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Study finds nursing home social workers inadequately trained

Social workers play an important role in nursing homes, serving as an advocate for patients. However few are properly trained for the jobs they hold, according to the Iowa City Press Citizen, which referenced a national study on nursing home social workers. The study, conducted by the University of Iowa, surveyed more than1,000 nursing home social workers. The results were shocking. Only half of the nursing home social workers questioned had a degree in social work, and 20 percent reported not having a four-year degree at all. The study also found that only 38 percent are licensed in social work. Nursing ... Read More

Do your research when considering options in long term care

No one sets out to live in a nursing home. But when a family member declines to a point that living on his own is simply impossible, alternatives must be weighed. For family members of these aging individuals making long term care decisions can be overwhelming. Five years ago my sister and I found ourselves in a similar situation. Our mother, who was an only child, had passed away years earlier. Her parents – our grandparents – lived more than 2,000 miles away. Their health was rapidly declining. My grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease just ... Read More