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Ohio State Fair Ride Kills One, Injures Several More

A ride at an Ohio State Fair malfunctioned, killing one person and seriously injuring several others. When the Fire Ball ride at an Ohio State Fair malfunctioned, an entire car became detached from the swinging pendulum machine. NBC News reported that two people were ejected from the ride, one of whom was pronounced dead on the scene. Four people were seriously injured, and three were critically injured. A full investigation has been ordered by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is determined to find out exactly what went wrong. “We will get to the bottom of this,” Kasich said at a press conference following the horrific ... Read More

Traumatic brain injury victim on road to recovery after state fair stage collapse

A woman whose skull was crushed in the Indiana State Fair stage collapse last August is showing remarkable signs of recovery after the traumatic brain injury she received left her in a coma and on life support. According to the Associated Press, 30-year-old Andrea Vellinga of Pendleton, Indiana, may attribute her recovery to a traumatic brain injury experiment called SyNAPSe, in which her family enrolled her hours after the falling stage crushed her skull. The SyNAPSe trial uses progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, to help reduce brain swelling and improve memory in patients suffering from a traumatic brain injury. However, according ... Read More

Indiana fair stage collapse was easily preventable, wrongful death lawsuit claims

The deadly stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair last week has been described as a “fluke” and a “freakish” incident, but emerging evidence demonstrates that fair officials and event organizers failed to take simple safety measures that could have prevented the incident. According to a new wrongful-death lawsuit filed in Indiana state court Friday against the fair and concert organizers, the liable parties “did not reasonably exercise due care in the design, set-up, configuration, layout and construction of the concert stage area.” The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of Tammy Van Dam, 42, who was killed when the concert ... Read More

Outdoor concert safety concerns rise after Indiana stage collapse

Outdoor concerts have exploded in size and popularity over the last 20 years, creating a swiftly burgeoning multi-billion-dollar industry with almost no safety standards and regulations, according to an article in the Associated Press. What once were relatively small stage-and-canvas-roof shows with a few multicolored lights have evolved into monumental productions incorporating tons of lighting, video, sound, and special effects equipment that are hauled around in semi-trucks and set up in break-neck speed. Millions of dollars are usually at stake in these shows, leaving organizers averse to canceling performances because of bad weather until the very last second. According to ... Read More