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New NHTSA chief consumed with Toyota woes

When David Strickland took over the reigns of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in early January, he assumed his focus would be the finalizing of landmark fuel economy and tailpipe emissions regulations with the Environmental Protection Agency. What he didn’t anticipate was spending so much time reviewing the safety record of what was once the country’s most reliable car manufacturer. Once in his new role at NHTSA, however, Strickland hit the ground running working to defend the administration’s role in the investigation into eight separate reports of sudden and unintended acceleration incidents in Toyota vehicle since 2003. The ... Read More

Toyota may face more penalties

Toyota may face more fines from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), according to Industry Week magazine. The country’s largest car manufacturer was ordered to pay a $16.4 million penalty after a lengthy Department of Transportation investigation found the carmaker did not disclose information timely enough about defects in some of its vehicles that caused the cars to race out of control. The sudden and unintended acceleration issue has been blamed for more than 50 U.S. deaths. Toyota first addressed the problem last fall by gradually recalling more than 9 million vehicles worldwide to replace floor mats, replace and ... Read More

Some Toyota drivers may get complete pedal replacement

Toyota has sent a memo to its dealerships telling them to offer a complete pedal replacement to certain customers whose vehicles were recalled for the sticky accelerator defect. To receive the replacement pedal, customers must already have had their gas pedal modified under Toyota’s sticking accelerator pedal recall and they must express dissatisfaction with the repair. Toyota agreed to offer replacement pedals after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration logged more than 60 sudden acceleration complaints from drivers whose cars had been repaired. Toyota recalled approximately 2.3 million cars and trucks in January after announcing that accelerator pedal performance could ... Read More

How reliable are investigations into runaway car claims?

Glenda Whitfield says she tried to stop her 2007 Toyota Camry by mashing her foot on the brake pedal, but the car just kept accelerating. The vehicle didn’t stop until it had driven through a plate glass window of a Lee County, Ga., salon. Whitfield’s story is frightening, but what’s more disturbing is that stories of sudden and unintended acceleration in some Toyota and Lexus vehicles are making headlines since the major car maker announced a recall of more than 8.5 million Toyota vehicles worldwide. The recall is to replace and modify brake pedals and override software to automatically reduce ... Read More

Toyota owners say repairs didn’t fix their unintended acceleration problem

Toyota owners who have taken their vehicles to dealers for brake repairs following a massive recall say their cars are still accelerating suddenly and unintentionally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says at least seven complaints were filed in the past two weeks by consumers who had their Toyotas repaired, but say their cars still ran out of control. Under the recalls, Toyota is replacing floor mats, replacing and modifying brake pedals, and removing floor padding. On some models, the car maker also is adding brake override software to automatically reduce the engine to idle when both the brake ... Read More

Lexus driver recalls terrifying day her car ran out of control

“Shame on you, Toyota, for being so greedy,” said a shaken Rhonda Smith of her horrifying runaway car incident four years ago. Smith was the first victim to testify in the Toyota hearings on Capital Hill on Feb. 23. She told the House panel how her Lexus ES350 suddenly took off as she was driving down the highway. At first she thought the problem was with the cruise control and pushed both feet on the brake, but nothing seemed to slow the car. “I prayed for God to help me,” she said. As her car shot down the road, she ... Read More

Toyota apology falls short with angry dealers

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, has a lot of sucking up to do to the dealers that have made the company tops in automotive sales in the United States. First, dealers had to reassure their customers after Toyota issued two separate recalls over the past few months for issues involving sudden and unintended acceleration. Then last week, the company announced that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of its hybrids, the prized Prius and the luxury Lexus, due to problems with the automobile’s anti-lock braking system. In an effort to pacify angered dealers, Toyota apologized and says it plans to launch ... Read More