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Airbag defect triggers recall of nearly 3 million Honda, Mazda, Nissan vehicles

Three major Japanese automakers have recalled nearly 3 million vehicles worldwide to fix potentially faulty airbags made in the U.S. and Mexico by Tokyo-based Takata Corp. The June 23 recalls encompass Honda, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles and widen a previous April 2013 recall that failed to include all the affected vehicles due to record-keeping problems at Takata. The Takata airbag problem stems from glitches in the inflator propellant. During the manufacturing process, improper storage of the components at the factories likely degraded them, making them prone to explode and send metal shrapnel into the vehicle’s cabin. The latest Takata recall ... Read More

GM employee warned company of Impala ignition stall in 2005, emails show

A General Motors (GM) employee whose 2006 Chevy Impala suddenly stalled as she drove onto a gravel surface from a paved road warned company officials that GM should issue a “big recall” to fix an ignition switch defect that went unheeded for several more years. According to GM’s internal emails made public on Wednesday, GM employee Laura Andres sent an email to company engineers in 2005 documenting her own experience with a sudden stall. Ms. Andres said in the email that a technician who examined her Impala said the car’s ignition switch may have been at fault. “I think this ... Read More

Texas woman blamed for fiancé’s car crash death sues GM after it admits link to ignition switch defect

Candice Anderson, the Texas woman who was tried and convicted for killing her fiancé in a 2004 crash has filed a lawsuit against General Motors (GM) after discovering the automaker knew all along its ignition switch defect caused the crash. In Nov. 2004, Ms. Anderson was driving her 2004 Saturn Ion in Canton, Texas, with her fiancé Mikale Erickson when she lost control of the vehicle upon entering a slight curve in the road. The car left the road and crashed into a tree, throwing both driver and passenger through the windshield. Because the crash occurred in a rural part of Texas, an hour passed ... Read More

GM no longer paying daily ignition switch recall fines

General Motors (GM) is no longer paying federal fines for failing to answer questions about its handling of defective ignition switches and its failure to recall vehicles affected by the potentially deadly flaw. The automaker has been racking up fines of $7,000 per day since April 3, the deadline set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The safety regulator stopped the fines on April 5, the day GM turned in a 315-page report documenting the results of an internal investigation commissioned by GM. Total fines GM amassed came to about $430,000. NHTSA also fined GM $35 million for ... Read More

Toyota recall of potentially exploding airbag triggers federal investigation

Toyota said it is re-recalling 766,300 cars and trucks in the U.S. for a potential airbag defect that could result in front seat occupants being struck by shrapnel blasting out of the inflating airbags. The company is also expanding the recall to include 2.3 million vehicles worldwide for the same problem, triggering the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to investigate Tokyo-based supplier Takata, which produced the faulty airbag units. Toyota originally recalled the affected vehicles in April 2013, mainly for inspection of the airbag assemblies and possible replacement of the inflator. But the carmaker has since learned that Takata ... Read More

The “GM nod” illustrates GM’s incompetent handling of deadly ignition switches

Last week, General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra told GM employees and journalists that an internal investigation of the way the company handled its deadly ignition switch problem did not find a “conspiracy by the corporation to cover up the facts.”  However, the investigation did reveal something equally bad, if not worse: a company defined by incompetence and willful ignorance. One of the defining characteristics of GM’s corporate culture was, according to the report by investigator Anton Valukas, the “GM nod,” which he described as a situation “when everyone nods in agreement to a proposed plan of action, but then ... Read More

Without trial lawyers, would families have chance at justice against GM for ignition switch defect?

When Brooke Melton’s 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt suddenly lost power and crashed on a rainy night, killing her on her 29th birthday, her parents knew in their hearts that a defect in her automobile was to blame. The same problem – her car stalled while she was driving it – had happened to Brooke just three days before, prompting her father, Ken Melton, to insist they take it to a dealership for repairs. After the fatal crash, the gut feeling Mr. Melton and his wife Beth had that the car was to blame for their daughter’s death was so strong, they ... Read More

Texas woman convicted of manslaughter learns GM ignition switch caused fiancé’s crash death

A Texas woman who became a convicted felon for causing a 2004 car crash that killed her fiancé has learned that General Motors (GM) counts the accident as one of 13 deaths it blames on its defective ignition switches. Candice Anderson was driving her 2004 Saturn Ion in Canton, Texas, with her fiancé Mikale Erickson in November 2004 when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Mr. Erickson, the father of two small children, was killed. Ms. Anderson was thrown through the windshield and barely survived the crash herself. The vehicle’s airbags never deployed. Police could find no causes ... Read More

“Incompetence and neglect” drove GM’s handling of defective ignition switch, report finds

General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra responded Thursday morning to the findings of an internal investigation led by lawyer Anton Valukas into the company’s handling of an ignition switch defect, saying that the probe found “a pattern of incompetence and neglect” within the company. “I can tell you, this report is extremely thorough, brutally tough and deeply troubling,” Ms. Barra said of Mr. Valukas’ conclusions. “For those of us who have dedicated our lives to this company, it is enormously painful to see our shortcomings laid out so vividly. As I read the report, I was deeply saddened and disturbed.” ... Read More

Reuters analysis finds GM ignition switch defect may have killed 74

According to an analysis of federal fatal crash data conducted by Reuters, at least 74 people have died in General Motors (GM) car crashes in which a faulty ignition switch could be to blame. The Reuters analysis is the second independent study to indicate that defective ignition switches may responsible for dozens more fatalities than the 13 GM has linked to the problem. Reuters combed through the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), a database of crash records from local law enforcement agencies, for crashes involving front collisions, frontal airbag failure, and the death of a driver or front-seat passenger. The ... Read More