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BP's official oil-spill response plan contains absurd information

Federal regulations require oil companies to prepare and submit detailed spill-response plans before they can begin drilling offshore in American waters — and rightfully so. That body of water we call the Gulf of Mexico is a rich and diverse natural resource that directly sustains a way of life for millions of residents, whether they’re employed by the multi-billion-dollar seafood and tourism industries or any business in between. Simply put, a threat to the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystems is a threat to our economy and national security. Considering that, behold the colossal failure of the Minerals Management Service (MMS) to take ... Read More

Oil laps land, brings despair, suicidal thoughts to small communities

Much press has been given to the dire threat BP’s oil slick poses to the coastal ecosystems, marine environment, and the economies that depend on the health of both. But now another tragic extension of the oil disaster is becoming apparent – a feeling of hopelessness and abandonment that threatens ways of life and cultural traditions that give the Gulf Coast its own unique, irreplaceable personality. According to New Orleans’ WGNO News, BP’s still-uncontrolled gush of oil has begun to invade the fragile wetlands that sustain Louisiana’s $3 billion seafood industry, and the situation has become so dismal that some ... Read More

Level of oil dispersant chemicals used in Gulf raises concerns

The Environmental Protection Agency gave BP on Wednesday 24 hours to find an oil dispersant less toxic than the ones it has been spraying in massive quantities above the Gulf of Mexico and under the surface. The EPA requested that BP provide it with a list of available dispersants and begin using the new dispersants within 72 hours. The request indicates that federal regulators are concerned that the chemical dispersants being used in unprecedented quantities could pose a threat of their own to the Gulf’s marine life and coastal ecosystems. BP has been using two Nalco-brand dispersants, Corexit 9500A and ... Read More

Failure to perform critical safety test, serious design = oil rig disaster

A leading oilfield services provider says that BP hired it to test the cement linings on the Deepwater Horizon’s drill column, but quit the testing and sent the crew home before its work was completed. Eleven hours later, natural gas blasted up the well and set off a series of giant explosions that sank what was supposed to be one of the most technologically advanced offshore rigs in the Gulf. Schlumberger Ltd., the testing firm, says that its crew and equipment were on standby to perform tests from April 18 to April 20. Some tests were successfully completed, yet BP ... Read More

Feds assess BP's record, company could lose its U.S. contracts

Environmental Protection Agency officials are reviewing BP’s troubled record of drilling for oil on U.S. soil and federal waters to determine whether the company should be barred from receiving government contracts. Such a move, if it comes to pass, could cost the company billions of dollars in revenue. Throughout the last decade, BP has paid several million dollars in fines to U.S. regulatory agencies and has been implicated in four instances of criminal misconduct. However, the oil industry’s “cozy relationship,” with the Minerals Management Service, as President Obama put it, may have shielded BP from actions harsher than token fines. ... Read More

Senators seek criminal investigation of BP, insiders come forward

BP and Transocean have begun the legal maneuvering that they hope will minimize their exposure to mounting lawsuits and limit their liability for the uncapped oil leak that continues to release thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day. But there are some promising signs that those who created the spill are finding few rocks to hind under. Yesterday, eight Senate Democrats asked the Obama administration to launch a criminal investigation into BP for allegedly making false and misleading statements to federal regulators about its ability to stop potentially devastating oil spills in the Gulf of ... Read More

Congressional subcommittee chair hears complaints of coal ash victims

Glen and Lisa Sexton listed their house in Kingston, Tennessee for sale last September and had plenty of out-of-state offers. But since an a coal ash impoundment pond at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plant 16 miles away failed last December and flooded the neighboring community with more than a billion gallons of coal ash, no one seems interested in their home. “Our situation is we can’t sell it. It’s worthless,” Glen says. To make matters worse, the “tsunami” of fly ash that poured down the river after heavy rains last month exacerbated Lisa’s auto-immune disorder. In short, the environmental ... Read More

ORAU to address health concerns of those affected by coal ash spill

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), a consortium of academic institutions, will begin addressing the health concerns of residents affected by last December’s coal ash spill at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Fossil Plant in Kingston, Tennessee, by late summer, according to a report by Knox News. The consortium was tapped to head up the response and handle the work. TVA will be monitoring the implementation of the guidelines and has agreed to pay medical expenses for anyone whose health problems are determined to be caused by the coal ash. More than a billion gallons of coal ash spilled from an ... Read More

TVA’s new chairman says coal ash disaster must not happen again

The new chairman for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) says the disastrous coal ash spill that dumped more than a billion gallons of toxic material on to an east Tennessee community and into the Emory River must never happen again, according to WHNT-TV. Kentucky baker and former Republican Party chairman Mike Duncan, who has signed on to oversee the nation’s largest utility, made the comment at the board’s meeting earlier this week. He said the agency is already facing an uphill battle with lower electric sales from the downturn in the economy and mounting costs to clean up the mess ... Read More

Proposal to store coal ash could bring jobs to Cumberland County

Not everyone is trying to keep the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) from dumping coal ash on its property. One company wants the TVA to pay them to haul and hold coal ash in its Cumberland County strip mine. TVA has been involved in a massive cleanup effort ever since its Kingston, Tennessee coal ash impoundment pond burst last December and dumped more than a billion gallons of toxic coal ash on to 300 acres of a neighboring community and into the Emory River. No end seems to be in the near future for the country’s largest public utility, which says ... Read More