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Whistleblower Helps U.S. Recover $15 Million From Furniture Importer

Los Angeles, California-based furniture seller Z Gallerie will pay the U.S. $15 million to resolve a False Claims Act lawsuit brought by a whistleblower who accused the company of mislabeling shipments of wooden bedroom furniture made in the People’s Republic of China to avoid paying appropriate customs duties that protect domestic furniture makers. Federal prosecutors said that Z Gallerie, which sells upscale furniture and accessories in stores throughout the U.S. and online, misclassified and conspired with others to misclassify wooden bedroom furniture, which is subject to anti-dumping duties. These duties are assessed by the U.S. Department of Commerce to protect ... Read More

Jailed whistleblower received record $140-million award in tax evasion case

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awarded a record $104 million to a whistleblower for his role in helping to expose an enormous tax fraud scheme orchestrated by Swiss banking giant UBS AG. The award, the largest ever paid by the federal government to an individual whistleblower, was given to Bradley Birkenfield, a UBS AG banker who was also thrown in prison to serve a 40-month sentence as part of the same case. The IRS confirmed last week that Mr. Birkenfield will receive the record award for his part in a federal investigation that resulted in UBS being fined $780 million ... Read More