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Toyota says it is recalling 600,000 Sienna Minivans to fix rust defect

In what is starting to sound like a recall du jour, Toyota has announced that it will recall about 600,000 Sienna minivans sold in the United States over concerns the spare tires, held in place by cables that are prone to rust, may separate from the vehicle. The Sienna recall will include model-year 1998-2010 Siennas with two-wheel drive sold in 20 northern states and Washington D.C. According to Toyota, the cables holding the spare tires in place are prone to corrosion and rust after repeated exposure to the road salts used to melt snow on roads in the northern states. ... Read More

NHTSA says Toyota’s violations amount to $13.8 billion, may face second fine

Why did the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration slap Toyota with the maximum allowable civil penalty of $16.375 million for its failure to promptly notify the federal agency of a potential safety defect in 2.3 million cars? Was this fine, by far the largest ever imposed by the NHTSA against a car maker,  justified? According to NHTSA, if it weren’t for the $16-million-plus statutory cap, which was enacted in 2006, Toyota would have owed the federal government $13.8 billion for its failure to comply with U.S. regulations. That’s because under federal law, car manufacturers should be fined $6000 per violation. ... Read More

Lexus GX460 flunks Consumer Reports safety test, Toyota suspends sales

After finding serious flaws in the electronic stability controls (ESC) and performance of the 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV, Consumer Reports is “urging consumers not to buy” the vehicle until parent company Toyota finds a fix. In response, Toyota has suspended sales of the vehicle nationwide until it can determine what is wrong with them and how they may be repaired. Consumer Reports’ team of engineers discovered the problem while conducting routine emergency handling tests. In one of the tests called “lift-off oversteer,” in which the driver abruptly removes his foot from the accelerator pedal in a sweeping turn, the ... Read More

AP investigation finds Toyota uses dishonest legal defense tactics

An Associated Press investigation has uncovered numerous examples that Toyota has relied on highly evasive, deceptive, and unethical legal tactics when defending itself against a spectrum of claims in court. The AP investigation involved an examination of lawsuits filed against Toyota throughout in the country in the past decade. The AP reviewed dozens of lawsuits that involve a range of allegations. The records show that in addition to sudden acceleration claims, Toyota has been sued for vehicle rollovers and poor roof strength, defective air bags, faulty transmissions, and braking problems. Many of the verdicts that favored Toyota in the past ... Read More

State Farm seeks repayment from Toyota for sudden acceleration claims

State Farm Insurance, the nation’s largest auto insurer, is asking Toyota for reimbursement on a number of claims it paid for crashes involving unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles. Called “subrogation” in the insurance industry, the repayments could amount to as much as $30 million, according to legal estimates. Since 2007, State Farm has alerted federal safety regulators numerous times about a rise in the number of sudden acceleration reports involving Toyota vehicles. The insurer based its warnings on information culled from its massive 40-million-customer database and submitted its findings to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than a year before ... Read More

Toyota investigates new sudden acceleration crash in Wisconsin

Toyota has launched an investigation into a new report of sudden unintended acceleration involving a 2009 Camry. The car’s driver, Myrna Marseilles, 76, of Wisconsin, said that she was parking her car at the YMCA in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. when the car suddenly accelerated forward and crashed into a wall. Marseilles told authorities that she had her foot on the brake when the car shot forward. She claimed to have a witness that her brake lights were on at the time of the accident. Although the Camry collided with a wall, her car’s air bags did not deploy and Marseilles was taken ... Read More

NHTSA calls on NASA rocket scientists to study Toyota’s electronics

Sure, many Toyota drivers have found themselves behind the wheel of a vehicle that suddenly and unexpectedly takes off like a rocket, but who could have predicted federal safety regulators would turn to NASA rocket scientists to help find the cause? Today the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it is enlisting some of the nation’s top space and aeronautics experts to examine Toyota’s electronic throttle controls for signs they are causing some vehicles to accelerate uncontrollably, often at violent speeds. Although Toyota continually insists that its acceleration problems aren’t linked to the electronic controls, many industry experts and engineers ... Read More

Legislators seek sweeping overhaul of NHTSA

The recent Congressional hearings that took Toyota to task for the sudden unintended acceleration problems that trouble so many of its cars also exposed how ineffective the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has become in protecting American consumers from defective automobiles. Now a number of legislators are calling for an overhaul of the broken agency, saying it is woefully understaffed, underfunded, and much too complacent with the automakers it’s supposed to regulate. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), whose family has been close friends with the Toyoda family for decades, is one of the lawmakers leading the charge to reform NHTSA. “We ... Read More

Driver complaints to NHTSA reveal Toyota recall repairs aren’t working

Quality Control Systems, a statistical analysis and research firm based in Crownsville, Maryland, has been publishing new complaints of sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles as they are received by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency has taken a special interest in sudden acceleration incidents that occur after the vehicles involved have been “repaired” under one or more of the safety recalls. Make : TOYOTA Model : COROLLA Year : 2010 Manufacturer : TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Crash : Yes Fire : No Number of Injuries: 0 ODI ID Number : 10318389 Number of Deaths: 0 Date of Failure: ... Read More

Toyota gives contradictory and confusing advice to Prius drivers

Toyota’s sudden acceleration problem has been splashed all over the news for months, leaving many drivers worried that their vehicles may one day race out of control without warning. Recently, much attention has been focused on the Prius, thanks to a growing number of incidents — some real and others apparently false – of the popular hybrids racing out of control. To help drivers who may one day find themselves behind the wheel of a runaway Prius, Toyota issued a press release on March 12 outlining the steps to take to bring the vehicle to a stop. The problem is ... Read More