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NHTSA, Toyota examining runaway Prius for electronic defects

At this point, one has to ask wonder if Toyota will ever figure out what’s causing so many of its cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles to accelerate suddenly and unintentionally. It seems like every time the company says that electronic throttle controls aren’t to blame, another car takes off like a rocket. Just hours after Toyota executives finished a presentation Monday about how an electronic malfunction couldn’t be the cause of the sudden, unintended acceleration problems in its cars, another incident occurred that confirmed the opposite. This time, 61-year-old James Sikes was driving his 2008 Prius on Interstate 8 ... Read More

Toyota owners say repairs didn’t fix their unintended acceleration problem

Toyota owners who have taken their vehicles to dealers for brake repairs following a massive recall say their cars are still accelerating suddenly and unintentionally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says at least seven complaints were filed in the past two weeks by consumers who had their Toyotas repaired, but say their cars still ran out of control. Under the recalls, Toyota is replacing floor mats, replacing and modifying brake pedals, and removing floor padding. On some models, the car maker also is adding brake override software to automatically reduce the engine to idle when both the brake ... Read More

Lexus driver recalls terrifying day her car ran out of control

“Shame on you, Toyota, for being so greedy,” said a shaken Rhonda Smith of her horrifying runaway car incident four years ago. Smith was the first victim to testify in the Toyota hearings on Capital Hill on Feb. 23. She told the House panel how her Lexus ES350 suddenly took off as she was driving down the highway. At first she thought the problem was with the cruise control and pushed both feet on the brake, but nothing seemed to slow the car. “I prayed for God to help me,” she said. As her car shot down the road, she ... Read More

Consumers researching Toyota less, other brands more

Many prospective car buyers are fed up with the once-popular Toyota vehicles because of continuous recalls that they are turning to other comparable brands in the market. Companies who are enjoying the biggest boost from the Toyota recalls include Hundai, Kia and Ford, says TrueCar, a pricing intelligence service. TrueCar says it is too early to fully measure the impact the Toyota recalls will have on the automotive industry, but meanwhile the service has been analyzing Web traffic patterns on its Web site TrueCar.com. Since visitors to the site are in the market for a new car, the service says ... Read More

Critics question the credibility of new Toyota report

The Los Angeles Times reported that Toyota has “called in the big guns” to help restore its credibility and revamp its tarnished image in the wake of its record recalls. The auto manufacturer has enlisted the help of Menlo Park, California-based engineering and consulting firm Exponent Inc., which has helped extricate numerous corporations from legal quagmires and other jams. “The first thing you know is that when Exponent is brought in to help a company, that company is in big trouble,” environmental consultant Cindy Sage told the Los Angeles Times. Sage specializes in electromagnetic interference, which many safety experts and ... Read More

Toyota apology falls short with angry dealers

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, has a lot of sucking up to do to the dealers that have made the company tops in automotive sales in the United States. First, dealers had to reassure their customers after Toyota issued two separate recalls over the past few months for issues involving sudden and unintended acceleration. Then last week, the company announced that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of its hybrids, the prized Prius and the luxury Lexus, due to problems with the automobile’s anti-lock braking system. In an effort to pacify angered dealers, Toyota apologized and says it plans to launch ... Read More

Toyota recalling more Tacomas for drive shaft defect

Toyota Motor Corp. announced another recall Friday of 8,000 Tacoma pickup trucks to inspect the front drive shaft, which may contain cracks in the joint portion. The recall is limited to certain model year 2010 four-wheel-drive Tacomas. Toyota said that the defective parts were the result of an “improper manufacturing process control.” The company chose to recall vehicles containing the possibly defective component after the manufacturer, Dana Holding Corp., reported the parts to U.S. safety regulators saying they could have cracks. 34,000 of the drive shaft components were used in Toyota, Nissan, and Ford vehicles. Dana said that it is ... Read More

NHTSA receives more Toyota acceleration and brake complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received a surge of new complaints involving Toyota vehicles in the last three weeks. The additional reports came as the NHTSA and two different congressional committees step up their probe of Toyota and the way it handled safety issues affecting between 8 and 9 million U.S. vehicles. The NHTSA had on record 17 complaints of acceleration-related Toyota crashes involving 21 deaths between 2000 and 2009. Since January 27, the agency has received reports of an additional 13 deaths and 10 injuries allegedly caused by sudden acceleration accidents since 2005, bringing the total number ... Read More

Governors voice support for Toyota in letter to Congress

The governors of four states with large non-union Toyota manufacturing operations have banded together to voice their support for Toyota amidst damaging news reports about the company’s record-breaking safety recalls. The letter bears the signatures of Governor Bob Riley of Alabama, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Steven Beshear of Kentucky, and Mitch Daniels of Indiana. It addresses the leaders of two congressional committees that are probing Toyota for the way it handled customer reports and complaints of sudden unintended acceleration in several of its best-selling models, including the Camry, which is the top-selling car in the U.S. The governors immediately praise ... Read More

Family of Texas Toyota victims speaks

Toyota’s top executives steadfastly deny that the acceleration problems plaguing millions of Toyota and Lexus vehicles have anything to do with electronics, despite a growing body of evidence that strongly suggests electronics are actually the cause of many sudden, unintended acceleration incidents. Recently, the widow of a man who died in Southlake, Texas when his 2008 Avalon sped out of control in December told ABC News that she had experienced ongoing acceleration problems with the vehicle. Linda Hardy said that she took the Avalon to her dealer three times between Thanksgiving and Christmas, complaining that the vehicle would suddenly race ... Read More