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Johnson and Johnson can’t escape the talc truth!

Johnson and Johnson is attempting for the second time to have a talc trial moved away from St. Louis and into a different court in the hopes that the next jury might not find in favor of the plaintiffs, Law360 reports. Johnson and Johnson claims that the number of talcum powder litigation ads broadcast in the St. Louis area will deprive them of a fair trial. The company filed in July to have the next talc trial take place 100 miles away from St. Louis. After the first jury trial in St. Louis, in February, in which the jury dealt ... Read More

B. Braun recalls defective hemodialysis machines

B. Braun Medical Inc is recalling Dialog+ Hemodialysis Systems because they may have defective conductivity sensors that could cause improper blood filtration. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall reserved for products in which use may cause serious injuries or death. The recall involves 1,033 units with the model numbers 710200L, 710200K, 710200S, 710200U, 710500L, and 710500K. The devices were manufactured April 1, 2013 to July 3, 2013 and distributed June 25, 2013 to October 7, 2015. Affected hemodialysis systems were distributed to hospitals, health facilities, and ... Read More

Truck Driver Charged For Colliding With Ohio Trooper’s Cruiser

A commercial truck driver has been charged with multiple traffic violations after the tractor trailer he was driving plowed into an Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser that had stopped to assist the driver of an impaired vehicle, injuring a state trooper and another motorist. Investigators said that Trooper Rodney Hart, 45, had stopped in the right lane of I-70 eastbound in Licking County, Ohio, on the morning of April 12 to help Shanice Parker, 23, whose vehicle had been disabled from an earlier crash. Sgt. Hart positioned his cruiser to shield Parker’s vehicle, put flares on the road, and had ... Read More

How will St. Louis verdict affect pending New Jersey talc trials?

Last week a St. Louis jury found Johnson and Johnson responsible for a woman’s ovarian cancer in the second talc case to be tried before a jury. After only four hours of deliberations they chose to add $62 million of punitive damages to the $10 million in compensatory damages the plaintiff’s attorneys had sought. This decision was easy to make, according to jury foreman Krista Smith, after seeing the company’s internal documents that indicated J&J had been made aware decades ago by its own medical consultants of the research linking talcum powder use for feminine hygiene with increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. In ... Read More

Jury finds Johnson & Johnson liable for ovarian cancer death linked to talcum powder; $72 million verdict

On Monday a St. Louis jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million to the family of deceased plaintiff Jacqueline Fox, who alleged the company’s talc-containing products contributed to the development of her ovarian cancer. Fox died at age 62 just before the trial began. She had been using Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower body powder for feminine hygiene for more than 35 years. Shower to Shower in particular was marketed by Johnson and Johnson for feminine hygiene with the memorable slogan “Just a sprinkle a day helps keep odor away.” When the company introduced the slogan in the ... Read More

50 New Illnesses, 2 Deaths Linked Salmonella-Contaminated Cucumbers

A massive outbreak of Salmonella illnesses linked to cucumbers from Mexico that started last July continues to infect people across the U.S., with 50 more cases reported in 16 states, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. The CDC update was the latest in a series of updates and recall expansions that ran from Sept. 4, 2015 to Nov. 19. To date, 888 illnesses and six deaths have been connected to the same Salmonella outbreak. Illnesses have been reported in 39 states since the outbreak began. Whole genome sequencing of Salmonella isolates collected from sickened people and from ... Read More

South Dakota Confronts Elder Abuse With Tougher Law

Elder abuse is a serious problem that occurs across the U.S., but a few states have passed legislation that toughens penalties for anyone caught abusing an elderly person and makes it easier for victims to take legal action and recover damages from abusers. South Dakota is one state that has chosen to tackle its own problems with elder abuse in all its forms – whether physical, emotional/psychological, or financial. Lawmakers there formed a task force last year to study the problem. Now they are considering a bill in the state legislature that would make it a crime to emotionally or ... Read More

Talc danger is latest health risk to tarnish Johnson & Johnson image

Reports that products from consumer health care giant Johnson & Johnson contained cancer-causing chemicals surfaced in a CBS News report in 2011. That report said that international coalition The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics had been urging the world’s largest health care company for two and a half years to remove the trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals — dioxane and a substance called quaternium-15 that releases formaldehyde — from Johnson’s Baby Shampoo without success. At that time, The Coalition was releasing a report, “Baby’s Tub is Still Toxic” and urging consumers to boycott. Johnson & Johnson vaguely stated in response that ... Read More

Court consolidates NJ lawsuits claiming baby powder caused ovarian cancer

More than 100 lawsuits claiming Johnson’s Baby Powder caused ovarian cancer have been consolidated by the New Jersey Supreme Court and centralized in Atlantic County Superior Court. Johnson & Johnson stated in a May application with the court system for the multi-county litigation status that because 87 of the 103 lawsuits in the state at the time were pending in Atlantic County under Judge Nelson C. Johnson, it only made sense to move and consolidate the remaining 16 lawsuits – which were assigned to eight different judges in Bergen County – under Judge Johnson as well. Each of the plaintiffs ... Read More

Speed limits too fast for truck tire endurance

On many U.S. interstate highways west of the Mississippi River, speed limits often exceed the limits that tires on commercial tractor-trailers are designed to handle, creating a higher risk of tire blowouts and crashes. Compounding the problem is a lack of knowledge from state regulators and legislators who don’t know anything about truck tire endurance speed ratings, and truck drivers themselves who have no idea how much speed their truck’s tires can safely handle. Truck tires are almost always built to handle a maximum speed of 75 mph. But since the mid-2000s states have been allowed to boost their speed ... Read More