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Ironworker Awarded $1.5 Million Verdict for On-the-job injury

An ironworker in New Jersey has been awarded a $1.5 million verdict over a fall off a ladder while at work five years ago. Marco Moreira, 38, was on the job at a construction site on Dec. 1, 2012, when he was required to climb a tall ladder. Once he reached about 10 feet up, the fell from the ladder onto the concrete floor. NJ.com reports that Moreira’s injuries included a fractured elbow, ruptured Achilles tendon, and many other traumas that required multiple surgeries. The lawsuit was filed against JSM at Fairways, the company responsible for the construction on the ... Read More

Man Who Lost Leg in forklift Accident Awarded $17 Million

A southern California man who lost his leg after a workplace forklift accident has been award a $17 million verdict in a lawsuit against PennySaver USA. Steven Meier, a Riverside resident, was a 62-year-old security guard at the Jurupa Valley PennySaver USA in October 2013 when he was struck by a forklift travelling in reverse. His right leg was crushed before he was dragged several feet, then his leg was “degloved” of the skin. A second forklift was required to remove the first one off of him, The Press-Enterprise reported. Meier was rushed to the hospital where he underwent 11 surgeries. He fought ... Read More

Johnson & Johnson Plans to Appeal $1 Billion hip implant verdict

It’s been a little over a month since DePuy Orthopaedics and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, were handed a $1 billion verdict over their metal-on-metal hip implant system that has been known to shed metal debris. The federal jury found J&J responsible for failure to warn about the potential hazards linked to their hip implant products in the third bellwether trial of the multidistrict litigation (MDL). The verdict covers $30 million in damages and $1 billion in punitive damages. J&J and DePuy now plan to appeal the verdict, claiming they were not allowed to “properly and fairly defend against ... Read More

Johnson & Johnson, DePuy Slapped with $1 billion Verdict in Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Trial

In a two-month trial that ended on November 30th, the jury has found Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics, liable for more than $1.04 billion due to their hip implant systems that shed metal debris. The six-plaintiff bellwether trial verdict comes mere months after a jury ruled in favor of plaintiffs in a $500 million verdict, which was ultimately reduced to $150 million under a Texas legal punitive damages cap. This time, however, the trial is under California law, not subject to the same cap. Jurors deliberated for less than a day before finding J&J and DePuy liable for negligent design ... Read More

Jury awards Virginia man $14 million in Hyundai defective-airbag case

PULASKI, Va.—A circuit court jury ruled last week that Hyundai Motor America must pay $14 million to a Radford, Va., man who sustained severe traumatic brain injuries when the airbag in 2008 Hyundai Tiburon failed to deploy in crash. The verdict may be a record for a defective-product lawsuit in Southwest Virginia. Zachary “Gage” Duncan was 16 when the Hyundai he was driving hit a tree in 2010. Injuries to his head left him in a coma for a week. Now 20, Mr. Duncan has permanent brain injuries that require him to receive special care for the rest of his ... Read More

Exxon Mobil must pay NH $236 million for widespread groundwater contamination

The longest state trial in New Hampshire history ended Tuesday with a jury verdict against Exxon Mobil Corp. for its role in polluting groundwater with MTBE, a gasoline additive. The jury ordered the oil giant to pay the state $236 million, the amount New Hampshire officials sought to clean up and monitor the groundwater contamination. According to the Associated Press, the jury returned its verdict in less than 90 minutes, after listening to nearly three months of testimony. Exxon Mobil began adding MTBE to its gasoline in the 1990s in order to reduce smog levels and meet federal Clean Air ... Read More

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $8.3 million in first hip implant lawsuit to go to trial

A Los Angeles jury found in favor of Plaintiff Loren “Bill” Kransky, ordering Johnson & Johnson to pay the man $8.3 million in compensatory damages for debilitating injuries he suffered as a result of a faulty hip implant. This was the first of many cases pending in ongoing litigation against J&J and its subsidiary, DePuy orthopedics, involving the ASR XL metal-on-metal hip implant. Court documents unsealed before the trial started showed that DePuy executives knew in 2008 that the ASR hip implants were failing early at unusually high rates, but the company continued to make the devices for several more ... Read More

South Dakota woman awarded $3.35 million in transvaginal mesh lawsuit

A New Jersey jury is recommending Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon pay a South Dakota woman $3.35 million for failing to warn her doctor of the serious risks associated with the companies’ transvaginal mesh device. The verdict was the first among about 1,800 transvaginal mesh lawsuits pending in New Jersey against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson, and could impact not only the verdicts in those cases but in thousands more lawsuits filed against manufacturers of other transvaginal mesh devices. The verdict was made in a lawsuit that alleged the companies’ Gyncare Prolift mesh was defective and caused serious ... Read More

Jury awards Illinois worker record $4.16 million for work-related fall injuries

CHICAGO, ILL—A DuPage, Illinois County court awarded a Chicago-area man $4.16 million for serious injuries he received while providing the city of Elmhurst an estimate on fixing a broken garage door spring. Court records state that Joshua Jaeger, 29, went to an Elmhurst Public Works garage in November 2009 to examine the repair needed. A city employee lifted Mr. Jaeger, a garage door serviceman, 16 feet into the air with a forklift. When Mr. Jaeger moved from one side of the platform to the other, the platform gave way, sending Mr. Jaeger crashing to the concrete floor below.  Mr. Jaeger ... Read More

Arkansas jury finds trucking company liable for man’s death, issues verdict for $7 million

A Kentucky trucking company must pay $7 million in damages for hiring an unqualified driver and pushing him to drive an excessively long route, which resulted in a crash that killed another commercial truck driver, a U.S. District Court jury in Harrison, Arkansas, ordered. Dunaway Timber Co. of Fordsville, KY hired Morgan Quisenberry, 54, to drive tractor trailers even though he had crashed while hauling a truck load of hazardous materials just prior to his employment. Mr. Quisenbery also had his license revoked twice for driving while intoxicated, and should not have been in possession of a commercial driver’s license ... Read More