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OSHA aims to reduce excavation, trench-related deaths by 10%

Excavation and trench-related fatalities in 2016 were nearly twice the average of the previous five years, making evacuation and trenching operations one of the most dangerous in the construction industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Trench collapses or cave-ins pose the greatest risk to these workers, as one cubic yard of dirt can weigh as much as a Honda Civic. “Trench deaths have more than doubled nationwide since last year – an alarming and unacceptable trend that must be halted,” says Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). “There is ... Read More

Family of Worker Killed in Cesspool Collapse Seeks $50 Million

The family of a Long Island man who was killed after being knocked into a cesspool under construction last May is seeking $50 million in damages, alleging employers responsible for the project overlooked critical safety measures. Edward Sinnott, 59, of Huntington, Long Island, was killed when the edge of a cesspool pit he and other workers were excavating collapsed. According to Long Island’s Newsday, Mr. Sinnott fell into the pit and suffocated under mounds of dirt that fell on top of him. Emergency crews worked to free Mr. Sinnott from the pit but couldn’t pull him from the trench in ... Read More

Safety Lapses Cause Trench Cave-In Deaths

When a trench cave-in buried her son under tons of soil last December, Theresa O’Hare had to be held back physically from the owner of Arrow Plumbing LLC, a Blue Springs, Missouri company with a shoddy safety history. Ms. O’Hare’s son Donald J. “D.J.” Meyer, 33, was made to work on a sewer line at the bottom a 12-foot-deep trench that was not shored up to prevent a cave-in as federal safety rules mandate. The worksite was at a Belton, Missouri residence. According to The Kansas City Star, Ms. O’Hare re-lived some of that rage all over again when she ... Read More

Three Utility Workers Perish In Key Largo Trench

Three utility workers died Monday morning in a Key Largo, Fla., subdivision after being sent into an underground drainage trench to inspect a dip in a newly paved Key Largo road. The workers, identified as Elway Gray, 34, of Fort Lauderdale; Louis O’Keefe, 49, of Little Torch Key; and Robert Wilson, 24, of Summerland Key, were employed by D.N. Higgins, which had been contracted by Monroe County. According to the Keys Reporter, the men entered a 15-foot drainage hole to inspect the dip in the road when they were overcome by a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and methane gas. A ... Read More

Trench Excavation Deaths More Than Doubled In 2016

In June, 33-year-old James Rogers  was crushed to death as he was digging in a 12-foot trench in Washington Township, Ohio, after the trench walls caved in and buried him under tons of dirt. His death was a part of an “alarming and unacceptable” trend in trench deaths, which have more than doubled since last year, federal regulators say. It took hours for rescue workers to recover Mr. Rogers’ body. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) probed the circumstances surrounding Mr. Rogers’ death and that investigation revealed some disturbing evidence that his employer, KRW Plumbing LLC, showed little regard ... Read More

OSHA: Texas contractor fined for endangering trench, excavation workers

Oscar Renda Contracting, a Roanoke, Texas, based construction company has been hit with a $124,300 proposed fine for safety violations at a drainage project in Houston. Officials with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found the company does not properly protect workers in trenches during excavation projects. Mark Briggs, the area director for the OSHA Houston office, remarked that it was the sixth time in past decade the contractor had been found “risking the lives of its employees in underground trenches.” “Imagine the fear of working below ground when thousands of pounds of soil begin to fall on you ... Read More

Penn. Construction Co. Deemed ‘Severe Violator’ After Worker’s Trench Death

U.S. safety regulators placed a Williamsport, Penn., bridge repair and construction company into its Severe Violator Enforcement program and hit it with proposed penalties of $140,000 following the death of a worker who was buried alive when made to work in a deep trench without the proper protections. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Susquehanna Supply Company Inc. of Williamsport, Penn., has an extensive history of safety violations stretching back to the early 1970s. Despite its poor safety record, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation contracted Susquehanna Supply Co. to rehabilitate a small steel-frame bridge over the ... Read More

Construction Managers Face Manslaughter Charges For Trench Cave-In Death

New York State prosecutors have filed manslaughter charges against two construction companies and their managers for the trench cave-in death of a worker killed in April when an unsecured trench he was working in collapsed and crushed him. The worker, Carlos Moncayo, 22, was an Ecuadorean immigrant living in Queens. He was employed by Sky Materials, one of the construction companies charged in his death. Also charged are Wilmer Cueva, a Sky Materials manager; Harco Construction, and Harco manager Alfonso Prestia. Prosecutors on Wednesday said that Mr. Cueva and Mr. Prestia had repeatedly ignored warnings of perilous conditions that threatened ... Read More

Contractors cited for deadly Birmingham trench cave-in

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Federal safety authorities who investigated the site of a fatal trench cave-in at a residential construction site in Birmingham have cited a general contractor and subcontractor with a number of safety violations for failing to take the proper measures in protecting their workers. “If his employer had protected him properly as he worked in a 12-foot-deep trench to connect a new home’s plumbing to the main sewer line, 31-year-old LeDonte McCruter could have returned home at day’s end to spend time with the young nieces and nephews he adored,” the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ... Read More

Trench collapse in Georgia kills two workers, triggers OSHA investigation

COLUMBUS, Ga. –Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials continue to investigate the collapse of a construction trench at an apartment complex that killed two workers last week. James Jackson, 50, and Allen Thomas, 46, died when the walls of a trench they and four other men were working in caved in and buried them under tons of dirt. The men, who were related, worked for Allen Development Group, which is performing excavation work for an expansion project underway at Summit Pointe Apartments in Columbus. The four men who survived the cave-in tried to help the buried men, even using ... Read More