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Segway accidents on the rise, study finds

A study conducted by a Washington D.C., hospital and published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine says that the number of injuries caused by Segways, the upright two-wheeled “personal transporter” vehicles that hit the consumer market nearly a decade ago, are increasing. Segways have been in the headlines recently after billionaire James Heselden, who bought the Segway corporattion just last year, accidentally rode his Segway off a cliff in September. Heselden’s body was recovered from the River Wharfe near his home in northern England after the accident. Researchers at George Washington University’s emergency medicine department say that they have observed ... Read More

Alabama quarterback played against Florida with head injury

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban told the press Wednesday that quarterback Greg McElroy received a head injury in the second quarter of last Saturday’s game against the Florida Gators. According to Saban, McElroy displayed such poise during the game that his head injury went unnoticed until the fourth quarter, when he started calling plays wrongly. A few days ago we reported how concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injury are affecting football players from the high school and college levels all the way to the NFL. Some researchers say that modern football helmets may be giving players ... Read More

Researchers increasingly concerned over sports-related brain injuries

Perhaps it’s the record numbers of troops returning home from the Middle East with traumatic brain injuries. Or maybe it’s the tragic TBI-related deaths and injuries of young athletes, such as University of Pennsylvania football player Owen Thomas, who took his own life last spring while dealing with his debilitating symptoms of his condition. Whatever the reasons, traumatic brain injury awareness is growing across the country, and an unprecedented level of attention has fallen upon head trauma in football and other aggressive contact sports. With football season in full swing from high school and college campuses to the NFL, researchers ... Read More

Experts warn of the dangers of AED formulation switching

People who are able to adequately manage their seizures on anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) should not switch formulations (i.e. from brand name to generic or from one generic to another) without first discussing the risks and benefits with their physicians, according to a recent article in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. While control data is lacking on the subject, surveys and other data suggest that formulation switching might be associated with a potentially negative consequences of adverse events and breakthrough seizures. The abstract suggests that the decision to substitute should be made on an individual basis by the physician and an ... Read More

Pentagon kills traumatic brain injury tests for combat vets

Tests that would have more accurately measured the rate of traumatic brain injury in troops returning to the U.S. from combat in the Middle East have been barred from completion, according to a USA Today report. Traumatic brain injury, often referred to as TBI, has been christened the “signature injury” of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Thirty percent of soldiers taken to Walter Reed Army Medical Center since 2003 suffered traumatic brain injuries, according to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. The injuries are most commonly caused by shockwaves emitted from bomb blasts. In January 2008, Congress ordered the ... Read More

ATV rollover kills 22-year-old student pilot

A 22-year-old student helicopter pilot was killed early Sunday morning when the all-terrain vehicle she was driving rolled over. Reports say that Aura Corina Dacin, who friends described as a free spirit, “wild child” and thrill seeker, was driving the ATV at Oakland-Troy Airport in Troy, Michigan, when the rollover occurred.  According to Troy Police, Dacin was out riding ATVs with her flight instructor Saturday night when she hit a cement pad just before 1 a.m., causing the rollover. Dacin was ejected from the vehicle and hit her head. The ATV then landed on top of her. Dacin was taken ... Read More

Hyperbaric chamber therapy may help heal brain injuries

Traumatic brain injures, called TBI for short, have been named as the “signature injury” of war veterans returning home from duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now medical researchers are planning to launch a study that will test the effectiveness of hyperbaric chambers in treating veterans with brain injuries. Because TBIs affect the most complex and least understood organ in the body – the brain – diagnosis and treatment often elude doctors, leaving patients to suffer from a lifetime of symptoms such as memory loss and forgetfulness, headaches, mood swings, depression, and even an exacerbation of secondary illnesses such as Post ... Read More

Hormone may hold key to brain injury recovery

For decades, big pharmaceutical companies have spent untold millions researching drugs that will assist in the recovery of traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Now, new research shows that the answer may have been there all along. Emory University in Atlanta has finished a small 100-person trial of the female hormone progesterone in patients who have sustained a TBI, and the results look promising. Emory’s TBI trial was designed mainly to test the safety of the progesterone treatment. But doctors not only found that the hormone had no serious side effects on patients, they discovered that the patients who had received ... Read More

Pressure test kills one Chicago gas worker, injures another

A Frankfort, Illinois man was killed while conducting pressure tests for Peoples Gas in Chicago Wednesday. According to Chicago Fire Department authorities, Mike Gryga, 41, and his fellow workers, also employees of Peoples Gas, were performing an air pressure test on a section of a 20-inch gas pipe in downtown Chicago below Jackson Boulevard and Wacker Drive at the time of the accident. A Peoples Gas representative told the Frankfort Station newspaper that the incident did not involve an explosion and no natural gas was involved as far as the company could tell. Witnesses told the Frankfort Station that they ... Read More

March is brain injury awareness month, concussions take spotlight

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and this year the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is calling attention to concussions, which are often overlooked, ignored, or not taken seriously. To help boost awareness of concussions and the threats they pose, especially to children and adolescents, the BIAA is launching a year-long education and advocacy campaign called under the banner “A concussion is a brain injury. Get the facts.” The campaign, which launches this month, will be coordinated through the BIAA’s 44 chartered state affiliate groups. The organization plans a spectrum of public service announcements and awareness proclamations, which will ... Read More