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Bus crash at Epcot sends 15 guests to the hospital

Walt Disney World was not the happiest place in the world for 15 guests of the amusement park after they were taken to the hospital after a bus crashed into the back of another bus in the Epcot Center’s auto plaza, according to the Reedy Creek Fire Department. A total of 51 people was in the buses at the time of the accident Tuesday morning. The driver of the bus, 21-year-old Jacob Buettner, reportedly did not slow down as he approached the other bus stopped at the Epcot toll booth. The 15 people taken to the hospital – which took ... Read More

Disney worker receives traumatic brain injury and dies after being hit by roller coaster

A Walt Disney World employee died Monday from complications related to a traumatic brain injury he received while performing maintenance work on one of the roller coasters in the Animal Kingdom section of the amusement park. Russel Roscoe, 52, of Webster, Florida, was working on repairs to the Primeval Whirl ride, a mild roller coaster with seats that spin in the DinoLand USA section, when the incident occurred. The ride had been taken out of operation for refurbishment while Roscoe and other workers repaired it. According to the 911 call made by another worker, Mr. Roscoe was struck by “a ... Read More