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New Corolla recall, investigation looms for Toyota

The major recalls that have tarnished Toyota’s previously stellar reputation for safety and quality may have signaled just the beginning of its troubles as yet another recall appears likely, this time involving the Corolla, the second best-selling car in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said yesterday that it has received 168 complaints from Corolla owners concerning steering problems. The drivers say that their Corollas became “unresponsive or loose while driving at highway speeds.” Eight crashes and 11 injuries tied to the Corolla’s alleged steering defect have been reported. The investigation and possible recall encompass half a million ... Read More

Critics question the credibility of new Toyota report

The Los Angeles Times reported that Toyota has “called in the big guns” to help restore its credibility and revamp its tarnished image in the wake of its record recalls. The auto manufacturer has enlisted the help of Menlo Park, California-based engineering and consulting firm Exponent Inc., which has helped extricate numerous corporations from legal quagmires and other jams. “The first thing you know is that when Exponent is brought in to help a company, that company is in big trouble,” environmental consultant Cindy Sage told the Los Angeles Times. Sage specializes in electromagnetic interference, which many safety experts and ... Read More

Toyota recalling more Tacomas for drive shaft defect

Toyota Motor Corp. announced another recall Friday of 8,000 Tacoma pickup trucks to inspect the front drive shaft, which may contain cracks in the joint portion. The recall is limited to certain model year 2010 four-wheel-drive Tacomas. Toyota said that the defective parts were the result of an “improper manufacturing process control.” The company chose to recall vehicles containing the possibly defective component after the manufacturer, Dana Holding Corp., reported the parts to U.S. safety regulators saying they could have cracks. 34,000 of the drive shaft components were used in Toyota, Nissan, and Ford vehicles. Dana said that it is ... Read More

NHTSA receives more Toyota acceleration and brake complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received a surge of new complaints involving Toyota vehicles in the last three weeks. The additional reports came as the NHTSA and two different congressional committees step up their probe of Toyota and the way it handled safety issues affecting between 8 and 9 million U.S. vehicles. The NHTSA had on record 17 complaints of acceleration-related Toyota crashes involving 21 deaths between 2000 and 2009. Since January 27, the agency has received reports of an additional 13 deaths and 10 injuries allegedly caused by sudden acceleration accidents since 2005, bringing the total number ... Read More

Apple co-founder Wozniak and others find trouble with Prius

Many Toyota Prius owners continue to experience sporadic episodes of sudden, unintended acceleration while driving their cars, even without floor mats jamming the throttle wide open or the gas pedal sticking. Toyota included all 2004-2009 Prius models in the floor mat entrapment recall it announced last fall, but did not include the Prius in its subsequent recall of Toyotas for sticking accelerator pedals. Jim Lentz, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Sales USA, says that the acceleration problems are completely fixed by the two recalls and that he is confident that electronics aren’t to blame. What Lentz says, however, contradicts ... Read More

Beasley Allen attorneys investigating Toyota unintended acceleration cases

Beasley Allen is currently investigating cases of sudden unintended acceleration affecting a large number of Toyota vehicles. Toyota recalled more than 4 million vehicles because of their potential to accelerate suddenly and unexpectedly. Initially, Toyota is blaming the problem on the vehicles’ floor mats, saying a design flaw can cause the mats to slide forward and jam the accelerator pedal. However, Beasley Allen investigators are disputing the argument that this problem is entirely linked to the floor mats. “That is something that we think the automakers use as an excuse,” says Beasley Allen Shareholder Graham Esdale, who is the lead ... Read More

NHTSA investigates rusting Toyota Tundra pickups

Already preparing for its largest recall ever, Toyota Motor Corp may have to find a solution to a rust problem that reportedly affects some 218,000 Tundra pickup trucks. Responding to consumer complaints, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into 2000-01 model year Tundra pickups. The agency received 5 reports asserting that rust on the truck frame severed brake lines. Fifteen additional complaints stated that rust caused the spare tire, which is mounted under the truck’s body, to detach. Steve McNally, a resident of Maine, filed a complaint with the Center for Auto Safety after the rust ... Read More

Toyota officially recalls vehicles for unintended acceleration problem

Toyota Motor Corp. informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a letter on Monday that it is formally recalling 3.8 million Toyota vehicles. The recall is an effort to correct the problem of Unintended Acceleration many drivers of Toyota vehicles have experienced. The car manufacturer suspects that improperly secured and mismatched car mats can interfere with the gas pedal, causing it to jam in full open position. The recall is Toyota’s largest recall ever and the sixth largest recall in the U.S., according to the NHTSA. According to Chris Santucci, Toyota’s assistant manager for technical and regulatory affairs, “there ... Read More

CBS reports Toyota destroyed evidence in rollover, roof crush cases

An investigative report by CBS reveals the lengths some big corporations will go to conceal evidence that casts the company and its products in a dubious light. The report features Dimitrios Biller, a former attorney for Toyota, who accuses the car manufacturer of withholding and destroying evidence in more than 300 rollover and roof crush lawsuits. Biller alleges Toyota took measures to hide evidence “of its vehicles’ structural shortcomings,” an effort which he claims amounted to a “ruthless conspiracy.” Biller, who once served as the managing counsel for Toyota Motor Sales USA, filed a federal racketeering suit against Toyota on ... Read More

Brake problems prompt Toyota vehicle recalls

Concerns over brake problems in extremely cold temperatures with some Toyota vehicles has promoted Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc., the U.S. division of Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp., and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to voluntarily recall about 95,700 Toyota and Scion vehicles. The vehicles affected by the recall include certain 2009 and 2010 model year Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix, and 2008 and 2009 Scion xD vehicles, all with 1.8 liter engines. If operated in extremely low ambient temperatures condensation from the positive crankcase ventilation, or PVC, may seep into the brake system vacuum port and freeze. If ice ... Read More