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Savannah controversy: who would pay for hazmat trucking disaster?

The potential for a “catastrophic event” and the costs associated with it are at the center of a debate in Savannah, Georgia after a liquid natural gas (LNG) processor nearby petitioned federal regulators to allow overland shipping of volatile gas. Southern LNG, which operates a massive LNG import terminal 5 miles downstream from Savannah, currently receives liquid methane by ship and pipes it out as a gas. The company is seeking approval to ship the gas in liquid form by truck through populated areas, including practically through the heart of Savannah. According to the Savannah Morning News, if the federal ... Read More

Unsafe motorist sends gas tanker careening off New York highway

New York State Police say that an aggressive driver was the reason a gasoline tanker truck ran off the highway onto an embankment in Colonie, New York, Wednesday morning, illustrating perfectly how some motorists are completely ignorant about sharing the road with other vehicles, especially commercial trucks that are several times larger and heavier than passenger cars. The tanker truck owned by AR Sandri, Inc. of Greenfield, Mass, was traveling eastbound on Alternate Route 7 when the drivers of two vehicles, apparently engaged in an altercation and gesturing to each other, passed the truck in the passing lane. The driver ... Read More

Possible equipment failure sends diesel tanker plummeting off Oregon highway

A truck driver hauling two tanker trailers full of diesel fuel lost control of his truck on I-84 near Hood River, Oregon, Friday afternoon after experiencing an apparent equipment failure on one of the trailers. Oregon State Police said Eric D. Christiansen, 58, of Vancouver, Washington, jumped from the truck just before it and the diesel-laden tankers toppled over and rolled down an embankment. The truck and its trailers initially came to a stop, partially dangling from a guardrail on the right shoulder of the road, giving Mr. Christiansen time to climb out before the vehicles rolled. Fortunately, the trailers ... Read More

Produce truck collides with fuel tanker in Idaho

A commercial truck hauling a load of beets collided with a fuel tanker Monday on U.S. Highway 30 near Twin Falls, Idaho. The crash released approximately 3,500 gallons of diesel and unleaded fuel onto the road and surrounding land, shutting the road to traffic as responders clamored to contain the gasoline. According to Idaho’s Times-News, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho State Police said Corey Slippey, 35, of Rupert, Idaho, was traveling west on Highway 30 in a 2002 Peterbilt tanker carrying the gasoline and diesel fuel. He stopped at a railroad crossing at the intersection of U.S. ... Read More

New safety video examines causes of truck rollovers

“So, what causes a rollover?” That’s the question at the center of a new 17-minute instructional safety video produced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in cooperation with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and other industry partners. “The answer you get most often is driving too fast for road and weather conditions. And that’s true. Sometimes. But that’s not the only reason,” the video says. “We want to go beyond that general answer to look at all the different factors that contribute to rollovers. By the time we’re finished, we’ll know how they happen, why ... Read More