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Wife files lawsuit against drug maker

Amy Clanton says her husband Ralph would not have taken Phenytoin to control his seizures if he knew the drug could have serious side effects, according to the West Virginia’s The Record. Without forewarning of the potential dangers, Ralph took the prescription medication and a month later noticed odd skin disruptions on his body. As his condition worsened, his eyelid peeled off while Amy applied eye drops to his eyes. Ralph was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton and was diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis, or TEN. TEN is a severe form of the hypersensitivity disorder known as Stevens ... Read More

SJS victim’s family helps raise funds for children’s hospice

Joe Way may have passed away in May, but he leaves behind a legacy that will touch lives in his community of Cornwall, England, forever. Joe was just 4 years old when he died. He contracted meningitis at one week old and eventually was diagnosed with Angelmans Syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder that can cause developmental delays, seizures and jerky movements. Those with Angelmans Syndrome appear to have a happy, joyful demeanor. Shortly after the diagnosis, Joe was put on Topiramate, an anticonvulsant to control his seizures. But the medication caused a severe adverse reaction called Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). “We were ... Read More

Canada strengthens Chantix warnings

The Canadian Press reports that Health Canada, the government department responsible for Canada’s public health policies, is currently working with Pfizer to strengthen the warnings for the smoking cessation drug Chantix. Chantix is sold in Canada and elsewhere overseas under the name Champix. The decision to turn the volume up on Chantix warnings follows several months of reports linking the drug to a slew of negative side effects. Feeling unusually agitated, depressed, or hostile are some of the effects commonly reported. Sudden changes in behavior, impulsive or disturbing thoughts, and the desire to hurt oneself or others are some of ... Read More

Family raises funds for children’s hospice after son dies from SJS

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Today I read the story of Joe Way of England. He was born just two and a half months before my son, on September 5, 2003. Though an ocean apart, he was not unlike my son. He was born healthy to a loving family. But at a week old, he contracted meningitis and eventually was diagnosed with Angelmans syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder that can cause developmental delays, seizures and jerky movements. It is so named because those who suffer from the condition appear to have a happy, joyful demeanor. In order to control ... Read More

Drug makers rush to produce new blood thinners

New blood-thinning medicines are in the works and to offer doctors more options in treatment and prevention of blood clots, according to Bloomberg. Bloomberg reports that at least six companies are working on blood thinners to take advantage of a growing need. According to Datamonitor, a London-based research company, the anticoagulation drug market is expected to reach $20 million by 2012. Blood thinners are routinely given to patients before certain types of surgery and treatments such as kidney dialysis to prevent blood clots from forming. Clots that do not naturally dissolve can travel through the blood stream and end up ... Read More

Kentucky man files digitek suit after losing wife

John Anthony Conte of Madison County, Kentucky, filed a Digitek lawsuit against a West Virginia pharmaceutical company, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, for his wife’s estate. His wife is believed to have died after taking Digitek. This suit was filed on October 9, 2008.Conte’s late wife, Scottye Conte, had a heart condition and was prescribed Digitek to correct this problem. According to the suit, Scottye Conte died on October 12, 2007 as a result of ingesting this medication. According to the West Virginia Record, the suit claims, “Digitek contains twice the approved level of active ingredient and a narrow therapeutic index, which means ... Read More

Revised Japanese law limits online purchases of drugs

In June 2009, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Revised Japanese Pharmaceutical Law will come into effect, banning the online purchase of many over-the-counter drugs in Japan. The measure hopes to cut down on the more than 300 cases of negative side effects caused by over-the-counter drugs each year in Japan, according to The Mainichi Daily News. Kazuyuki Ogura of Kawasaki was a victim of a serious side effect from common over-the-counter medicines. Weeks after the 37-year-old man took cold medicine for a day, he came down with a high fever, rash and bloodshot eyes. He was diagnosed ... Read More

Most emergency visits from drug reactions caused by antibiotics

Adverse reactions to antibiotics send more than 140,000 Americans to the emergency room every year, according to a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and reported this month by Natural News. Researchers centered their focus on antibiotics that were either ingested or injected rather than those that are applied to the skin. Data was pulled from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-Cooperative Adverse Drug Event Surveillance project. The data showed that 19 percent of all emergency visits for adverse reactions to drugs were due to antibiotics. Seventy-eight ... Read More

Vytorin illustrates the problems of direct-to-consumer advertising

Remember those Vytorin commercials with the split screen, comparing people to food? Aunt Barbara on the left and some tacos on the right? Mildly entertaining though they were, those ads underscore a big problem with the promotion of new pharmaceuticals. Evidence suggests that Vytorin’s manufacturers, Merck and Schering-Plough, promoted and sold the anti-cholesterol drug for nearly 2 years despite known clinical trial results that strongly suggested Vytorin to be no more effective than cheap, generic statin drugs. Now Congress is investigating the promotion of Vytorin as lawsuits against its makers pile up in state and federal courts. But Vytorin isn’t ... Read More

Will those long Chantix commercials disappear again?

In September, we learned that those long Chantix ads featuring the tortoise and the hare were reappearing on TV after Pfizer yanked them from the airwaves for several months. The drug maker pulled the ads when it became evident that a link existed between Chantix, depression, and suicide. Unfortunately, the new ads were even longer than the original by 30 seconds — for a total of 90 seconds — to accommodate all the new warnings. If Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Cal.) has his way, such ads will be a thing of the past, unless the advertised drug has proven to be ... Read More