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Two WV counties hold drug companies accountable for prescription drug abuse epidemic

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Two West Virginia counties with drug overdose rates well above the national average filed lawsuits against wholesale pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies in federal court alleging they allowed millions of dangerous prescription drugs into the area, fueling the prescription drug epidemic. Kanawha and Cabell counties allege in separate lawsuits filed this month that companies such as Walgreens, CVS and McKesson sold 106 million doses of the powerful painkillers between 2007 and 2012 in both counties combined. Cabell has a population of 96,000, which translates to 400 pills per resident, the complaint states. Both lawsuits claim the companies’ actions are in violation of the ... Read More

Truck Driver Killed After High Winds Force Tractor Trailer off Chesapeake Bay Bridge

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A tractor-trailer driver died after strong winds blew his truck through the guardrails of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, March 9. Commercial driver Joseph Chen of Greenville, North Carolina, was pulled from the top of his truck as it floated in the icy Chesapeake Bay waters, but he died shortly afterward on the way to a nearby hospital. Mr. Chen, 47, was one of 16 people who have died after plunging off the bridge since it opened to traffic in April 1964. Since that year, 14 vehicles have gone over or through the guardrails. The most ... Read More

Apple Juice With Toxic Level of Methanol Sends Two Children To ICU

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Two children are recovering in a Pennsylvania hospital after drinking apple juice containing methanol and other caustic substances at a Lancaster restaurant Friday night. Richie Zaragoza, 10, and his sister Ginaya Mendoza, 4, were rushed to Hershey Medical Center with severe burns of the mouth and throat after drinking apple juice at Star Buffet and Grill, LancasterOnline reported. The children were admitted to intensive care at Hershey Medical Center in “critical but stable” condition. By Monday morning, their condition had improved to fair. The children’s mother, Virginia Davis, told LancasterOnline that both her children began vomiting after drinking the apple ... Read More

Advanced Pharma recalls sterile injectable products labeled ‘latex free’

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Advanced Pharma Inc., doing business as Avella of Houston, issued a recall of all unexpired sterile injectable products labeled “latex free” produced at Advanced Pharma’s Houston location from Sept. 1, 2016, to Feb. 16, 2017, because they may contain synthetic latex and/or natural latex. Avella and Advanced Pharam have been unable to confirm whether the “latex free” label statements on their products were accurate in all cases, and issued the recall as a precaution. The risk of potential adverse events related to a latex allergy range from local site reactions including swelling and inflammation to allergic reactions, which can be ... Read More

DuPont Reaches $670.7 Million Agreement Resolving PFOA chemical pollution claims

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DuPont and spinoff company Chemours have agreed to a $670.7 million settlement resolving a long-running environmental pollution lawsuit that allegedly exposed thousands of Mid-Ohio River Valley residents to a spectrum of cancers and other life-threatening diseases. The settlement comes as welcome news to other communities affected by ammonium perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) pollution. DuPont used PFOA in its Washington Works Factory to make fluorine-based polymers that form the basis for thousands of nonstick and waterproof products, including Teflon, Stainmaster, and Gore-Tex fabric. PFOA, also called C-8, was made and used by DuPont and its affiliates for decades. Over time, dangerously high levels of ... Read More

West Virginia Lawmaking Efforts Seek to Improve Whistleblower Protections, Government Ethics


Two new bills designed to strengthen government ethics and boost whistleblower protections have glided through the West Virginia House of Delegates. House Judiciary Chairman John Shott introduced H.B. 2006 to toughen penalties on individuals who retaliate against state workers for providing regulators and other authorities with information concerning fraud or waste targeting government agencies. West Virginia’s state whistleblower law prohibits retaliation against those who expose fraud and waste, but the fines for violating the law are flimsy. H.B. 2006 would boost the penalty for violating whistleblower protections from $500 to $5,000. The bill would also authorize state agencies to fire ... Read More

Dietary supplement maker sentenced, fined for selling illegal steroids

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Matthew Greaten, 50, former president and owner of Virginia-based Nature’s Chemistry LLC, was sentenced and fined by a federal judge in Virginia for selling dietary supplements that contained a dangerous and illegal hidden drug ingredient. Greacen and Nature’s Chemistry vice president James W. Mills were accused of manufacturing nearly 45,000 bottles of capsules containing methasterone, known by the name Superdrol, an anabolic steroid that was never marketed through legitimate channels for medicinal purposes. The U.S. Attorney’s office calls Superdrol a dangerous “designer steroid.” Anabolic steroids are used – and often misused and abused – by athletes and bodybuilders to build ... Read More

NC nursing home ordered to pay $5.2 million for the wrongful deaths of three patients

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The skilled nursing care given by Blue Ridge Health Care Center and management companies Care Virginia Management LLC and Care One LLC was grossly negligent, intentional or in reckless disregard of the rights of three nursing home patients, a North Carolina federal jury determined, and ordered the companies to pay the families of the three deceased residents $5.2 million in compensatory and punitive damages. The jury found that the companies’ actions caused the deaths of Del Ray Baird, Elizabeth Jones, and Bettie May Kee. Baird’s estate was awarded $50,000, and the estates of Jones and Kee were each awarded $300,000 ... Read More

Guggisberg cheese recall announced due to potential Listeria monocytogenes; seven states affected

Recall - cheese, Sargento, Longhorn colby - image by Sargento

Guggisberg Cheese Inc. has announced a recall of several types of Colby type cheeses and sizes upon learning they may be contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes. Those with weaker immune systems, such as children and frail or elderly adults, are at particular risk of serious infections from exposure to the dangerous bacteria. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that the recalled cheese products were manufactured by both Guggisberg Cheese and Deutsch Kase Haus LLC, but sold under the Guggisberg label. The following Guggisberg products are included in this cheese recall: Product Size (May be purchased at the deli counter ... Read More

Dietary supplement recalled after analysis finds dangerous hidden drug ingredient


Kingsway Trading Inc. is recalling its Well Balance Xanthium & Siler Combo (Bi Yan Pian) dietary supplement because it contains a hidden drug that has been banned from the U.S. market because it is linked to serious and sometimes fatal cardiovascular events. The recall affects Brooklyn, New York-based Kingsway’s Well Balance Xanthium & Siler Combo (Bi Yan Pian) supplements in 1.06 ounce (30g) bottles with Batch No. 130401 and Batch No. 150201. The item is packaged in a plastic brown bottle with a white cap. Each bottle contains 100 tablets, each tablet is 300 mg. The product was distributed to Massachusetts, ... Read More