Howell is expected to be recovered enough to play in the 2011 season. “We certainly knew that it was a possibility. We went through the rehab process in a very methodical way to give us the best chance to get him back on the mound, and it didn’t work,” executive ... Read More

I-Flow settles lawsuits from plaintiffs injured by shoulder pain pumps

I-Flow has agreed to settle five lawsuits from plaintiffs who say the company’s pain pump device used during shoulder repair surgery caused them to develop a painful and debilitating condition known as chondrolysis. The announcement follows a ruling by a federal judge in Ohio who rejected efforts to have the cases dismissed. The lawsuits had been consolidated for a trial that was scheduled to begin late last month. All of the plaintiffs alleged that the pain pumps manufactured by I-Flow to infuse pain medication into the shoulder joint during and after arthroscopic surgery destroyed the shoulder cartilage, causing chondrolysis. I-Flow ... Read More

WBC boxing champ undergoes shoulder repair surgery

Jean-Thenistor Pascal, the Haitian-Quebecker professional boxer and current WBC Light Heavyweight Champion, underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder this week and will be unable to train or fight for about nine weeks. The boxer hurt his shoulder while successfully defending his title against Adrian Diaconu last week. Pascal said he dislocated his right shoulder three times during the fight and had to have his shoulder popped back into place at least once by one of his cornermen. Despite having to box stretches almost entirely with his left hand, and looking hurt and worn down in the last few rounds, ... Read More

FSU quarterback faces shoulder repair surgery

Things were looking promising for Florida State University quarterback Christian Ponder, until last Saturday, when he separated his right shoulder making a tackle after throwing his fourth interception against Clemson. He now faces surgery to repair a Grade 3 AC separation, which will bench him for the rest of the season. Shoulder injuries are not uncommon among athletes. Hard and repetitive throwing motions like those needed for football and baseball leave many players with shoulder problems, many of which require surgery. While a full recovery is usually possible, some patients’ injuries were worsened by shoulder surgery. The phenomenon even confused ... Read More

More lawsuits filed as link made between pain pumps, chondrolysis

There are approximately 140 lawsuits against manufacturers of pain pumps currently pending in state and federal courts throughout the country filed on behalf of patients who had used pain pump devices following shoulder repair surgery that were unreasonably and dangerously defective and caused serious pain and disability. The number of lawsuits has jumped considerably since the summer of 2008, says Frank Woodson, shareholder with Beasley Allen Law Firm. “I think what we’re seeing is that physicians are finally seeing the relationship between pain pumps and chondrolysis – especially since the first lawsuits were filed a couple years ago,” he says. ... Read More