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Plaintiff may use internal Toyota documents against the auto maker

Dimitrios Biller, the ex-Toyota attorney who says the automaker hid evidence in several lawsuits, will be allowed to present internal company documents in his lawsuit against his former employer, the Los Angeles Times reports. Biller filed a federal racketeering lawsuit against Toyota in July 2009, claiming that during his tenure as managing counsel for Toyota Motor Sales USA, the auto maker withheld and destroyed evidence in more than 300 rollover and roof crush lawsuits. Biller said he was “surprised and alarmed” when Toyota wouldn’t produce e-mails and other digital files it was legally bound to provide and that he complained ... Read More

Toyota apology falls short with angry dealers

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, has a lot of sucking up to do to the dealers that have made the company tops in automotive sales in the United States. First, dealers had to reassure their customers after Toyota issued two separate recalls over the past few months for issues involving sudden and unintended acceleration. Then last week, the company announced that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of its hybrids, the prized Prius and the luxury Lexus, due to problems with the automobile’s anti-lock braking system. In an effort to pacify angered dealers, Toyota apologized and says it plans to launch ... Read More