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Studies look at cancer risk, prevention with type 2 diabetes medications

A type of diabetes medications known as insulin sensitizers may reduce the risk of cancer by a third in women who used the drugs, a new study suggests. Insulin sensitizers include the commonly prescribed drug metformin as well as Avandia, known generically as rosiglitazone, and Actos, known generically as pioglitazone. The new study claims these insulin sensitizers were better at preventing cancer in women than diabetes drugs known as insulin secretagogues such as glyburide, glipizide and glimepiride. Type 2 diabetics are already 30 to 50 times more likely to develop cancer than those without the metabolic disorder. Women with diabetes ... Read More

FDA lifts tight restrictions on Avandia despite lingering ‘uncertainty’ over cardiovascular safety

Drug regulators are lifting some of the tight prescribing and dispensing restrictions placed on the type 2 diabetes drug Avandia (rosiglitazone), claiming the link between the medication and fatal heart attacks may not be as strong as initially thought. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had severely restricted the drug’s use in 2010, but earlier this year agreed to review data from a large, long-term clinical trial and reevaluate the drug to determine if the benefits outweighed the risks. Restrictions were lifted on all drugs that contain rosiglitazone, including the brand names Avandia, Avandamet, Avandaryl, and generics. The drugs are ... Read More

European diabetes summit focuses on pancreatic cancer, heart attack risks with Byetta, Januvia

A major focus of the recent meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes focused on the risks and benefits of so-called incretin mimetics, a class of type 2 diabetes drugs that include glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonists and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors. The diabetes experts zeroed in on whether the drug increased the risk for cardiovascular events or pancreatic disease including acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The concerns were timely. GLP-1 and DPP-4 drugs are relatively new treatments for Type 2 diabetes. In 2005, Byetta became the first GLP-1 drug to be approved by the FDA. A year ... Read More

Diabetes drugs may not increase heart problems but could pose cancer risk

Studies involving different type 2 diabetes drugs show no evidence that the medications cause heart attacks and strokes, however they do not improve cardiovascular outcomes in patients either. Some medications also pose cancer risks. The first study compared the drug saxagliptin, marketed in the United States as Onglyza, with a placebo in patients who had type 2 diabetes and were considered at high risk for a cardiovascular event. Another study pitted the drug alogliptin, marketed as Nesina, against placebo. Researchers recorded incidences of cardiovascular death, heart attack or ischemic stroke as well as hospitalizations for unstable angina, coronary revascularization or ... Read More

Actos, Avandia use with insulin products may increase risk for heart failure

Several insulin products have updated labels warning that using them with a class of type 2 diabetes drugs known as TZDs (thiazolidinediones) increases the risk for heart failure. TZDs include Avandia (rosiglitazone) and Actos (pioglitazone). The labels for Novolin N, Novolin 70/30, Humulin 70/30, Humulin N NPH, and Humulin R, include changes to the patient packet insert for patients to tell their health care provider of other medications they are taking, in particular if they are taking TZDs. “Taking … TZDs with this medicine may cause heart failure in some people. This can happen even if you have never had ... Read More

Lawsuits filed against makers of several type 2 diabetes drugs

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it was investigating cases of pancreatitis and precancerous cellular changes called pancreatic duct metaplasia in patients taking a class of type 2 diabetes drugs known as incretin mimetics. Lawsuits against manufacturers of several of these drugs have been underway for years. Incretin mimetic drugs include exenatide (Byetta, Bydureon), liraglutide (Victoza), sitagliptin (Januvia, Janumet, Janumet XR, Juvisync), saxagliptin (Onglyza, Kombiglyze XR), alogliptin (Nesina, Kazano, Oseni), and linagliptin (Tradjenta, Jentadueto). The FDA’s inquiry is based on unpublished findings from a group of academic researchers who examined a small number of pancreatic tissue ... Read More

Novo Nordisk testing higher doses of Victoza as weight loss drug for obese diabetics

Novo Nordisk is hoping data from a phase III trial involving a higher dosage of its type 2 diabetes drug Victoza (liraglutide) will show it can help overweight and obese people with the chronic disease lose weight. The first of three studies in the pharmaceutical company’s SCALE clinical program showed promising results. Patients given a high (3mg) dose achieved a 6 percent reduction in weight compared to a 2 percent reduction in patients taking a placebo. Victoza is already approved in 1.8 mg dosage, and previous studies have shown the drug can reduce weight in patients by 5 percent. The ... Read More

Increasing number of children with type 2 diabetes raises questions about drug safety

The nation’s childhood obesity epidemic is also driving up the number of children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Once considered an “adult” disease, the condition often affects people who have a diet high in sugar and fat, and who get little, if any, exercise. Between 2002 and 2005, 3,600 youngsters were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, according to the National Institutes of Health. Adults and children who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can sometimes manage their condition with an improved diet and exercise program. But eventually, almost all will need to rely on medications to keep their blood ... Read More

New generic Actos available in US; carries same bladder cancer risk

Watson Pharmaceuticals’ newly approved generic version of the type 2 diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone) is now available in the United States, making Watson the second company to launch a generic version of Actos in the U.S. The other generic is made by Ranbaxy Laboratories and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Actos is made by Japanese drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The patent for Actos expires in 2016; however, under the terms of a 2010 legal settlement, generic versions can be marketed as early as August 17, 2012. Watson had originally made a bid to launch its generic drug in August but the Food and ... Read More

Eli Lilly closer to seeking approval for new type 2 diabetes drug

Late stage research on Eli Lilly and Co.’s potential new type 2 diabetes medication dulaglutide shows it was better than two other drugs at lowering blood sugar levels. The drug company says it hopes to apply for approval from United States drug regulators next year, but the timing depends on the completion of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for an assessment of the drug’s cardiovascular risk. Eli Lilly reported that two injections of dulaglutide lowered blood sugar levels better than twice-daily injections of exenatide and the oral treatments metformin and sitagliptin. More details of the study that provided this ... Read More