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Toyota recalling 2.16 million vehicles worldwide, including Prius hybrid, Toyota and Lexis models

Toyota has announced a recall of more than 2.16 million vehicles worldwide. The recall includes 711,000 Prius automobiles in the U.S. and a total of about 1.9 million Prius autos worldwide; as well as an additional 260,000 non-hybrid vehicles. The Prius recall includes 2010-2014 Prius models, whose transistors may overheat or become damaged due to errors with the powertrain software. The glitch may cause the vehicle to stall or shut off completely while driving. The recall does not affect the Prius V nor Pricus c models, or the Toyota or Lexus hybrid vehicles. According to MSN, the transistor is a ... Read More

Toyota gives contradictory and confusing advice to Prius drivers

Toyota’s sudden acceleration problem has been splashed all over the news for months, leaving many drivers worried that their vehicles may one day race out of control without warning. Recently, much attention has been focused on the Prius, thanks to a growing number of incidents — some real and others apparently false – of the popular hybrids racing out of control. To help drivers who may one day find themselves behind the wheel of a runaway Prius, Toyota issued a press release on March 12 outlining the steps to take to bring the vehicle to a stop. The problem is ... Read More

Second Prius runaway follows on heels of Monday incident

The news had barely surfaced about a runaway Toyota Prius incident in California, which occurred Monday, when reports of a Prius crash due to sudden unintended acceleration came to light. This second incident happened Tuesday in Harrison, New York. According to news reports, a 56-year-old woman was pulling out of a driveway Tuesday morning when her 2005 Toyota Prius suddenly sped out of control, carrying her across a roadway until she crashed into a stone wall.  The woman, whose name has not been released, received minor injuries in the crash and was take to a local hospital for treatment. Monday, ... Read More

NHTSA receives more Toyota acceleration and brake complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received a surge of new complaints involving Toyota vehicles in the last three weeks. The additional reports came as the NHTSA and two different congressional committees step up their probe of Toyota and the way it handled safety issues affecting between 8 and 9 million U.S. vehicles. The NHTSA had on record 17 complaints of acceleration-related Toyota crashes involving 21 deaths between 2000 and 2009. Since January 27, the agency has received reports of an additional 13 deaths and 10 injuries allegedly caused by sudden acceleration accidents since 2005, bringing the total number ... Read More

Apple co-founder Wozniak and others find trouble with Prius

Many Toyota Prius owners continue to experience sporadic episodes of sudden, unintended acceleration while driving their cars, even without floor mats jamming the throttle wide open or the gas pedal sticking. Toyota included all 2004-2009 Prius models in the floor mat entrapment recall it announced last fall, but did not include the Prius in its subsequent recall of Toyotas for sticking accelerator pedals. Jim Lentz, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Sales USA, says that the acceleration problems are completely fixed by the two recalls and that he is confident that electronics aren’t to blame. What Lentz says, however, contradicts ... Read More

Toyota officially recalls vehicles for unintended acceleration problem

Toyota Motor Corp. informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a letter on Monday that it is formally recalling 3.8 million Toyota vehicles. The recall is an effort to correct the problem of Unintended Acceleration many drivers of Toyota vehicles have experienced. The car manufacturer suspects that improperly secured and mismatched car mats can interfere with the gas pedal, causing it to jam in full open position. The recall is Toyota’s largest recall ever and the sixth largest recall in the U.S., according to the NHTSA. According to Chris Santucci, Toyota’s assistant manager for technical and regulatory affairs, “there ... Read More

Prius presents potential dangers

A recent report by ConsumerAffairs.com, a web site that provides information including consumer news, recalls, and scam alerts, warns motorists of several dangerous problems associated with the popular Toyota Prius hybrid automobile that could result in serious injury. The most dangerous complaints submitted to the watchdog web site about the vehicle include unintended acceleration, poor or non-existent traction control, and unusual tire wear. A man in Colorado reported an incident of unintended acceleration when his wife was at the wheel of their new Prius, which resulted in a totaled car and injuries. He says his wife noticed that the car ... Read More