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ski helmet saves minnesota girl from brain injury

A Minnesota girl is alive —  badly injured but alive — today following a skiing accident last week, thanks to the helmet she was wearing. Six-year-old Julia Griggs from Mahtomedi, Minnesota, was skiing downhill with her father at a recreational park last Thursday when she struck a tree head-on. Julia suffered a broken nose, broken facial bones, and a broken leg in the accident, but avoided a traumatic brain injury and was able to go home after five days of treatment in the hospital. Dr. Michael McGonigal, the director of trauma services at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, told Minnesota ... Read More

What should you do in a car that speeds out of control?

Toyota is telling drivers of certain Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks to remove their driver’s side floor mats immediately until the company can develop a solution to its floor mat problem. The company announced in its September 29 safety advisory that the accelerator pedal may become jammed in full open position when an “unsecured or incompatible floor mat” is used, causing the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally. Previously we have reported on this web site that some of the drivers who became caught in a runaway car were unable to remedy the situation. There’s the story of Bulent and Anne Ezal, ... Read More

3-year-old Alabama girl dies when ATV strikes a wire

Another child has been killed in an all-terrain vehicle accident in Alabama. According to Mobile and Pensacola area press reports, 3-year old girl London Johnson was riding on an ATV with her grandfather, Arthur Lee Rivers, 43, and Isces Johnson, 5 years old, Monday evening when the accident occurred. Reports say that Rivers was driving on a path near South Chestnut Street and East Franklin Avenue in the Beulah community southeast of downtown Foley when he struck a wire that had been strung across the path. London sustained serious neck injuries when she hit the wire and was pronounced dead ... Read More

CPSC urges parents to prevent child injury and death

Young children are naturally curious, playful, and eager to pull themselves up onto anything that offers them a chance to stand upright. Too often, however, heavy pieces of furniture, appliances, television sets, and other heavy objects tumble down onto young ones, causing serious injury and in some cases death. To help lessen the number of household accidents, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement yesterday urging parents to safeguard their homes against these potential tragedies. The CPSC estimates that 16,300 children age 5 and younger received treatment in emergency rooms for injuries caused by TV, furniture, and appliance ... Read More

TBI kills UC San Diego pole vaulter

A 19-year-old pole vaulter for the University of Southern California San Diego died earlier this month after receiving a traumatic brain injury. According to the Los Angeles Times, sophomore Leon Roach from Huntington Beach, California, had been practicing his vaults on Thursday, September 3. Roach was completing a jump but missed the pads and hit the concrete instead, landing head first. According to the Los Angeles Times, the accident happened around 7:19 p.m. during a routine rope swing drill at the UC San Diego campus. Reports say that Roach was unresponsive and stopped breathing immediately after the accident occurred. He ... Read More

Utah teenager injured on ATV urges others to wear helmets

According to the Utah Department of Health, “during the summer months (May through August), more children and young adults were hospitalized for ATV injures (339) than were hospitalized for all forms of intentional injury (assault, gunshot, stabbing, etc. [224]).” One of those young adults, 19-year-old Morgan Olson, wants to use her own example to promote the importance of wearing a helmet when driving on or riding an all-terrain vehicle. According to KSL, an NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, Olson hopped onto the back of a friend’s ATV last September and went for a ride. Her friend lost control of ... Read More

Research helps identify injured children at low risk of TBI

Your 18-month toddler chases after a ball and hits her head on the edge of a table, knocking her to the ground. A softball hits your 12-year old athlete in the head, leaving a noticeable welt. Both of these seem like minor, albeit painful injuries, but you’ve seen reports on television and online that some seemingly innocuous bumps and minor concussions can lead to a deadly traumatic brain injury. What should you do? Time, money, and x-ray radiation considered, it would be both unhealthy and nearly impossible to rush one’s children to the hospital for a CT scan every time ... Read More

ATV collision claims the life of North Carolina racing enthusiast

One of the most frustrating aspects of blogging about all-terrain vehicle rollovers and collisions is knowing that there are lots of good people out there right now enjoying their lives and planning their futures who won’t be here tomorrow – everyday people like 27-year-old Anthony Ritter of North Carolina, who died last week in an ATV accident. Friends of Ritter told the Gaston Gazette that he was always smiling, that he would never part with his ragged Old Navy cap, that he had an appetite for double cheeseburgers and was seldom seen without a Pepsi. He was someone we all ... Read More

Clemson research offers hope for TBI patients

New hope for people living with the physical and mental impairments of traumatic brain injury has emerged from Clemson University. Assistant professor of bioengineering Ning Zhang used a combination of synthetic and natural materials in developing an injectable biomaterial that showed great promise for brain tissue regeneration in laboratory tests. According to Clemson, the material “has the potential to spur the growth of a patient’s own neural stem cells in the body, structurally repairing the brain injury site.” In previous lab studies conducted with rats, Zhang demonstrated “the reconstruction of a complete vascular network at the injury site as an ... Read More

First Yamaha Rhino lawsuit goes to trial

A lawsuit against Yamaha Motor Corporation and its subsidiaries, filed by the parents of a 13-year-old boy who was killed in a Rhino rollover accident, became the first of some 500 wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits to go to court in North America. Attorneys for Yamaha had tried to force the lawsuit into arbitration, but the Ninth Court of Appeals of Texas rejected its petition. Forest “Eddie” Ray was killed on September 13, 2007 while operating a Yamaha Rhino near his home in Orange County, Texas, about 50 miles southeast of Houston. School was closed for the day as ... Read More