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Benzene Levels in Colorado Boy’s Blood Trigger Fracking Safety Debate

A Colorado mother whose son has dangerously high levels of cancer-causing benzene in his blood says that she believes the nearby fracking wells are to blame. Elizabeth Ewaskowitz, who holds a doctorate of pharmacology and neuroscience from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, had her 6-year-old son tested for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in his blood because they reside within a mile of 158 fracking wells. The results showed that the boy was in the 85th percentile for benzene and 72nd percentile for ethylbenzene. Chronic exposures to both the VOCs are known to cause birth defects, blood ... Read More

Toxic Fumes Sicken Houston School Students

Dozens of Houston schoolgirls were sickened and hospitalized last Thursday when toxic fumes from a roofing project entered the Young Women’s Preparatory Academy, Houston authorities said. The Houston Fire Department responded to reports of toxic fumes causing a “mass casualty” incident at the school Thursday morning about 11:30. First responders and others were initially concerned that the incident was a natural gas leak after the school’s principal called 911 to report that students suddenly were falling ill with various symptoms. According to KTRK Houston, students and staff evacuated the building after some students began displaying signs of exposure to toxic ... Read More