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NTSB Probing Deadly Tesla Underride Crash in Florida

The driver of a 2018 Tesla Model 3 was killed in Delray Beach, Florida, March 1 when the electrical vehicle hit the side of a tractor-trailer turning left. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that Jeremy Beren Banner, 50, was driving his Tesla southbound on State Road 7 when it struck the side of a tractor-trailer turning left onto the divided highway. The underride crash sheered the roof off the Tesla. Mr. Banner died at the scene. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sent a team of three investigators to look into the crash. The federal agency has taken an ... Read More

Side Underride Bill Languishes in U.S. Congress

In December 2017, a bipartisan bill that would require side guards on tractor-trailers to prevent deadly underride crashes was introduced to the Senate. One year later, Congress has yet to take any action on the bill. The Stop Underrides Act calls for new regulations that would require tractor-trailer and other heavy vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds to install side underride guards. The bill would also require the U.S. Department of Transportation to review the underride standards every five years for improvement or modification and to strengthen rear-underride guards that are already required on tractor-trailers and other large trucks. The ... Read More

Rear Underride Crash Kills Virginia Man

A 30-year-old Virginia man was killed in a rear underride crash with a tractor-trailer while on his way home to join his family for Thanksgiving. Now his family is calling on lawmakers for action to toughen the standards for rear underride guards that are supposed to mitigate these horrific crashes. Virginia State Troopers told Elba Padilla that her son Christopher Padilla probably fell asleep at the wheel when his Honda Civic plowed into the back of a tractor-trailer on 1-495 in Fairfax County, just minutes from home. Mr. Padilla was returning home from a holiday get-together with friends when the ... Read More

Tractor-Trailer Side Underride Crash Kills Nevada Girl

A side underride crash involving a tractor-trailer and a van full of children left a 3-year-old girl dead and three others injured in Nevada Saturday, Nov. 18. The driver of the tractor-trailer is facing criminal charges after making an illegal turn on I-15 in the Moapa Indian Reservation north of Las Vegas. According to the St. George News, the Nevada State Police said that both the tractor-trailer and a Kia van were traveling northbound. The tractor-trailer was driving in the right lane and the van was traveling in the left lane, behind the truck. The driver of the tractor-trailer then ... Read More

Side Underride Crash Test A Bittersweet Event For Some Families

For family members watching a side underride crash test at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the potentially lifesaving results were bittersweet. Bitter because the side underride guards could have saved the lives of their loved ones. Sweet because the technology can prevent scores of others from dying in violent collisions in the future. Luis Durso, whose daughter Roya was killed in a 2004 side underride crash, told WCPO Channel 9 Cincinnati that side underride guards on tractor-trailers and other large trucks can spare other parents from experiencing the grief she has lived with ever since the fatal accident. “I ... Read More

Fed-Ex Tractor-Trailer Runs Out of Control, Motorist killed

A tractor-trailer driver lost control of his vehicle on Interstate 95 near the Florida-Georgia border May 15, striking an SUV and killing a Florida man. The Georgia State Patrol said a 2016 Freightliner Federal Express tractor pulling tandem trailers was traveling southbound on I-95 when it crossed the divider barrier and entered the northbound lanes. A 2015 Chevrolet Equinox traveling in the northbound lanes collided with one of the trailers on its right side as it crossed the four lanes of traffic. The Chevy Equinox came to rest under an overpass and the tractor-trailer came to a stop with its ... Read More

Trailer Manufacturer Wins Award for Rear Underride Safety Guards

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has awarded Chicago-based trailer designer and manufacturer Great Dane with its Toughguard award, which recognizes rear underride guards that serve to prevent deadly underride crashes in which a car or other passenger vehicle rear-ends a trailer and runs under it, often shearing the roof off the vehicle and killing its occupants. The dangers of underride crashes became national news when actress Jayne Mansfield collided with the back of a tractor-trailer on a Slidell, Louisiana, highway in 1967. The horrific nature of the crash, which decapitated Ms. Mansfield, triggered the very first calls for ... Read More