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Six Children Suffer Electrical Shocks On Connecticut Amusement Park Ride

amusement park ride, electrical shock, Connecticut - photo by WFSB news

Six children were taken to a hospital with minor injuries after experiencing electrical shocks on a ride at a Connecticut amusement park Tuesday afternoon. The children had been riding the Scrambler at Ocean Beach Park in New London and were exiting the ride when an electrical current apparently ran through the ride’s metal surfaces. The ride’s operator reported that he also was shocked when he went to turn the ride off. The incident occurred around 2 p.m. Eastern time. The children were taken to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in Waterford, Conn., for evaluation and treatment. One of the victims suffered ... Read More

Ferris Wheel At Tennessee Fair Had Damaged Gondola

amusement park ride

A Ferris wheel that malfunctioned at an eastern Tennessee fair last week had worn out rivet fasteners that caused a gondola to tip, sending three girls tumbling more than 30 feet to the ground, inspectors found. Inspectors hired by ride owner Family Attractions Amusement and the Greene County Fair found that rivets on the bottom of the pivoting cart caused a piece of metal trim to come loose and lodge in the wheel frame, tipping the gondola over as it rose to the top. The three girls who fell out of the bucket were taken to the hospital. Six-year-old Briley ... Read More

Three Girls Tumble From Top of Ferris Wheel At Tennessee Fair

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Three girls tumbled 35 to 40 feet from near the top of a Ferris wheel Monday night at the Greene County Fair in Greeneville, Tenn. The three girls, reportedly from two families, were spilled from their cart after it apparently failed to pivot as it ascended. All three were rushed to a Johnson City, Tenn., hospital, two by ambulance and one by helicopter. They are in serious condition but were responsive Monday night. One witness told Johnson City’s WJHL News Channel 11 that “It was like watching water pouring from a glass.” They bounced off the metal bridging of the ... Read More

Pediatric breathing system recalled due to defect that can harm patients


Medical device company Dräger is recalling the VentStar Oxylog 3000 Disposable Pediatric Patient Breathing Circuit after discovering that the check valve on the circuit may leak. This could result in patient re-breathing exhaled gas with reduced oxygen concentration and increased carbon dioxide levels, which can lead to serious health consequences, including excessive carbon dioxide in the bloodstream and increased acidity in the blood, which can be fatal. This issue pertains only to the VentStar Oxylog 3000 Disposable Pediatric Patient Circuit. There is no issue or problem with the Oxylog 3000/3000 plus ventilator. The affected device contains the lot number 5704964, ... Read More

Lawyer: More large verdicts in Risperdal side effects cases expected


Last month’s landmark $70 million verdict awarded to a Tennessee boy who claimed he was disfigured by the antipsychotic Risperdal is only the tip of the iceberg, and Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals should expect to see more large verdicts in the future, attorneys for the plaintiff said. Andrew Yount and his family sued the drug companies, claiming Yount started taking the drug in 2003 at the age of 5 to treat a severe psychiatric condition. A year later, he was diagnosed with gynecomastia, a condition in which boys grow female breasts. Yount alleged he suffered emotional pain from ... Read More

Risperdal makers ask judge to reduce $70 million in gynecomastia risk lawsuit


Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals told a Pennsylvania state judge that the pain and mental anguish a Tennessee man suffered from alleged disfigurement caused by the company’s antipsychotic drug Risperdal did not warrant the $70 million verdict the jury had awarded the man. The consumer health and pharmaceutical giant told the judge that improper and irrelevant evidence was presented to the jury during the trial and that its attorneys were prevented from mounting a strong defense. Andrew Yount and his family filed the lawsuit in April 2013 claiming the boy began taking Risperdal in 2003 at the ... Read More

Young man files Risperdal lawsuit after growing female breasts


Shaquil Byrd’s childhood was difficult enough, with a mental condition that required antipsychotic medication. At age 10, things got increasingly worse when he grew female breasts. He dealt with constant teasing from his classmates. “I was going to war to protect myself from the things people would say to me,” he said. His mother, Eugenia Jordan, says her son’s tender and lactating breasts robbed him of a normal childhood. “He did a lot of crying. He was very uncomfortable around other people,” she said. When she and Shaquil, now 22, learned that his condition, called gynecomastia, was possibly caused by ... Read More

Johnson & Johnson reaps profits from allegedly dangerous drugs


Johnson & Johnson is swimming in profits. The company announced its 2016 second quarter results that shows sales of $18.5 billion, an increase of 3.9 percent over 2015 second quarter. “We continue to see good momentum through the first half of 2016, delivering solid results in the second quarter, supported by strong underlying growth across our enterprise,” said Alex Gorsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We saw notable strength in our Pharmaceuticals business due to the continued success of new products, and also achieved significant clinical milestones, advancing our robust pipeline.” Johnson & Johnson increased its sales guidance for the ... Read More

Antipsychotic dosing can be checked by measuring prolactin levels


Measuring levels of the hormone prolactin in older schizophrenic patients taking certain antipsychotics is an effective way to monitor for toxicity, according to a team of researchers with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the University of Toronto. If prolactin levels are too high, the dose is too high, they concluded. The research involved 42 clinically stable outpatients with schizophrenia with a mean age of 60 who were taking either olanzapine (sold under multiple brand names) or risperidone (known commercially as Risperdal). The participants underwent PET (positron-emissions tomography) scans to measure dopamine D2/3 receptor occupancy before and after ... Read More

Children may have long lasting side effects from Risperdal, other antipsychotic drugs


Medicating children with antipsychotic medication for behavior problems could have a significant lifelong implications on their levels of hyperactivity, depression and anxiety, a new study has found. Treating children with antipsychotics can be a difficult balancing act when it comes to treating symptoms of severe psychosis, such as schizophrenia, but antipsychotic side effects can sometimes outweigh the benefits. Researchers with the University of Wollongong published the initial results of the first comprehensive study investigating the long-term effects of three commonly prescribed antipsychotics – risperidone (Risperdal), olanzapine (Zyprexa) and aripiprasole (Abilify) – on children. Treating children with these powerful drugs is a ... Read More