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Covidien agrees to settle some transvaginal mesh lawsuits

Covidien, a subsidiary of Medtronic Plc, has agreed to an undisclosed amount to settle some of the more than 11,000 lawsuits alleging the company’s transvaginal mesh device caused severe and painful injuries. The confidential agreement did not disclose how many lawsuits would be resolved. The company recorded a pre-tax charge of $180 million for the third quarter of 2014 to cover legal fees involving its transvaginal mesh. Medtronic acquired Covidien last year for $42.9 billion in cash and stocks. Transvaginal mesh is a type of surgical mesh used to treat common pelvic floor disorders such as stress urinary incontinence and ... Read More

Bard battles with supplier over liability in transvaginal mesh case

Medical device maker C.R. Bard and supplier Sofradim Production of Trevoux, France are battling in a New Jersey federal court over who should take responsibility for injuries caused by Bard’s Uretex Sling transvaginal mesh product. Bard claims Sofradim is under contractual obligation to indemnify it, while the French supplier says it is owed indemnity by Bard. Bard claims that a 2002 contract with Sofradim that gave Bard the right to sell the Uretex Sling in the United States and Canada obligated Sofradim to defend Bard against any past, present or future claims related to injuries caused by the transvaginal mesh. Bard ... Read More

Bard on verge of settlement in transvaginal mesh case

C.R. Bard and a woman who claims she was injured by the medical device maker’s defective transvaginal mesh are on the verge of a settlement, just days before the lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial. Debra Wise’s lawsuit was part of a federal multidistrict litigation in West Virginia. The “pending settlement” was signed off on by U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, and the case was ordered off the active docket in the litigation. Wise’s lawsuit was originally filed in West Virginia state court in the Circuit Court of Cabell County before it was transferred to the federal multidistrict litigation. ... Read More

FDA aims to improve medical device oversight

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an extensive report on how the agency aims to modernize is surveillance of medical devices to help ensure patient safety and increase manufacturer liability. The report comes in the wake of litigation over injuries caused by faulty medical devices from metal-on-metal hip implants to transvaginal mesh. The report, commissioned by the FDA and prepared by an expert panel of representatives from agencies, organizations and corporations, involves the implementation of the agency’s new unique device identifiers, or UDIs. The system is intended to assign a unique identifier to medical devices by the year ... Read More

Important transvaginal mesh trials scheduled for early 2015

C. R. Bard and Johnson & Johnson unit Ethicon both face bellwether trials in the weeks ahead over claims that their transvaginal mesh devices caused serious injuries. Those lawsuits are expected to be pivotal in the settlement of tens of thousands of similar lawsuits in multidistrict litigations facing both medical device manufacturers. Debra Wise’s lawsuit against Bard alleging injuries from the company’s Avaulta transvaginal mesh is scheduled to go to trial on Feb. 18. Bard had sought to separate the trial into two parts, addressing liability in one session and punitive damages in another. The device manufacturer argued that presenting ... Read More

Plaintiffs attorneys say transvaginal mesh victims should not have to prove their injuries

Johnson & Johnson’s request that plaintiffs in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) who allege the company’s transvaginal mesh was defective prove they were injured is ludicrous and nothing more than a delay tactic, plaintiffs attorneys said responding to a Jan. 13 motion by the consumer health care and pharmaceutical giant. Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon Inc., asked that the near-24,000 plaintiffs in the multidistrict litigation prove thy were injured by the company’s transvaginal mesh, and asked the court to require every plaintiff’s attorney to answer under oath certain questions on how plaintiffs were solicited. The companies claim that “unscrupulous” ... Read More

Bellwether cases soon to be selected for Mentor Corp transvaginal mesh

A Georgia federal judge identified six possible bellwether cases out of hundreds accusing Johnson & Johnson unit Mentor Corp of not informing patients or doctors of the risks associated with its ObTape sling transvaginal mesh device used to treat urinary incontinence in women. U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land ordered the parties to select two of the six lawsuits within three weeks. The cases will be tried in October and November 2015. The lawsuits allege Mentor marketed the defective devices, which caused serious injuries to women. Mentor discontinued the implants in 2006. Transvaginal mesh is used to treat pelvic organ ... Read More

Judge rules $2 million verdict stands against transvaginal mesh maker

A federal judge denied a mistrial and left intact a $2 million jury verdict against medical device manufacturer C. R. Bard Inc., in a bellwether trial over claims that its transvaginal mesh implant was defective and caused serious injuries. U.S. District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin said the motion stood because the company had not proven a miscarriage of justice. However, Goodwin also did not find unconstitutional a provision in Georgia’s Tort Reform Act of 1987 that requires product liability plaintiffs to give up 75 percent of their punitive damage earnings to the state. This comes as a blow to plaintiffs Donna and ... Read More

Fund requested to manage awards paid to women injured by transvaginal mesh

Women from more than 100 lawsuits in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) alleging injuries caused by Johnson & Johnson unit Mentor Corp.’s defective transvaginal mesh implant asked a Georgia federal judge this week to approve the establishment of a settlement fund trust to resolve their claims. The qualified settlement fund trust would hold, manage and distribute funds in the account under the settlements reached in April for 111 lawsuits in the multidistrict litigation. The trust would also cover additional lawsuits as they resolve. Both the settlements and the total amount in the trust are confidential. The lawsuits allege that Mentor Corp.’s ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson wants victims of transvaginal mesh to prove their injuries

Johnson & Johnson wants women in a multidistrict litigation alleging defects with the company’s transvaginal mesh device to prove they were injured by the mesh or that they even have the device in the first place. Attorneys for Johnson & Johnson claim that people from fictitious firms are calling women often repeatedly to join the lawsuit against the company in order to reap tens of thousands of dollars in compensation. In some cases, Johnson & Johnson claims, women are being told to lie and say they have been injured by the mesh even if they have never been implanted with ... Read More