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Amtrak, BNSF sue Cattle Feed Company Over Kansas Train Derailment

Amtrak and BNSF Railway Company have filed a lawsuit against a Cimarron, Kansas, cattle feed company whose truck allegedly damaged the railroad tracks in southwestern Kansas and caused a Chicago-bound passenger train to derail last month. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Kansas, accuses Cimarron Crossing Feeders LLC of negligence in damaging the tracks and seeks more than $75,000 in damages. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the March 14 derailment, which injured 32 passengers, including at least two critically, tracing fresh tire tracks in the area of the damaged track back to the Cimarron Crossings feed truck ... Read More

Momentary Confusion, Rock Thrown At Train Likely Contributed To Amtrak 188 Crash

When Amtrak 188 derailed and crashed in Philadelphia last year, killing eight people and injuring hundreds of others, investigators quickly honed in on Brandon Bostian, the train’s engineer, to understand what caused the worst U.S. rail disaster in decades. Ruling out drugs or alcohol and lack of experience, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) endeavored to find if maybe Mr. Bostian, who strongly advocated for better railroad safety in past years, may have been distracted by his cell phone when he lost control of the train. But it turns out another distraction, coupled with what investigators call “lost situational awareness” ... Read More

Amtrak Chef Sues For Injuries Received In Train, Tractor Trailer Crash

An Amtrak chef has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against a Louisiana trucking firm, Amtrak, and other entities seeking compensation for injuries he claims to have received in a July 14, 2014, crash between the train he was working on and a tractor trailer. According to the Louisiana Record, Dale LaFrance filed the lawsuit over the summer in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, alleging N.H. Hayden Trucking LLC of Roseland, La.; the National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak); the Illinois Central Railroad Co.; and Diamond B Construction Co. are to blame for the circumstances that caused the crash ... Read More

Amtrak lawsuits mount in wake of deadly Philadelphia crash

Lawsuits continue to mount against Amtrak and engineer Brandon Bostonian alleging the reckless operation of Train 188 caused it to derail and crash in Philadelphia May 12, causing serious personal injuries and other hardships. Newlyweds Declan MacFarland, 34, and Kathryn Varnum, 33, are the latest to file a lawsuit blaming Amtrak for injuries. The couple was on their way to New York from a family visit in Virginia when the train crashed. A lawyer representing the couple told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Varnum received multiple hip and spine fractures and MacFarland received a concussion and other injuries. They were traveling ... Read More

Philly Amtrak crash investigation looks to engineer for clues

Crash investigators probing the deadly Amtrak crash involving the derailment of Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 in Philadelphia May 12 have found no problems with the train or the condition of the tracks and are looking for clues with the train’s engineer. The train was traveling from Washington D.C. to New York with 243 people aboard, including five crew members, when it accelerated to more than twice the speed limit ahead of a sharp curve and careened off the tracks. The crash killed eight people and injured more than 200, some of them critically. The train engine was an electric ... Read More

Investigators focus on third rail in probe of deadly Metro-North commuter train crash

Federal authorities investigating last week’s deadly Metro-North commuter train crash in Valhalla, N.Y., are focusing on an electrified “third rail” unique to that railroad that speared the first and second train cars. The collision last Friday killed five commuters and the driver of an SUV who witnesses say became stuck on the tracks by a lowered crossing gate. The impact caused the train, traveling 58 miles per hour at the time, to push the SUV about a thousand feet down the track where it erupted in a giant blaze that quickly consumed the first rail car. The severity of the ... Read More

Deadly N.Y. commuter train crash triggers sweeping safety investigations

Federal investigators probing the cause of a deadly Metro-North commuter train crash in Valhalla, N.Y., are analyzing the crash-worthiness of the train cars, the condition and effectiveness of rail signals and crossing gates, traffic and highway dynamics, and other variables in an effort to identify changes that could help prevent future crashes or at least lessen the severity of them. The crash occurred Tuesday about 6:40 p.m. after Ellen Brody, a 49-year-old mother of three, became stuck on the tracks after the railroad crossing gate arm came down on the back of her Mercedes SUV. Witnesses say that Brody exited ... Read More

32 injured in commuter train crash at Chicago-O’Hare Airport

More than 30 people were injured early Monday morning when a Chicago commuter train sped through its underground stop at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, jumped the platform, and mounted an escalator. Chicago Transit Authority personnel are working with city fire and police officials to determine why the eight-car Blue Line train was traveling at an excessive speed in the moments before the crash. According to the Associated Press, the train appeared to have been speeding as it approached the station at the end of its line and failed to stop at a bumping post that serves as a shock absorber ... Read More

Investigators believe fatigue may have played a role in deadly Bronx train crash

Authorities investigating the deadly crash of a Metro-North commuter train in the Bronx, N.Y., Sunday morning believe the engineer driving the train may have fallen asleep, allowing it to accelerate 52 mph over the speed limit ahead of a sharp curve. The derailment killed four passengers and injured about 75 others, including the engineer. William Rockefeller, 45, told supervisors that he hit the brakes as the train approached the curve, but it would not stop. Mr. Rockefeller has been employed by Metro-North for two decades and has been a company engineer for the last 11 years. He had an unblemished ... Read More

Nevada train crash lawsuit blames Amtrak for faulty exit

An Amtrak Service Attendant who helped evacuate passengers from a burning train car after the deadly June 24 crash in the Nevada desert has filed a lawsuit against her employer. Plaintiff Lana Dickerson, 26, of Worth, Illinois, alleges that she and other passengers’ escape from the smoldering wreckage was hindered when they were blocked by a locked baggage car door. According to the lawsuit, the obstacle forced Ms. Dickerson, who has worked for Amtrak since 2009, to turn around and lead surviving passengers back into the wreckage past the dead bodies of a coworker and other passengers with whom she ... Read More