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Toyota entering settlement talks to resolve pending sudden-acceleration lawsuits

All federal and state litigation involving sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles has been stayed after the automaker agreed to enter into an intensive settlement process that could resolve hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases it faces. Toyota has spent about $2 billion in legal costs since 2009 disputing hundreds of claims that its cars and trucks sped out of control unexpectedly, causing numerous crashes, injuries, and deaths. It has also spend millions more in efforts to restore its image and reputation as a high-quality, safety-oriented auto manufacturer as sudden-acceleration complaints continued to mount against it. But despite ... Read More

Oklahoma jury awards plaintiffs $3 million in Toyota sudden acceleration case

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Toyota Motor Corp. must pay $3 million to the families of an Oklahoma woman killed and another seriously injured when the 2005 Camry they were riding in suddenly surged out of control and crashed into an embankment, an Oklahoma state court jury decided last week. The verdict came as welcome news to the families of Barbara Schwarz, who was killed in the horrific 2007 crash, and Jean Bookout, the driver, who survived with debilitating injuries. It also represents a significant milestone for hundreds of other plaintiffs with personal-injury and wrongful-death lawsuits against Toyota pending in the ... Read More

Allstate takes Toyota to court for sudden acceleration claims

Allstate Insurance Company has filed a lawsuit against Toyota Motor Corp. for $3 million in an effort to recover the claims it paid to Toyota and Lexus drivers involved in sudden acceleration incidents. Allstate alleges it paid 270 sudden acceleration-related claims since 2007. Allstate’s lawsuit alleges that “certain of Toyota’s cars and trucks have a defect that causes sudden uncontrolled acceleration to speeds of up to 100 miles per hour or more,” and that the problem was enhanced by “defective electronics and the absence of a fail-safe, such as a brake-to-idle override system.” The insurance company’s spokeswoman Christina Loznicka told ... Read More

150 Toyota drivers continue to report sudden acceleration every week

Toyota says it receives about 150 reports of sudden unintended acceleration every week, with most of the complaints coming through the the company’s customer-service hotline. The good news is that  six months ago, the car manufacturer was receiving more than 5 times that amount. The bad news is that about 600 Toyota drivers a month throughout the U.S. still report instances and events in which their vehicles accelerated unexpectedly. Toyota customers have also filed thousands of complaints with federal regulators, but not nearly as many as they have called in directly to the manufacturer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says ... Read More

Toyota Camry tops list of 2010 cars taking the longest time to sell

An automotive research company has just released its list of the 2010 and 2011 models that spend the most and least time on the dealership lot waiting to be sold. Topping the list of 2010 cars spending the most time parked until sale is the Toyota Camry, the model that has most often headlined articles about sudden unintended acceleration. TrueCar.com uses data it obtains directly from car dealers, respected dealer management system (DMS) providers, and other reputable automotive industry data aggregators to determine regional price margins for new vehicles. A couple of years ago, Camrys and other mid-sized and small ... Read More

NHTSA receives more Toyota acceleration and brake complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received a surge of new complaints involving Toyota vehicles in the last three weeks. The additional reports came as the NHTSA and two different congressional committees step up their probe of Toyota and the way it handled safety issues affecting between 8 and 9 million U.S. vehicles. The NHTSA had on record 17 complaints of acceleration-related Toyota crashes involving 21 deaths between 2000 and 2009. Since January 27, the agency has received reports of an additional 13 deaths and 10 injuries allegedly caused by sudden acceleration accidents since 2005, bringing the total number ... Read More

Transportation secretary says people should stop driving recalled Toyotas

Toyota’s recent recall of 2.3 million cars and sport utility vehicles over “sticking” accelerator pedals follows a larger recall last October of 4.2 million vehicles for possible floor mat entrapment. The recalls have created an undercurrent of fear of confusion among Toyota owners, many of whom no longer feel their cars are safe to drive. Apparently, the Department of Transportation is as confused as everyone else. Testifying before a House Appropriations subcommittee on transportation this morning, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that owners of the recalled Toyota models should stop driving their vehicles them until Toyota is able to repair ... Read More

Toyota recalls include the Pontiac Vibe

All the news about Toyota’s record-breaking recalls and its week-old production and sales suspension have made it easy to forget about the Pontiac Vibe, the hybrid car that General Motors manufactured for the 2009 and 2010 model years. But what does a General Motors car have to do with the Toyota recalls? A true hybrid in more ways than one, the Vibe is actually a spin-off of the Toyota Matrix and Corolla. Toyota actually manufactured all three vehicles at the now-defunct New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) plant in Fremont, California. NUMMI was a joint venture between General Motors and ... Read More

Toyota begins repairing “sticky” gas pedals

Indiana-based CTS Corporation is cooperating with Toyota by sending new gas pedal assemblies to replace the ones Toyota claims are potentially defective, but the supplier says that the new pedals won’t solve the sudden acceleration problem that afflicts so many Toyota vehicles. Toyota issued a recall of 2.3 million cars and sport utility vehicles in January, on top of the 4.2 million vehicles it recalled in September the potential to accelerate unexpectedly — a problem Toyota says is caused by floor mat interference with the gas pedal. The auto manufacturer then suspended sales and further production of all the models ... Read More

Federal government ordered Toyota production and sales suspension

Yesterday, Toyota ran full-page advertisements in more than 20 major American newspapers to tell customers that its decision to suspend production and sales of many of its top-selling vehicles is just a “Temporary pause. To put you first,” as the headline proclaims. “Why have we taken this unprecedented action?” Toyota asks in the ad. “Because it’s the right thing to do for our customers.” However, Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood’s told Chicago radio station WGN last week that the federal government pressed the company to halt production of the vehicles. “The reason Toyota decided to do the recall and to stop ... Read More