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Pawnee Tribe Sues Oil Companies In Tribal Court For Earthquake Damage

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The Pawnee Nation filed a lawsuit in its tribal court March 3, accusing several oil companies actively drilling in Oklahoma of causing that state’s largest-ever recorded earthquake and damaging historical tribal buildings that are nearly a century old. The lawsuit represents the 3,200-member Pawnee tribe in north-central Oklahoma. According to the complaint, the oil companies named as defendants triggered the earthquake by injecting wastewater into wells and destabilizing subterranean layers of bedrock and faults, causing the earth to shift. The complaint is the first earthquake-related litigation to be heard in a tribal court. If it goes to trial, it will ... Read More

Medicinal lotion maker agrees to stop selling unapproved treatments

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CEO Jeffrey Bedard was informed that his company Crown Laboratories Inc. was selling creams and lotions for various skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and acne that violated federal law, yet the company continued to market and sell the products. But once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed a complaint in Tennessee federal court last week seeking an injunction to stop the company, Bedard and Crown finally vowed to stop. The FDA argued that the products Crown was peddling were misbranded under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and claimed to cure, treat or mitigate disease, deeming them drugs. Yet, ... Read More

Advanced Pharma recalls sterile injectable products labeled ‘latex free’

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Advanced Pharma Inc., doing business as Avella of Houston, issued a recall of all unexpired sterile injectable products labeled “latex free” produced at Advanced Pharma’s Houston location from Sept. 1, 2016, to Feb. 16, 2017, because they may contain synthetic latex and/or natural latex. Avella and Advanced Pharam have been unable to confirm whether the “latex free” label statements on their products were accurate in all cases, and issued the recall as a precaution. The risk of potential adverse events related to a latex allergy range from local site reactions including swelling and inflammation to allergic reactions, which can be ... Read More

Could results of 2017 Risperdal lawsuits prompt global J&J settlement?


Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals face more than 15,000 lawsuits over alleged disfiguring side effects caused by its antipsychotic drug Risperdal. The last case to be tried resulted in a $70 million verdict in favor of a young Tennessee boy. The next scheduled trial, which involved a New York boy who claimed he suffered serious Risperdal side effects, ended with a confidential settlement agreement early this year. Could that be a sign that the pharmaceutical giant is considering settling more cases? J&J says it is taking each case one-by-one to decide whether a settlement is in order. ... Read More

Three New IVC Filter Lawsuits Filed Against Rex Medical and Argon Medical

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Three new lawsuits have been filed over failed inferior vena cava (IVC) filters manufactured by Rex Medical, and marketed and distributed by Argon Medical Devices. The complaints allege one IVC filter resulted in life-threatening injuries, one resulted in extensive medical treatment, and one resulted in death. IVC filters are devices inserted into the vena cava, the largest vein in the body, and are designed to catch blood clots, preventing them from reaching the heart or lungs. Permanent filters have a sturdier design, while temporary or retrievable IVC filters have a weaker design, leading to a high number of failures. The temporary filters ... Read More

FDA approves first newborn screening tool for rare metabolic disorders


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first newborn screening tool for four rare lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs), rare inherited metabolic disorders that if not detected and treated in a timely manner can cause organ damage, neurological disability or death. The test, which will be marketed as the Seeker System, is designed to detect the LSDs Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I (MPS I) Pompe, Gaucher and Fabry. The conditions occur in about 1 in 1,500 to 1 in 185,000 newborns and children, depending on the disorder. Several states currently mandate LSD screening in all newborns, such as Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, ... Read More

Celgene Urges Judge To Reconsider $40 Billion False Claims Act Case Ruling


Drugmaker Celgene has asked a California federal judge to reconsider his decision to allow most of a $40 billion False Claims Act lawsuit to advance, arguing that a recent Ninth Circuit ruling requires the court to apply standards established by the Supreme Court in the recent Escobar case that the whistleblower cannot satisfy, Law360 reports. In December, U.S. District Judge George H. King, Central District of California, ruled that the bulk of whistleblower Beverly Brown’s False Claims allegations can move forward. Ms. Brown’s lawsuit alleges that the drugmaker promoted its bone cancer drugs Thalomid and Revlimid for unapproved purposes and ... Read More

Fourth Missouri talc trial is underway as Johnson and Johnson faces ovarian cancer claims

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The fourth talc trial in Missouri is underway. Johnson and Johnson will again defend the safety of its talcum powder products, when three times last year in the same court it was found to be responsible for women’s ovarian cancer. Juries came down hard on the corporate giant with massive punitive damages for not warning consumers of its products’ cancer risk. Between all three trials the company was hit with $177 million in punitive damages alone. “A lot of what is at stake at this trial is, do plaintiffs have a ‘case in a box’ — do they have a ... Read More

Tennessee Trucker Barred from Commercial Driving After Two Alcohol-Related Offenses

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A commercially licensed truck driver from Tennessee has been barred from operating any commercial vehicle after the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) deemed him to be “an imminent hazard to public safety.” The Jan. 18 order against driver Eric Ronald Scott barring him from commercial driving stems from his arrest on Oct. 26, 2016, for two separate alcohol-related offenses in a four-day period. According to the FMCSA, on the morning of Dec. 31, 2016, the Berlin, Vermont, Police Department responded to a call for assistance at a local hotel parking lot, where they found Mr. Scott asleep in the ... Read More

ETSU Policy: ‘Keep Your Vape to Yourself’ addresses e-cigarette secondhand emissions

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In an article published by the East Tennessean, e-cigarette users are urged to be mindful of the “responsibility they carry.” “While vaping may just be another activity for you, many of us do not want to be exposed or can not afford to be exposed,” the article reads. The American Lung Association has warned of harmful ingredients used in e-cigarette liquids, such as formaldehyde, diacetyl, and chemicals commonly found in anti-freeze. The organization also points out that although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed diacetyl safe to consume in trace amounts, “safe to eat” is not equivalent to ... Read More