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Cholesterol-lowering dietary supplement may cause liver, muscle injury

Red yeast rice (RYR), also referred to as red yeast rice extract (RYRE) , is a dietary supplement ingredient touted to help lower cholesterol, and is often recommended as an alternative treatment for people who cannot tolerate statin side effects. But a new study found that RYR may not be a good option for statin-intolerant people because it has been linked to muscle injury and liver injury – both adverse events that can occur with statins therapy. Statins are a prescribed medication, and patients are generally monitored by a medical professional while taking the drugs. If blood tests reveal elevated liver enzymes ... Read More

Medication benefits, risks should be weighed with clear mind

When you’re under stress, you are less likely to make smart decisions. That’s because the brain releases cortisol, a hormone produced within the adrenal gland that is designed to help us survive in dangerous situations such as being attacked by a lion. But cortisol also inhibits rational, logical thinking, which can be detrimental in stressful situations when careful thought is necessary. But there is a way to avoid making critical mistakes in stressful situations, says McGill University neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. He presented this idea at TEDGlobal in London in September 2015. “We are all going to fail now and then,” ... Read More

New study links long-term statin use to kidney disease

People who take cholesterol-lowering statins for several years are at an increased risk of kidney disease, a large, eight-year retrospective study has found. The study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, compared long-term statin users with people who did not use statins. Researchers found a 30 to 36 percent greater prevalence of kidney disease during follow-up in long-term statin users compared to patients who did not use statins. The study involved health care data from 2003 to 2012 of more than 43,000 people aged 30 to 85 who lived in San Antonio enrolled in the Tricare Prime or Tricare ... Read More

Study: Many people discontinue statin therapy due to side effects

Millions of people are prescribed cholesterol-lowering statins to help protect against heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death. But a new study shows that an increasing number of people stop statin therapy within six months, likely due to side effects. The study, published in the European Heart Journal, involved data on about 675,000 people aged 40 and older who started statin therapy between 1995 and 2010. Those who did not fill a second statin prescription within six months were considered to have stopped the medicine prematurely. Researchers found that statin use increased from less than 1 percent of the population in 1995 ... Read More

Men who use statins at 46 percent greater risk of type 2 diabetes

People who take cholesterol-lowering statins are at a much greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes than previously thought, according to a study published in the journal Diabetologia. Statins, such as the widely prescribed Lipitor, are used to lower cholesterol levels in order to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death. The drugs have been shown to increase blood sugar levels, a precursor to the development of type 2 diabetes. Previous studies have found as much as a 36 percent increased risk of diabetes in people who take statins. The latest study, however, found that men who used statins had ... Read More

Statins may be ineffective in type 2 diabetics

Type 2 diabetics at high risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) often become intolerant to cholesterol-lowering statins, new research has found. Statins are among the most prescribed drugs in the world. They are designed to lower cholesterol levels in order to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular-related death. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that is often associated with being overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, many diabetics also have high cholesterol. Researchers from Amgen Inc. set out to evaluate how cholesterol therapies, such as the widely prescribed Lipitor, affected adults with type 2 diabetes. They used ... Read More

Committee recommends Merck continue study on experimental cholesterol drug

An independent data monitoring committee is recommending that Merck & Co. continue a study of an experimental cholesterol drug despite dismal results from other drugs from the same class. Anacetrapid belongs to a class of drugs called CETP inhibitors, which are designed to increase HDL, or “good,” cholesterol, and decrease LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol in order to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death from cardiovascular events. CETP inhibitors are designed to take a bite out of the blockbuster statin drug market. Statins have been on the market for decades and their wide use supported by many health ... Read More

Man says statin therapy caused him years of suffering

David Purkiss says statin therapy, prescribed to him 25 years ago to prevent heart attacks and strokes, left him disabled due to crippling muscle pain. Purkiss, a carpenter, was prescribed statins at age 44 during a routine varicose vein procedure. His doctor recommended he take statins to lower his cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease. Within weeks, he began to suffer from “terrible muscle pains,” he told the Daily Mail. “My strength started to go. My GP didn’t know what was causing it, but didn’t think it was the statins and was convinced the benefit was huge it was worth ... Read More

Flu vaccine less effective in people taking statins

Cholesterol-lowering statins are one of the most prescribed drugs in the world, taken to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. But two new studies show that the drugs may weaken the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. The studies come just as the flu season is beginning and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging virtually everyone to get vaccinated to protect themselves against influenza. The findings have left many people questioning this new statin side effect. Researcher say that studies suggest that statins, such as the widely prescribed Lipitor, may reduce the body’s immune response to the ... Read More

Low cholesterol increases risk of dying after heart attack

Statin drugs, such as the widely prescribed Lipitor, are used to lower cholesterol levels with the understanding that by doing this, it lowers a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke. But a new study published in the journal Critical Care Medicine, finds that the lower a patient’s cholesterol, the higher the risk of him dying during the 30 days following a heart attack. Cholesterol is measured in LDL, or bad, cholesterol; HDL, or good, cholesterol; and triglycerides. LDL is considered “bad” because it contributes to the buildup of plaque, the thick, hard deposits that can clog arteries. HDL is ... Read More