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Lawsuit claims CVS-brand vitamin E misled consumers over ‘heart health’ benefits

The First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston is reviving a lawsuit against CVS Health Corp, over allegations that the major U.S. drugstore chain deceived consumers with labels claiming its CVS-branded vitamin E dietary supplement promotes “heart health.” The federal appeals court found that a lower court erred in dismissing the case of Ronda Kaufman, allowing her to pursue a proposed class action lawsuit against the drugstore over New York consumer protection law violations. Kaufman sued CVS in May 2014, seeking actual and punitive damages over alleged improper labeling. Her lawsuit claimed she bought CVS-brand vitamin E from a ... Read More

Antioxidant vitamin supplements may speed lung cancer growth

Taking vitamin supplements is thought to help ward off health problems like cancer, but a new study shows they may actually worsen conditions in some people. Swedish researchers gave antioxidants to laboratory mice with early-stage lung cancer. Rather than staving off the cancerous growths in mice, the supplements caused the tumors to multiply and become so aggressive that the animals died twice as fast as the mice that did not receive the supplements. The researchers theorized that the extra vitamins actually blocked one of the body’s key cancer-fighting mechanisms. General health recommendations cannot be based on animal studies, researchers pointed ... Read More