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Recalled insulin syringes may be mislabeled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert for healthcare professionals and patients that a lot of ReliOn insulin syringes sold at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club’s may be dangerously mislabeled. The manufacturer of the syringes, Tyco Healthcare Group LP, has voluntarily recalled the needles. Diabetes patients who use the recalled syringes may inadvertently receive an overdose of up to 2.5 times the intended dose. Possible complications could include hypoglycemia and other serious side effects and death. The warning is especially urgent for parents or others caring for children with diabetes. The product consists of sterile, single-use, disposable, hypodermic ... Read More

Study compares brands of heparin given to ICU patients

An intensive care doctor at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario, is questioning hospitals’ choice of using a newer heparin drug over another, raising concern that the choice is made not based on the quality of the drug but rather better marketing, according to The Hamilton Spectator. Dr. Deborah Cook, academic chair of critical care medicine at St. Joseph’s, is leading a study to determine whether the newer and more expensive version of the blood thinner is more effective for patients in intensive care than the older one. Fifty-six ICUs in Canada, Australia, Brazil, U.S. and Saudi Arabia will participate ... Read More

Hot flashes, sweats from anti-cancer drugs may be good sign

Women who take breast cancer drugs Arimidex or generic tamoxifen and suffer with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats or painful joints may be less likely to have a reoccurrence of their cancer tumors, according to Reuters. Researchers found that women who took the breast cancer drugs were 30 percent less likely to have their cancer return over the next nine years. The drugs essentially starve potential cancers of estrogen, which can cause menopause-like symptoms in the women who take them. While the side effects may be discouraging, they may also be showing how well the treatment is ... Read More

FDA approves Premarin cream to treat dyspareunia

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals recently announced FDA approval of its Premarin Vaginal Cream to treat moderate to severe dyspareunia, or painful sexual intercourse, according to RTT News. Premarin is a low-dose mixture of estrogen hormones. Dyspareunia is a disorder that follows the atrophy or thinning of the vagina and vulva, a condition that can occur in menopause. The .5-gram cream has two dosing regiments – 21 days on followed by 7 days off, or twice weekly. FDA approval of the cream and its dosing regime was granted based on results from a multi-center clinical study that included a 12-week, randomized, double blind ... Read More

Are Chantix reactions a laughing matter?

The number of bloggers out there writing about their personal experiences with Chantix and documenting, for the world to see, the musings of a mind tortured by nicotine withdrawal, seems to be proliferating even as prescriptions for the smoking cessation drug decline. Now it appears that a new genre in world of Chantix information has emerged: the Comical Side Effect. Zug.com, a reader-powered comedy website, announced a contest it is holding for the most hilarious Chantix story. The person who submits the funniest account of his or her Chantix side effects will win $500.00 — enough money for another 5 months of ... Read More

Scientists develop heparin antagonist medication

Scientists in Poland are developing a new way to remove heparin from blood in order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of unwanted side effects, according to Science Centric. Heparin is routinely used before certain types of surgery or other procedures are preformed to prevent clotting. Afterward, doctors will often remove the blood thinner to avoid unwanted bleeding by using the medication protamine. Protamine is a weak anticoagulant drug that is administered intravenously and acts as a heparin antagonist. But protamine carries a risk of serious side effects such as difficulty breathing; swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue; ... Read More

Chantix plays role in record number of drug reactions

According to The Institute for Safe Medicine Practices (ISMP), the number of drug-related adverse events and deaths reported to the Food and Drug Administration has hit a record level. Numbers pulled from the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) reveal that Heparin and Chantix are largely to blame for the upward swing. The dramatic increase of pharmaceutical drug related injuries occurred in the first three months of 2008, during which time 20,745 serious side effects and more than 4,800 deaths were reported. The incidents represent a 38 percent rise over the previous four quarters and constitute the single highest spike ... Read More

Researchers recommend new Chantix warnings

Researchers at the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices, a nonprofit organization, and Wake Forest University say that their latest review of Chantix data justifies stepping up warnings about the drug. More than 1,000 complications were reported in the first quarter of 2008, including 15 traffic accidents, 52 incidents of loss of consciousness and blackouts, and 50 deaths. Reports of adverse effects among users taking Chantix were greater than any other prescription drug for the second quarter in a row. While the drug already urges caution while driving and operating machinery, the new reports suggest a stronger warning may be justified. ... Read More

FDA warns Bayer about two OTC aspirin products

The Food and Drug Administration sent Bayer Health Care official warnings, stating that the company is marketing and selling two over-the-counter medications that are “illegal,” according to FDA spokeswoman Rita Chappelle. The two aspirin products, Bayer Women’s Low Dose Aspirin + Calcium and Bayer Aspirin with Heart Advantage, are misbranded, mislabelled, and confusing to consumers, according to the FDA. According to Bayer, its Women’s Low Dose Aspirin fights heart disease and osteoporosis with a combination of 81 mg of aspirin and the equivalent of an 8-oz glass of milk in calcium for possible “lifesaving benefits.” Bayer Heart Advantage combines the same ... Read More

HRT linked to recurrence of breast cancer

Once thought of as a cure-all for a host of menopausal symptoms with benefits ranging from increased bone strength and protection against heart disease, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) continues to come under fire for causing more harm than good. Now researchers believe that women who survived breast cancer and then took HRT to relieve menopause symptoms may be at a significantly higher risk for breast cancer recurrence, according to Natural News. According to the report, Kings College London researchers tracked 442 female breast cancer survivors for more than four years, half of which had been given HRT. The women who ... Read More