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Researchers to test bladder sling for men

Researchers are trying to determine whether inserting a surgical mesh sling in men undergoing radical prostate surgery for prostate cancer will help with incontinence issues. The biodegradable “sling” would be inserted during robot-assisted prostate cancer surgery and support the neck of the bladder and uretha after removal of the prostate gland. The study, conducted by researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, will assess urinary problems in patients following a complete removal of the prostate due to cancer. Half of the men in the study will receive one of the slings, while the others will receive current standard care without ... Read More

New rule requires registration system for many child products

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission unanimously approved a new rule that will require manufacturers of “durable” infant and toddler products to establish a product registration program. The Commission approved the new measure on December 16, 2009. The new measure will require manufacturers of certain infant and toddler products to provide a postage-paid consumer registration form with each product. The companies must also maintain records of all consumer product registrations they receive. Another provision of the new rule will require manufacturers to permanently label or inscribe the manufacturer’s contact information, model name and number, and manufacture date on each product. The ... Read More