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Flint Water Crisis Investigation May Reopen Under Democrat-Led House

U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings says he intends to reopen investigative hearings on the Flint water crisis when he takes the helm of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next month. Rep. Cummings (D-Maryland) has indicated he plans to put outgoing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder back in the hot seat to clarify the extent of his knowledge of the Flint water crisis and an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in the city after state officials changed its water supply from Detroit’s water system to the heavily contaminated Flint River. Gov. Snyder told the committee in previous hearings that he “has no ... Read More

6-year-old undergoes emergency surgery after swallowing fidget toy

Six-year-old Mikah Arvidson didn’t want his older brother to catch him playing with his spinning fidget toy, so he popped it in his mouth. When he accidentally swallowed the toy, he didn’t think to tell anyone, not even his parents. When he started complaining of awful stomach cramps and started vomiting, his parents assumed he had a stomach bug. But inside his body, the 14 magnets that were a part of the toy became lodged in his intestines. Three days later, Mikah wasn’t getting any better. His parents, Blake and Aubrey, took him to Utah’s Primary Children’s Hospital thinking he ... Read More

Toddler Suffers Burn Injuries From Pressure Cooker Accident

An Idaho toddler is recovering from severe burn injuries he suffered when the contents of a pressure cooker erupted, showering him with scalding hot liquid and food. Two-year-old Chayse Bodily was in the kitchen with his mother Angela Bodily the evening of Sept. 9 as she was about to put the finishing touches on Sunday dinner. She told the Twin Falls Times-News that she released the pressure from the pressure cooker and removed the lid to add some potatoes to a roast that was nearly done. Without warning, a bubble that was trapped under the roast shot the contents to ... Read More

Utah Driver Sues Tesla For Autopilot Crash

A Utah woman whose Tesla Model S sedan crashed into a firetruck near Salt Lake City in May is suing the automaker, claiming the vehicle’s Autopilot system drove her into stopped traffic. Heather Lommatzsch, 29, alleges in her lawsuit that Tesla salespeople told her when she was buying the car in 2016 that she would only need to touch the steering wheel occasionally with Autopilot activated. But instead of helping her avoid a collision, her vehicle drove her into the back of an idling firetruck, the lawsuit alleges according to the Associated Press. Tesla’s Autopilot is a semi-autonomous system that ... Read More

Utah Transit Whistleblower Wins Wrongful Retaliation Case

The Utah Transit Authority has been ordered to reinstate and compensate a former employee it fired after he raised concerns about safety violations. Michael Clara, who worked for the Utah Transit Authority as a transit planner, filed a complaint against the transit agency claiming he had been wrongfully terminated for voicing his concerns about alleged violations internally, the Associated Press reported. On Aug. 13, U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge Lee Romero Jr. ruled in Mr. Clara’s favor, saying the UTA “unlawfully discriminated against Mr. Clara.” The judge ordered the UTA to reinstate Mr. Clara to his former position ... Read More

New Opioid Fraud Lawsuits Say Medical Groups Contributed to Crisis

A number of communities in Cook County, Illinois, are taking opioid manufacturers and distributors to court for their role in fueling the deadly opioid epidemic sweeping across the U.S. Now three more Chicago-area towns have joined the fray, but adding three medical societies as defendants in addition to the usual defendants for their alleged contributions to the opioid epidemic. According to the Cook County Record, the towns of Bedford Park, Lyons, and Summit filed lawsuits last week in Cook County Circuit Court. Though filed separately, the complaints each name as defendants Purdue Pharma; Abbott Laboratories; Teva Pharmaceuticals; Cephalon, Johnson & ... Read More

Utah Teen Faces Amputation After Work Accident

A Utah teen who was electrocuted while working with a tree removal company in Salt Lake City may have to undergo a limb amputation, his family said. Seventeen-year-old Jared Hernandez was on the job with a tree removal crew Friday, Aug. 3, when he noticed a fire had broken out next to the crane the crew was using to remove a tree, a GoFundMe page set up to help cover his medical bills said. The teen tried to warn the men in the crane but they couldn’t hear him, so he decided to climb onto the crane to warn them, ... Read More

Two Workers Suffer Burn Injuries in Utah Gas Plant Explosion

Two workers suffered severe burns and other injuries when a natural gas compression facility in Eastern Utah exploded on the morning of July 28. Investigators are working to determine the cause of the blast at the compression plant, located near the town of Cisco, Utah, about 50 miles west of Grand Junction, Colorado. Lt. Beau Edic of the Lower Valley Fire Protection District told The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel that despite their burns and other significant injuries, the men “removed themselves” from the blast site and drove to I-70, where they were evacuated to hospitals by helicopter. One of the ... Read More

Girl’s Accidental Finger Amputation Triggers Lawsuit Against Grocery Chain

The parents of a girl who suffered an accidental amputation of her fingers on a grocery store escalator have filed a lawsuit against the company and an escalator parts manufacturer. According to court documents reviewed by Salt Lake City’s KUTV Channel 2, plaintiff Silvia Zamora was shopping at the Smith’s Marketplace grocery store in the Central City district of Salt Lake City, Utah, in September when the accidental amputation occurred. Ms. Zamora was using the store’s self-checkout when her 3-year-old daughter wandered around the other side of the checkout, KUTV reported, citing court documents. Ms. Zamora didn’t realize her daughter ... Read More

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak sickens 100

Boxes of Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal tainted with Salmonella are still being sold in some stores despite being recalled last month by the company, increasing the number of people who have fallen ill after eating the sweetened puffed wheat cereal to 100 in 33 states, 30 of whom have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported to date. Kellogg Company agreed to recall affected boxes of Honey Smacks in June after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state partners. The products had been distributed across the United States including Guam ... Read More