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Estarylla birth control pills recalled due to packaging flaw

One lot of Estarylla birth control pills made by Sandoz is being recalled because a customer found an inactive tablet in a row of active tablets in one pack. The pill packs include blue tablets, or active pills, that contain a combination of the hormones norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol that work to stop ovulation and thus prevent pregnancy. The green pills, sometimes called placebos or sugar pills, contain only inactive ingredients. Sandoz is not aware of any adverse events associated with the recall. The company conducted an internal medical assessment and concluded that the likelihood of adverse health effects is ... Read More

Nearly all British doctors prescribe placebos to patients for psychological benefit

Almost all British family doctors admit they have given placebos or unproven treatments to unsuspecting patients, according to a study conducted by Oxford and Southampton universities. The placebos were given to “induce psychological treatment effects” in many cases because patients pressure their doctors for treatment or relief from symptoms. The survey questioned 783 general practice doctors about their prescribing of “impure” placebos, or unproven treatments; low doses of effective medicines; antibiotics for suspected viral infections; or nutritional supplements that have not been proven to help a particular condition. They were also asked about their use of “pure” placebos, such as sugar pills ... Read More