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Alabama whistleblower still coping with backlash, even after U.S. Supreme Court victory

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A whistleblower who called out corruption involving a state representative and Central Alabama Community College (CACC) won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory, but is still paying a “drastic” price in the aftermath of the ruling. Whistleblower Edward Lane sued Central Alabama Community College and its president, Steve Franks, alleging they retaliated against him by terminating his employment as the head of a school program for at-risk youth after he helped convict a legislator who was on the program’s payroll even though she was performing no work for it. The Supreme Court sided with Mr. Lane, overturning the rulings of two ... Read More

Alabama whistleblower’s retaliation case can go forward, U.S. Supreme Court says

The U.S. Supreme Court last week sided with an Alabama whistleblower who sued Central Alabama Community College’s president for allegedly firing him after he had uncovered discrepancies in the payroll of a college program. The high court’s decision overturns the unanimous decisions of two lower courts. Whistleblower Edward Lane alleges that Central Alabama Community College president Steve Franks retaliated against him, terminating his employment as the head of a school program for at-risk youth, after he conducted an audit in 2006 and found that a state representative who did not work for the program was on its payroll. According to ... Read More

Judge raises Chicago State University whistleblower’s jury award

CHICAGO, Ill.—A Cook County Circuit Court judge raised the total payment a former Chicago State University employee will receive after winning his whistleblower lawsuit against the state school last month to $3 million. Plaintiff James Crowley served as the university’s former senior legal counsel when he was fired in Feb. 2010 in retaliation, he alleged, for refusing to withhold documents about school president Wayne Watson’s former employment that a faculty member had asked him for under the state public records law. Mr. Crowley also alleged he was fired for reporting questionable contracts and other misconduct in the university’s upper ranks. ... Read More

Jury awards New Mexico whistleblower thousands in lost wages and benefits

SANTA FE, N.M. – A jury of 12 has ordered the New Mexico Department of Health to pay a former employee $134,000 in lost pay and benefits she lost after being fired from her job for reporting alleged wrongdoing within the agency. Jennifer Smith had been employed by the state health department for six years before she was fired in July 2012. She filed a whistleblower complaint against the department, alleging her supervisors harassed her and retaliated against her for calling out financial mismanagement within the HIV Services Program. Her allegations included failure to compensate providers, missing budget data, and ... Read More

Whistleblower suing California city for alleged retaliation seeks $5 million

MCFARLAND, Calif.—A long-time McFarland city employee who says city officials retaliated against and humiliated him for blowing the whistle on corruption and other wrongdoing among certain police and city officials has filed a lawsuit against the city seeking $5 million in damages. Former McFarland Public Works Director Reynaldo DeLeon said in a news release that in 2011 he became aware that a number of police officers, including Police Chief Greg Herrington, had been hired into McFarland’s police department after being fired from the Banning, Calif., police department amid allegations of misconduct. Mr. DeLeon, whose responsibilities included police vehicle maintenance, also ... Read More

OSHA orders reinstatement of pilot fired for reporting safety concerns to FAA

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has ordered the reinstatement of a pilot who alleged he was fired over his unwillingness to participate in fraudulent activity on the job and for reporting his concerns to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The pilot’s employer, Northern Illinois Flight Center, was also ordered to compensate the pilot more than $500,000 in back pay, benefits, and damages. According to OSHA, “the whistleblower, a pilot from Illinois, was dismissed after contacting the Federal Aviation Administration to discuss violations of the pilot certification process.” The pilot alleges his employer asked him to falsify an ... Read More