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Multi-vehicle Crash Involving Tractor-Trailer Injures 4 in LA

California authorities are investigating a fiery crash between a tractor-trailer and several passenger vehicles that injured four people on the 405 in Los Angeles April 30. The driver of the tractor-trailer told the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that another driver cut in front of him as he was trying to change lanes, forcing him to collide with the Freeway’s concrete median and roll over onto a Honda Accord. The tractor-trailer was traveling in the northbound lane of 405 when the crash occurred. The rollover caused the tractor-trailer to spill its cargo of concrete blocks and debris onto the southbound lanes, ... Read More

Self-Driving Truck Completes First Cross-Country Journey

A self-driving tractor-trailer equipped with technologies developed by Embark has completed a 2,400-mile test drive from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida. Embark, a San Francisco start-up founded by 22-year-old robotics enthusiast Alex Rodrigues, did not manufacture the truck but developed a self-driving system that can be integrated into Peterbilt trucks and potentially other vehicles. Embark’s self-driving vehicle technology employs a range of sensors comprised of five cameras, three long-range radars, and two or more light detection and ranging sensors (lidars) that feed information to a dynamic CPU that controls the vehicle. Whereas other self-driving vehicle companies such as Alphabet’s Waymo ... Read More

Bus Crash In California Desert Kills 13, Injures 31

Thirteen people are dead and dozens of others injured after a tour bus collided with a tractor-trailer near Palm Springs, Calif., Sunday morning on its return to Los Angeles from a casino run. The 1996 MCI bus, registered to USA Holiday, was traveling at an excessive rate of speed when it rammed the back of a tractor trailer, California Highway Patrol division Chief Jim Abele told CNN. The collision occurred on Interstate 10 westbound at 5:17 a.m. “The speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the big rig … the trailer itself entered ... Read More

Truck Plummets Off San Diego Bridge, Killing Four Festival Goers Below

California law enforcement authorities are investigating the crash of a GMC pickup truck that jumped the guardrails on a San Diego bridge and plunged into a festival tent set up in the park below, killing four people and injuring several others. The California Highway Patrol said that 25-year-old Richard Anthony Sepolio, a member of the U.S. Navy, lost control of the vehicle Saturday afternoon as he was driving onto the San Diego-Coronado Bridge westbound from I-5. The truck hopped the guardrail and plunged about 60 feet to Chicano Park below. Mr. Sepolio, who is stationed at the naval base on ... Read More

New High-speed Cameras Weigh Commercial Vehicles, Check For Violations On Alabama Highway

Motorists who drive I-85 between Montgomery and Shorter, Ala., have voiced concerns to WSFA about cameras and a flashing green light a half mile south of exit 22 that they suspect are issuing speeding tickets. But when Montgomery’s WSFA looked into the matter, it found that the cameras aren’t paying attention to passenger vehicles. It’s commercial vehicles that they are monitoring. Officials with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) told WSFA that the flashing green light is part of a currently unannounced system that weighs commercial vehicles as they pass through and simultaneously searches databases to determine whether the vehicle has ... Read More

Truck driver and vehicle located in Tallapoosa River after weekend crash

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Local and state authorities continued searching Monday for the driver of a concrete truck who collided with another truck on the Emerald Mountain Toll Bridge Saturday morning and plunged into the Tallapoosa River. Around 3:30 p.m. CT, Sergeant Steve Jarrett with Alabama State Troopers told WSFA the wreckage of the truck had been located. Alabama State Trooper Jess Thornton told Alabama News Network that Lonnie Phillips, 66, of Shorter, Ala., was hauling 80,000 pounds of concrete when he had a head-on collision with another Oshkosh concrete-mixing truck about 5:30 a.m. The collision forced Mr. Phillips’ truck off ... Read More

Commercial trucking industry advocates testing hair for drug use

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is urging U.S. lawmakers to support proposed legislation that would allow commercial trucking operations to test drivers for drug use by sampling their hair. In a letter to the Chairman and Ranking Members of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, ATA CEO Bill Graves said that testing hair for evidence of drug use is more effective than other testing methods. “Every day, thousands of hair tests are performed worldwide within both the private and public sectors,” Mr. Graves wrote. “Their reason for using hair testing ... Read More

Louisiana Trucking Company Hit With Steep Fines For Employee Endangerment

PORT ALLEN, La. – A Louisiana trucking company has been hit with nearly $160,000 in fines for federal safety violations uncovered by regulators investigating an employee endangerment complaint. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Transporter Maintenance and Inspection LLC, a Port Allen-based trucking firm with 33 employees, with more than two dozen violations for exposing its drivers to multiple safety and health hazards. Transporter Maintenance and Inspection is a subsidiary of L & B Holdings LLC. According to OSHA, Transporter Maintenance received one willful violation for requiring workers to top tanker trailers, yet did not provide them with ... Read More

Commercial truck safety improvements slow to become law despite rise in crashes

Two high-profile commercial truck crashes this year have re-ignited calls for new rules that would enhance highway safety for tractor trailers, but federal regulators have been slow to act, Bloomberg reports. On June 17, 30 Rock star and Saturday Night Live veteran Tracy Morgan was critically injured when an allegedly fatigued Walmart driver plowed his tractor trailer into Mr. Morgan’s limo van. In addition to injuring Mr. Morgan, the collision killed comedian James McNair and critically injured three others. Then on Sept. 26, a tractor trailer driving north on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma ran across the median into the southbound ... Read More

Two lawsuits filed against truck carrier and driver over deadly college bus crash

One wrongful-death and one personal-injury lawsuit have been filed against a commercial trucking company and driver in the wake of a tragic Sept. 26 crash that killed four members of a college softball team and injured a dozen others in Oklahoma. On Tuesday, the parents of 20-year-old Brooke Deckard filed a lawsuit in Tarrant County against Nashville, Tenn.-based Quickway Carriers and driver Russell Staley, 53, of Saginaw, Texas. Brooke was one of the four members of the North Central Texas College women’s softball team killed when Mr. Staley’s truck crossed the median on Interstate 35 and struck the team’s bus ... Read More