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Tractor-Trailer Driver Pleads Guilty For Deadly Missouri Crash

A tractor-trailer driver with a history of traffic violations has pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter for allegedly causing a February 2017 crash in Missouri that killed another motorist. Driver Narinder Singh, 46, was transporting about 22,000 pounds of hamburgers and cheeseburgers for the fast-food chain White Castle when his truck overturned on I-44 in southwestern Missouri. The accident killed David Lambeth, 43, whose pickup truck was partially crushed by the overturned tractor-trailer. A lawsuit filed against Mr. Singh, White Castle, and others by Mr. Lambeth’s widow asserts that Mr. Singh is too dangerous to drive a tractor-trailer, citing a dozen ... Read More

Limo Involved In Horrific Crash Was Operating Illegally

The limo that crashed in Upstate New York last weekend, killing all 18 people riding inside and two pedestrians, was unfit to drive and on the road illegally, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said. Speaking at a press conference Monday, Gov. Cuomo said the limo involved in the horrific crash, which U.S. officials say is the deadliest transportation-related accident in nearly a decade, failed a safety inspection just last month. “The owner of the company had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road,” Gov. Cuomo said. Additionally, the limo driver, identified by investigators as Scott Lisnicchia, 53, did ... Read More

NTSB Addresses Surge in Pedestrian Deaths

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling on three federal agencies to address an alarming surge in pedestrian fatalities in recent years. Between 2009 and 2016, pedestrian deaths ballooned nearly 50 percent to 5,987 – the highest level since 1990. Pedestrian deaths are expected to be about the same in 2017, based on preliminary data the NTSB has reviewed so far. More than 130,000 pedestrians were injured – some critically – in traffic-related accidents in 2016, federal safety numbers indicate. “There is a real face to this,” NTSB Chairman Robert L. Sumwalt said at the agency’s meeting on the ... Read More

NTSB: Biloxi Bus Crash Caused By Railroad, City Safety Failures

A deadly tour bus crash in Biloxi, Mississippi, that killed four people last year was likely caused by the failure of CSX Railroad and the City of Biloxi to address a railroad crossing they knew to be dangerous, federal investigators said. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in its Aug. 7 preliminary report of the bus crash that nearly two dozen vehicles have become “grounded” at the crossing where the bus crash occurred last year, yet neither the city nor the railroad took action to correct the hazard. On March 17, 2017, a chartered bus operated by ECHO Transportation ... Read More

Ohio Expands Distracted Driving Ban

Ohio’s ban on distracted driving will soon encompass more than smartphones and other handheld devices. Starting in October, the state will crack down on all types of driver distraction, from texting while driving to applying makeup behind the wheel. A bill signed into law by Governor Bill Kasich will make all forms of distracted driving a secondary offense punishable by fines up to $100. As a secondary offense, Ohio police who pull over a driver for a traffic violation could add a distracted driving penalty if any kind of distraction contributed to the primary offense, according to Cleveland.com. According to ... Read More

Red-Light Running Deaths Rise As Communities Drop Surveillance

Automated red-light camera programs are declining nationwide while the number of deaths in red-light running crashes has increased 17 percent in recent years, according to an analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). More than 800 people died in crashes involving red-light running in 2016 — an increase of 17 percent since 2012, when 696 deaths occurred as a result of vehicles running red lights, the IIHS analysis found. According to IIHS, the increase comes as fewer U.S. communities are using red-light cameras to enforce the law and reduce crashes. As of July 2018, 421 communities had red-light ... Read More

Sen. McCaskill Seeks Duck Boat Safety Measures

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) has drafted new legislation that would require the duck boat industry to implement safety measures that could prevent the amphibious vehicles from sinking like the one that killed 17 people in her home state July 19. McCaskill bases her proposed legislation on recommendations the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) urged nearly two decades ago after the Miss Majestic duck boat sank in Arkansas, killing 13 people. Those recommendations included adding flotation measures that would keep the duck boats upright and afloat when flooded and getting rid of the overhead canopies that can trap people underwater ... Read More

Fresno Crash Survivor Says City Neglected Dangerous Intersection

If a city has received complaints about a dangerous intersection for more than three decades but failed to remedy the problem, is it liable when a motorist becomes seriously injured in a collision allegedly caused by the intersection’s poor design? That is the question a Fresno County Superior Court jury will have to consider in a case brought against the city by Steven Kennedy, 51, who was struck by a car while driving through the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Bulldog Lane – an extremely busy intersection near Fresno State University with no dedicated left-turn lights. Mr. Kennedy, a former ... Read More

High-Speed Crash On Country Road Kills Three Alabamians; Injures Two others

A high-speed crash that killed an Alabama woman and her grandson on a rural Madison County road last month was caused by a driver speeding at 118 mph – 73 mph above the posted speed limit – according to an Alabama State Trooper crash report. The report shows that 32-year-old driver Johnny Mara of Hazel Green, Alabama, was driving a 2003 Lexus west on Ready Section Road at a violent speed when he lost control of the vehicle after topping a rise in the road near the intersection of Butter and Egg Road. A crash report diagram shows Mr. Mara’s ... Read More

NHTSA sets Ambitious Plan To Eliminate Traffic Fatalities

Federal auto safety regulators have announced an ambitious new plan that they say could lead to “an America free of motor vehicle fatalities.” “Americans deserve safer roads, and that starts with culture,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says on its website. “[We] are taking the initiative to create the future as opposed to just letting it happen. In our view, the only acceptable goal for roadway fatalities is zero.” NHTSA envisions its strategic plan to eliminate traffic fatalities as a three-lane highway, which it calls “The Road Ahead.” Each lane is an aspect of auto safety that the ... Read More