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Various U.S. agencies identify ‘Backoff’ malware as source of recent cyber attacks including Target

An advisory sent out from the Department of Homeland Security identified more than 1,000 American businesses that have been the target of a cyber attack affecting cash registers at the point of sale. Businesses that have admitted they were hacked include Target, Supervalu and The UPS Stores. Due to the rise in cyber attacks at storefronts, millions of American consumers have had their financial information pilfered by hackers without the knowledge of the compromised businesses. These affected businesses, which have grown in number significantly in recent years, feature payment systems that are outdated and vulnerable to hackers. Many national security agencies, including ... Read More

“The UPS Store” in 24 states hit by a data breach

A computer virus may have targeted 51 “The UPS Store” locations in 24 different states, resulting in the exposure of credit and debit card information of consumers all over the nation. According to UPS spokeswoman Chelsea Lee, the compromised information includes names, card numbers as well as postal and email addresses from at least 100,000 transactions taking place between Jan. 20 and Aug. 11 of this year. UPS is unaware of any fraudulent activity having occurred due to the attack, Lee said. A bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security brought the suspected malware to the attention of U.S. retailers, ... Read More