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India tests talc samples to check for cancer-causing asbestos

There is more fallout from a recent Reuters investigation that found internal documents showed Johnson & Johnson was aware for decades that its talcum powder products contain cancer-causing asbestos but did not warn consumers of this risk. First, a U.S. senator on the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee pressed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate the claims. Now drug regulators in India announced they are collecting new samples of talcum powder to determine if it is contaminated with asbestos. In recent years, Johnson & Johnson has been trying to shield itself from a growing number of lawsuits ... Read More

Woman blames J&J talcum powder for her ovarian cancer diagnosis

Krystal Kim’s ovarian cancer was found by chance, during a minor surgery. She had no symptoms like bloating or pain. “That’s why it’s known as the silent killer,” she told The Philadelphia Tribune.  She underwent six rounds of chemotherapy before going into remission. When the cancer returned, she had a hysterectomy and had parts of her colon and intestines removed. That’s when she randomly took a quiz on social media asking if she had ovarian cancer and had she ever used talcum powder on her genitals for personal hygiene. She said yes to both. Then she was contacted by attorneys who ... Read More

Johnson & Johnson’s bad week reflected in its slumping market value

It’s been a bad week for Johnson & Johnson, and it’s taking a toll on its market value. First, there was the Reuters report about internal documents that showed the consumer health care giant knew the talc it used in its baby powder and body powder contained cancer-causing asbestos, which resulted in a more than 10 percent decline in its stock prices. Then the company failed to convince a Missouri judge to strike a $4.69 billion jury verdict awarded to 22 women who claimed its talcum powder products contained asbestos that caused them to develop ovarian cancer. (J&J plans to ... Read More

J&J stocks tumble in wake of scathing Reuters report

Johnson & Johnson’s stock prices fell more than 10 percent – from $147 per share to $130 – after Reuters reported that an examination of the company’s internal documents revealed that J&J’s talcum powder was contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos and that the company took measures to hide this information from regulators and the public. The consumer health care giant, facing more 11,000 lawsuits alleging its talc-containing products have caused cancers like mesothelioma and ovarian cancer, has continuously defended the safety of its products. And while J&J has won some of the cases, its losses have been substantial, including a $4.69 ... Read More

J&J expected to fight $4.69 billion talc verdict

Johnson & Johnson is expected to ask the Missouri Circuit Court in St. Louis City to undo or, at the very least, reduce a $4.69 billion verdict awarded to 22 women who accused the company’s talcum powder of being contaminated with asbestos and causing their ovarian cancer. But the women say the verdict should stand because the “vast majority of evidence” shows the company was aware its talc-containing products were dangerous but continued to sell the product without warning consumers. The Aug. 22 verdict includes $4.14 billion in punitive damages and $550 million in compensatory damages against Johnson & Johnson’s ... Read More

J&J revamps baby line to win back sales

Johnson & Johnson is revamping its Johnson’s baby product line, starting with removing the chemical dye from its golden-colored baby shampoo. The company is also making updates to the packaging of its baby products and rolling out a new digital marketing campaign in an effort to regain the dominancy it held for decades in the baby-care market. J&J jumped into the baby-care market as an afterthought. The company was founded in 1886 as a supplier of medical products like bandages and plasters. But removing them was painful, so the company’s chief scientist offered talcum powder to soothe the skin. Parents ... Read More

Widower blames J&J’s baby powder for his wife’s ovarian cancer

The label on Johnson’s Baby Powder states it is “clinically proven gentle and mild.” Even its name suggests it’s safe enough for babies. But Ronald Osband says the talcum powder product killed his wife. And he wants justice. Osband is yet another person to sue Johnson & Johnson and its talc supplier Imerys Talc America, alleging the companies knew the talc contained cancer-causing asbestos but allowed it to be used in products and sold to consumers under the guise that was safe for a variety of uses, including personal hygiene. Osband’s wife Maria trusted the product and used it for ... Read More

Woman fights to reinstate $417 million jury award in talc case

Elisha Echeverria, overseeing the estate of her deceased mother Eva Echeverria, who won a $417 million jury verdict against Johnson & Johnson in August over claims that its talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer, appealed to a California judge to rethink his decision to toss the award arguing that there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s findings. Eva Echeverria and six other women filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson in Los Angeles Superior Court in July 2016, arguing that regular genital use of J&J talcum powders, like Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, for feminine hygiene were ... Read More

Walmart coincidentally deeply discounts J&J products after landmark talc verdict

In the wake of a $469 billion verdict in which a jury found Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products contained cancer-causing asbestos and contributed to the development of ovarian cancer of 22 women, it appeared Walmart was trying to ditch its stash of the consumer health care giant’s products. One shopper claimed that Johnson & Johnson products in her Walmart were marked down to $1. “Make sure you scan them because even though it says a different price on the tags, they are ringing up at $1!” she posted on Facebook. Another shopper spotted the same sales on “Johnson & ... Read More

Imerys settles talc claims made by 22 women

Johnson & Johnson’s talc supplier Imerys Talc America has agreed to settle claims brought by 22 women who alleged the company’s talc was contaminated with asbestos and caused them to develop ovarian cancer. The terms of the settlement were not revealed, but people close to the matter said the company agreed to pay at least $5 million. Imerys also didn’t acknowledge that its talc was tainted or contributed to the women’s cancer. The settlement comes just as the latest trial begins accusing Johnson & Johnson and Imerys of knowingly selling talc laced with the carcinogenic mineral asbestos. Talc is mined ... Read More